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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 10 out of 39
  2. Negative: 15 out of 39
  1. The cast is good, the score is sublime, the visuals are sumptuous and it speeds along with a delirious romantic power that, if you let it, can sweep you away.
  2. 75
    I am recommending a movie that I do not seem to like very much. But part of the pleasure of moviegoing is pure spectacle -- of just sitting there and looking at great stuff and knowing it looks terrific. There wasn't much Schumacher could have done with the story or the music he was handed, but in the areas over which he held sway, he has triumphed.
  3. Isn't just for music fans. It's more accessible than that, thanks to Joel Schumacher's bright direction and a few storytelling embellishments.
  4. 50
    But beneath the bombast it's pure paste and tinsel and, robbed of the thrill of live performance, the show's deficiencies are glaringly apparent.
  5. Teen romance and operetta-style singing replace the horror elements familiar to moviegoers, and director Joel Schumacher obscures any remnants of classy stage spectacle with the same disco overkill he brought to "Batman Forever."
  6. Reviewed by: Jorge Morales
    This Phantom's an overblown mess of ostentatious razzmatazz. Sure, all the ingredients of camp are there (oh, the hubris!), but this isn't a so-bad-it's-good classic. It's worse.
  7. 16
    It adds up to a truly taxing couple of hours: ham acting, visual noise, aural torture, elementary plotting and unconvincing emotions.

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Score distribution:
  1. Negative: 35 out of 294
  1. Jan 13, 2012
    I loved this movie! I have watched the movie many more times than I can count. I love Emmy Rossum. She looks so beautiful throughout the whole movie. I also love Jennifer Ellison. She is so cute. Gerard Butler was a little pitchy at times but overall not bad at all. I really dislike Carlotta though. She makes me want to scream. Expand
  2. Jul 8, 2012
    Well acted, Beautiful Music and a great storyline keeps this movie going until the very end
  3. Oct 20, 2013
    It's really a SPECTACULAR movie. The music and the effects are AMAZING. Gerard and Emmy did a really good job as Erik and Christine. Once I started watching I couldn't stop singing songs from it. The music is like drugs, once started you can't stop. The musical though is a little better than the movie. Expand
  4. Aug 17, 2010
    It's curious so many critics panned this. Pretty watchable, if predictable, with timeless, catchy tunes. The female lead, Emmy Rossum, was very good. Think a strange hybrid of Moulin Rouge and Frankenstein. Expand
  5. Mar 9, 2014
    The Phantom of the Opera remake is decidedly uninspired and not very enjoyable most of the time. The visual spectacle is definitely there, but the magic stops there as well. Expand
  6. Jun 3, 2012
    Sadly This Movie Does Not Catch Your Eye At The End.. Or Really Any Place In The Movie..
    The Cast Is Very Bland And Boring As The Movie..

    Minnie Driver Does A Good Job Though..
  7. Jun 26, 2011
    I wanted to just describe this movie in one word (terrible) but unfortunately I have to use 150 characters. Gerard Butler was terrible, the all acting was terrible, the story was terrible, everything was terrible, there was not a single good thing in this movie. Expand

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