Release Date: December 9, 2005
Summary: This film was originally aired as a BBC documentary comprised of three one-hour episodes "Baby, It's Cold Outside," "The Phantom Victory" and "Shadows in the Cave." The documentaries question whether the threat of terrorism to the West is a politically driven fantasy and if al-Qaeda really is an organised network. (BBC)
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Runtime: 157 min
Production: British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
Genres: Documentary
Country: UK
Language: English
Director Credit
Adam Curtis Director
Writer Credit
Adam Curtis Writer
Cast Credit
Adam Curtis Narrator
Azzam Tamimi Himself - Institute Of Islamic Political Thought
Fouad Allam Himself - Interrogator Interior Ministry 1958-87
Gamal Abdel Nasser Himself
Harvey Mansfield Himself - Straussian Philosopher - Harvard University
Irving Kristol Himself - Founder Of Neoconservative Movement
John Calvert Himself - Islamist Historian
Leo Strauss Himself
Lyndon Johnson Himself
Paul Wolfowitz Himself
Roxanne Euben Herself - Political Scientist
Sayyid Qutb Himself
Stanley Rosen Himself - Pupil Of Leo Strauss 1949
Stephen Holmes Himself - Political Philosopher
William Kristol Himself
Producer Credit
Adam Curtis Producer
Lucy Kelsall Assistant Producer
Peter Horrocks Executive Producer
Stephen Lambert Executive Producer