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  1. The Rocker has the requisite vomit, the view of some very unfortunate hind quarters and the suds. It's also got a vein of sweetness and charm.
  2. Reviewed by: Simon Crook
    Lightweight but likable.
  3. 60
    There are plenty of funny moments, as well as a sweet subplot involving the unkempt drummer and the guitarist's no-nonsense mom (Christina Applegate).
  4. 58
    Wilson and a loaded supporting cast are never as funny as they should be.
  5. Too bad it shortchanges the music and fails to provide much evidence for Wilson's appeal.
  6. 50
    For the most part, The Rocker is content to simply keep the beat, marking time as the summer movie season moves on.
  7. Wilson works overtime to hold Peter Cattaneo's flimsy comedy together.
  8. 50
    A pleasant but unimpressive experience.
  9. You want to like almost everyone in this film, but they're all undone by a weak script.
  10. Most disappointingly, the music is tepid, mediocre pop pastiche.
  11. The movie is so tepid and inoffensive: It reminded me of a '70s Disney live-action product, with clean-scrubbed "hippies" like Johnny Whitaker chafing harmlessly under the wise ministrations of Suzanne Pleshette, whose job was to keep the kids in hand.
  12. It's depressing when the best thing you can say about a comedy is that its second-rateness is pleasantly in sync with its unmagnetic hero.
  13. 50
    The Rocker is more disappointing than it is outright bad. One expects something a little fresher from Wilson.
  14. The only brazen thing about the film is how shamelessly it rips off "School of Rock."
  15. 40
    Not terribly original or funny.
  16. 40
    Wilson is buoyed by a sporadically witty script, and while there are no surprises whatsoever in the story, his goofy, puppylike charm renders what could have been a disaster merely an unfortunate event.
  17. 40
    This is sugary-sweet stuff--pop instead of rock.
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  1. Jun 19, 2016
    This review contains spoilers, click full review link to view. I believe this was Rainn Wilson's first leading role in his own movie, the first time a movie revolved around his character. Unfortunately the movie isn't exactly an original concept, some might say it kinda rips-off the 2003 movie 'School of Rock' to a degree, maybe even touching on the Brit flick 'Still Crazy' here and there.

    The plot centres around the fictional drummer Robert Fishman (Wilson) of the heavy metal rock band Vesuvius. Back in the 80's this band are on the verge of hitting the big time with their heavy metal/glam rock songs and outrageous onstage antics. Alas the record company that wants to sign them sets an ultimatum, they must drop their drummer Fishman...and replace him with the record companies nephew. Eventually the band agree and Fishman is out. We follow Fishman years down the line, his life has crumbled, he loses his job, his girlfriend and he is forced to move in with his sister. But it is here, with his sisters family, he finds a lifeline in his nephews high school rock band.

    So yes, it is very much like 'School of Rock', the main difference of course being this is based around teenagers instead of young kids. Does that make the film any better? well sort of I guess, its not exactly a riveting tale of originality as said. Bottom line the film survives purely because of Wilson and his goofiness along with his non- Hollywood looks. This is Rainn's appeal, the guy is not good looking, he is not fit or ripped in any way and he's not a ladies man type. This guy is just a regular looking bloke, the kind of guy you would actually find serving you in a retail park electronics store. Its this that makes Wilson likable as the everyman up against it, he uses his, dare I say, pug-ugly looks and out of shape physique to great effect. Indeed in this film we see his flabby toneless torso quite often, and its admittedly amusing, it works (I especially liked the brief moment at the start where he hurls his sweat soaked vest into the crowd, and it slaps some poor fan across the face).

    The rest of the cast are made up of stereotypical teens that fit the stereotypical mould. You have the good looking male lead singer that has all the girls swooning over him, yet he's somehow not fulfilled. The fat, curly haired, awkward kid who doesn't really fit in, but towards the end totally gets into it and snatches a hot girl way out of his league. And finally you have Emma Stone who obviously plays the cute female band member who secretly has the hots for the good looking male lead singer (guess what happens in the end). The supposedly funny bit is the fact they hire Fishman as their drummer, a man in his forties who thinks he's still a young rocker and likes to live the dream, real life responsibilities aside. Oh and their manager is a creepy untrustworthy again, not much originality.

    Much of the bands tomfoolery is played out through Wilson's Fishman character and it is slightly amusing as said, but it grows old very quickly. The whole aspect of his life going through a downhill spiral of rejection after losing Vesuvius is completely predictable and dull frankly. The sequences where he goes all wild and crazy in true rock n roll fashion are also slightly amusing but again so obvious, you just know at some point he'll trash a hotel room. The romance angle between Stone and the good looking lead singer is hammy as hell as is Josh Gad's fat kid character...hell its all clich├ęd to the max.

    This is the films problem, there is nothing here you haven't really seen before, every plot angle, every character development, the predictable face to face reunion with Vesuvius and their ultimate downfall in the concert finale etc...Its not exactly terrible stuff, its just completely average and actually kinda boring. THE only reason to watch this movie is for the sporadic moments of lunacy from Wilson, as in his other movie 'Super', he does show he can actually act and deliver emotion well. Other than that its a total by the numbers comedy. Heck even the films promotion efforts were similar to that Jack Black comedy I mentioned earlier. The main difference being that movie actually felt more like a homage to rock despite being a kids flick, you just don't get that with this movie.
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  2. Nov 21, 2014
    It was nice to see Rainn Wilson in a lead role in a movie after gaining recognition for his role in the office. I've always had the dreams ofIt was nice to see Rainn Wilson in a lead role in a movie after gaining recognition for his role in the office. I've always had the dreams of being a rock star so this movie was very relatable to me. Wilson was sort of the shining star on this cast. The group were truly more of a pop band in the film but it was good for some laughs. Full Review »
  3. Jan 5, 2011
    I was flicking through the channels bored, and then I caught this movie on in one of of the movie channels. And I was really entertained. It'sI was flicking through the channels bored, and then I caught this movie on in one of of the movie channels. And I was really entertained. It's a great movie. Full Review »