The Other Side of the Street

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  • Summary: Suspicious minds and autumnal romance cross paths in this Brazilian film from director Marcos Bernstein. (Strand Releasing)
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  1. More love story than thriller, with the mystery providing only slack tension and the December-December romance that ultimately develops between Regina and Camargo crackling with drama and sexual tension aplenty.
  2. 80
    A smart, quietly moving film.
  3. Montenegro's character has a spark in her eye, and a determination, that makes this quiet, intelligent film anything but boring.
  4. A mystery that isn't suspenseful so much as realistic, in which the detective's motivation is understandable and the story moves the way life does, instead of as a thrill ride.
  5. Writer-director Marcos Bernstein is more interested in how a melodramatic imagination can distort reality, a concept he explores with charm and tact.
  6. Reviewed by: Russell Doyle
    A diverting, if unspectacular, Brazilian drama centered on an aging female detective.
  7. Reviewed by: Ken Fox
    This poky and indifferently plotted film isn't much of mystery.

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