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  1. Mar 15, 2014
    Okay was looking for a zombie flick saw this and read it's premise and decided to give it a go. You know what, it wasn't that bad. It takes the already dulling zombie genre and injects a bit of "life" into it by giving you a sceanrio where the zombie outbreak has already happened and humanity had the brains to overcome it and find a way to control it. We get to see a world (well just a city actually) where those who were once zombie infected now live among those who never got bitten. Obviously there's tension between those who are infected and those who are pure. It creates some tense moments, but it kinda takes a dive by the delivery of the actors. They're not horrible by any means it's just in some scenes they seem over the top. If you're looking for shots of terrific zombie gore this isn't for you. This movie plays out as more of a drama along the lines of the Walking Dead (actually it's better than most of this season) but will keep you entertained to the end. The ending of this film is actually quite good and nicely caps off the movie. Not the bloodiest zombie movie, but one of the smartest. Full Review »