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  1. Aug 28, 2014
    Just a great young adult movie. I watched this before reading the book and I really didnt have any knowledge that there was a book that inspired the film, but I would consider reading the novel because the movie was incredible. The characters are so relatable to young adults as they deal with all the problems of being a young person. The three main characters are all great! Such a great movie!
  2. Jul 23, 2014
    "The Perks of Being a Wallflower", directed by Stephen Chbosky could be considered painful when you really think about it. It is painful because the director targeted the loneliness, anxiety and all-out quivering mess of adolescence in a manner not often seen in many movies.

    A series of letters narrated to an unknown friend of his, Charlie describes a crazy start to high school. Charlie
    is quiet, smart, and likes to read. Having these three qualities automatically made him an outsider. Charlie then finds a group of seniors that just like to have fun and then he stumbles into the joy and danger of sex, drugs, and crushes.

    Charlie (Logan Lerman) then becomes friends with Patrick (Ezra Miller) who has a complicated love life. Becoming friends with Patrick, he then meets Sam (Emma Watson), a beautiful girl with low self-esteem and a messy past. Many new types of films now follow certain narrative conventions that we think we know what's coming around the corners but when something different hits us, the impact leaves a mark.
  3. Jul 5, 2014
    Please, I'm not exaggerating (sorry for the english mistakes). This is one of the best movies I have ever seen. The story involves me in a way that many classics could never come near to. The characters are great, the actors, terrific, and the drama, a perfect way to get yourself in a deep social reflexion about your own life. Give it a shot! You'll love it like I had! And If even after this review you do not feel yourself compelled to watch it, remember: Emma Watson is in it, and she is beautiful! Expand
  4. Jun 25, 2014
    "and in that moment, I swear we were infinite." I greatly enjoyed the Perks, I honestly thought I wouldn't at first but I saw it for the first time and immediately had to pick up the DVD and watch it again. I found it to be somewhat relatable as I am sort of an introvert at times and I definitely remember the struggles of trying to make friends and stand out in high school. You know? find that certain group of people you just meet out of nowhere who will accept you for who you are, regardless of your flaws or personality. The struggle to fit in and the struggle of just accepting it when your friends leave and you have to adjust. Overall, I found it to be an overly enjoyable and well done film. Expand
  5. May 30, 2014
    A heartfelt and celebratory film about growing up and feeling infinite, it will surely leave you inspired and reminding you of when you were that age.
  6. Jan 3, 2014
    The fim is great. It's diffiult to not get in the film beause you see the pain of the caracthers and you can imagine what they're feeling. And this emotions make the film great and painful because the history isn't far away from ours.
    and if you don't like to be enolved better not see.
    sorry for the english mistakes. i'm from brasil.
  7. Dec 22, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. this was a great movie, but obviously not recommended for fanatics of the religion, and people under 18....because of the presence of topics like drugs and sex.
    as well this movie was great, i don't like the fact that the movie does not show the complete development of Charlie (L. Lerman), by showing all the things that had him traumatized for years.
  8. Dec 14, 2013
    Dads will find this boring and moms will find this touching. But only teenagers can completely understand this film. There's a bit of confusion in some points but this film is like a rainbow, it has all the colours of a teenager's life. It's funny, moving, dramatic.. But first of all is real, it talks about real things that can happen to everyone. Outstanding performances by some actors, too. And good music! Expand
  9. Nov 7, 2013
    I can not put into words, is such a great feeling that any compliment he shall not be entitled to all that it means, is so sensitive, innocent and profound is a perfect movie.
  10. Aug 24, 2013
    Great movie!!!!!!! Delicate pure and modern!
    Awesome soundtrack!!! And Charlie such a sweetheart!!
    Shows the anxiety of an adolescent with sensibility
    A new cult movie!!!
  11. Jul 4, 2013
    This movie was done perfectly. The fact that the author of this fantastic book also directed this movie, made the movie a lot like the book which I love. This movie is great for all ages especially students. This movie displays touchy subjects such as severe depression, bullying and suicide. These subjects in the movie don't encourage these behaviors like other movies, they simply show people that these do happen but being a good person and being kind to people helps. This movie is great, it was brilliantly done, I highly encourage everyone to go see it. Expand
  12. Jun 27, 2013
    Not anywhere close to being of this generation, but could relate whole-heartedly to much of the timeless sensitivities embedded in the plot. Well worth trying it on for size.
  13. May 29, 2013
    This is my favorite movie. It shows the progression of a kid in high school who goes from having no friends and going unnoticed by everyone to someone who has great friends that he enjoys and cares about. My favorite character was Charlie because of how much he reminded me of me.
  14. May 28, 2013
    This movie was my favorite movie of 2012! I loved the characters, the plot and the dialogue. Its an instant classic. As far as indie movies go, this is my favorite. The movie had heart, I did cry. The dialogue was believable especially the hilarious one-liners delivered by Ezra Miller. Before this movie came out, I always hated Logan Lerman, but after watching it, I question why I ever did hate him. In Perks, he established himself as a good actor. The movie is very emotional with a climax that will be remembered for years, memorable characters and great acting. Its a great film. Check it out! Expand
  15. May 1, 2013
    its good to see the maturity in a surprising performance by Lerman from Percy Jackson and Watson transforming to a believable character..........very touching,interesting and well acted.
  16. Apr 20, 2013
    Absolutely perfect. Logan's Emma's & Ezraa's performance are great. I was so moved during the whole movie. It was a long time since I saw a movie like this. That makes me cry, makes me wanna fall in love, makes me happy, makes me wanna be a better person. And the message of the movie it's so strong.
  17. Apr 16, 2013
    It feels like a blast from the past for me, who grew up with the book, and felt it was very relatable and true to life. Every character is cast perfectly, and the film is beyond effective. Loved every minute.
  18. Apr 14, 2013
    Easily the best 'coming of age' film I've seen and it's lead by three solid performances from the main players. For me it hit close to home on so many levels so I was always going to relate to it, and it will probably be one of my all-time favourite films for a while. There is so much to like about this film and the story that is told with it, but as mentioned it really is the performances that makes it what it is. Overall nothing short of amazing and a movie I would strong recommend. Expand
  19. Mar 24, 2013
    You feel the love and joy and emotion that Charlie goes through during the film. Fabulous acting and was very relatable to my own life and struggles.
  20. Mar 20, 2013
    This film is so beautiful. It's perceptibly different from the novel, but I think it's a perfect adaption probably because of the fact that the author of the TPOBAW novel, Stephen Chbosky, did write the screenplay to the movie as well and even directed it. And he was successful. The cast is so right and the dialogues are fantastic. There are so many magnificent things about this movie, i.e. the awesome soundtrack or the beautiful pictures of the night, but my tiny issue with this film is the same that I had with the novel: the ending does seem a bit out of place. Though I have to say that the ending was way better than in the novel mainly because it just appears better with flashbacks and this wonderful score in the background. It's one excellent movie and not only for wallflowers. Expand
  21. Mar 15, 2013
    Charlie is a shy freshman who has just started High School. He has never felt watched to anyone besides his best friend who recently committed suicide and his aunt who was killed in a road traffic collision on his 7th birthday. When he befriends two seniors though his world is turned upside down, he finally feels accepted and as if he has friends. He gets a new best friend in the form of Patrck a homosexual class clown, and his step-sister Sam who he falls in love with. However due to complications in all of their lives things start to spiral rapidly downhill for all three of them they realise they must confront their demons that they thought they had buried and make themselves better people from it.
    The Perks of Being A Wallflower is the best feel good film I have ever seen, it deals with a huge amount of social and moral issues perfectly and knits them together with a great story, believable characters and a well picked cast. Wallflower is one of 2012's must see films
  22. Mar 10, 2013
    This film blew me away. From the great script to the outstanding performances, this film is one of the best of 2012. The three leads bring out a very realistic sense of teenage problems (Ezra Miller being my favorite). It's also good to see Paul Rudd in a different kind of role as the teacher.
  23. Mar 3, 2013
    This wasn't just a coming-of-age film in regards to the story, but also for the actors and actresses involved in what could be one of the best films of the year.
    Charlie (Logan Lerman) is narrating the film as he enters high school, but he finds difficulty making new friends, only managing to speak friendly to his English teacher, Mr Anderson (Paul Rudd).
    He soon builds the confidence to
    speak to Patrick (Ezra Miller), an eccentric but likeable senior, at this point Charlie is introduced to Patrick's stepsister, Sam (Emma Watson), he is immediately attracted to and begins to spend more time with the two as they embark on an adventure of self-discovery and the hardship of growing up.
    The film moves at a feel-good pace that is hard to find flaw with, the characters are immediately likeable, even though they hold onto to personal woes and secrets, but when they merge as one, the film truly comes alive, with each character and talent playing them stepping out and being free, Miller is no longer a psychotic bow and arrow wielder from We Need to Talk About Kevin, Lerman no longer a demigod of Percy Jackson fame, nor is Watson, who does a wonderful turn as the beautiful Sam, leaving her Harry Potter days long behind her, each actor signifying their intention to move on.
    Wallflower is certainly not without its drama though, and it does play out a little differently than a typical adolescent movie, but the film is carefully written so that it doesn't follow the same path involving drugs, sex and school, but subtly hints at all of the above, but at the same time creating an engaging story as to how these characters grow to rely on each other and their necessity to be different.
    This attempt at difference involves a catchy and nostalgic soundtrack that will have you screaming the tunes as you watch the film. Where the film truly succeeds is its emotional journey of character development and personal achievements. The powerful performances of the three leads will have you engrossed from start to finish, they truly embrace their roles and let themselves enjoy the moment, and with an emotional climax that could just bring a tear to your eye, it certainly is an unexpected yet properly realistic and grounded ending that is heartfelt and touching.
    A feel-good and emotionally romantic journey of self-discovery, with plenty of drama and laughs that add up to an extremely enjoyable, well-written and fantastically acted film.
  24. Feb 20, 2013
    I love this movie, I honestly cannot find anything I hate about it.

    I can honestly admit, I'm a guy and I cried during this movie. PLEASE EVERYONE GO WATCH THIS IT'S PERFECT 10/10
  25. Feb 14, 2013
    I would call this a modern day Breakfast Club kind of movie. I thought the plot was interesting and the acting was solid. The bad stuff "drug use, etc..." was not over the top. I think you will enjoy this one.
  26. Feb 5, 2013
    The movie works hand in hand with the novel; as the novel is written in first person accounts in letter format, it lacks in dialogue. This movie brilliantly directed by the author gets to give you those moments and let you live them first hand, whilst still keeping the persona's of the characters true. Brilliant film/direction/cast/soundtrack. all we need now is a directors cut to live through the entire novel. Expand
  27. Jan 8, 2013
    For the purpose of reviewing this rather serious and at times quite sad movie, I decided to write about
  28. Jan 2, 2013
    I have found my new favorite movie. Personally, I can relate to the characters. It's not very realistic. But then again, when are movies ever really realistic? It's sort of cliche, but there are many things that surprise you. The acting is exceptional, the soundtracks are not Top 40, and it has a deep meaning.
  29. Jan 1, 2013
    In the days following The Perks of Being a Wallflower, I simply could not grasp its brilliance, to the extent that I was left gasping for air in a semi-depressive/happy state. The scripting and dialogue were beautiful, and the characterisation and casting came together so perfectly it was suffocating. An incredible package of quirky humour, original themes and general splendor, all topped off by the bow that was the incredible 70's soundtrack. Expand
  30. Dec 20, 2012
    Perks rises above your average teen coming-of-age flick by delivering us grown-up drama and well timed, heartfelt humor. The characters are so unique and fun to watch that we can't help but fall in love with them.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 36 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 23 out of 36
  2. Negative: 1 out of 36
  1. Reviewed by: Joe Williams
    Oct 5, 2012
    Too modest to become a worldwide phenomenon, but sensitive teens and their older kin who pine for the '90s may want to take it for a spin on the dance floor.
  2. Reviewed by: Steve Persall
    Oct 3, 2012
    I adore The Perks of Being a Wallflower for its honest, unsentimental feel, which gets stretched a bit in the revelatory finale, but by then I didn't mind.
  3. Reviewed by: Dan Jolin
    Oct 1, 2012
    An honest, affection-hooking, coming-of-age drama which proves that there is life beyond Hogwarts for Emma Watson.