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  1. Positive: 6 out of 25
  2. Negative: 6 out of 25
  1. As good as family entertainment gets.
  2. Reviewed by: Louise Kennedy
    What The Shaggy Dog feels like, more than anything, is an old-fashioned Disney movie.
  3. The star (Allen), unleashed, is so energetic in his approximation of a bearded collie -- his nose sniffing the air, his whole being (which toggles between human and canine form) overcome by the need to fetch any stick thrown -- that his slobbery charm carries the picture.
  4. A fast-moving Walt Disney Co. comedy that manages to sail past many of the cliches usually found in this genre while throwing together a wild story line more apt for a new millennium.
  5. Reviewed by: Neil Genzlinger
    Ms. Curtin is one of several examples of quirky casting that make this Shaggy Dog much more fun than it might have been.
  6. Reviewed by: Claudia Puig
    May not make you howl, but it does offer a few bona fide belly laughs.
  7. 50
    For a kids' picture this is relatively funny.
  8. There are many delightful movie techniques out there available for making animals appear to speak, so it's too bad The Shaggy Dog doesn't use any of them.
  9. The extraordinary canine performances in Shaggy Dog and "Eight Below" lead me to wonder whether Disney could dispense with two-legged creatures altogether, until further notice.
  10. In movies as in life, superior technology doesn't necessarily trump humor, magic or really shaggy dogs.
  11. 50
    This is precisely the type of moviegoing experience engineered for those who still get a laugh when the Baha Men hit "Who Let the Dogs Out?" accompanies a doggie mayhem montage.
  12. The unruly pack of subplots make The Shaggy Dog much more convoluted than it needs to be. But Allen's physical comedy as man-becoming-dog, and his non-stop monologue as man-dog, are definitely worth a trip to the matinee.
  13. 50
    In this serviceable remake of the fondly remembered 1959 Disney comedy (which starred Fred MacMurray), an impressively dexterous Tim Allen plays Dave Douglas.
  14. 50
    There are precious few surprises here, but parents will find director Robbins' breezy remake a painless affair and, judging by the yowls of laughter from the peanut gallery at the screening I attended, the kids will be barking all the way home.
  15. 50
    It says something for Robert Downey Jr. that in a movie where a man becomes a dog, Downey creates the weirdest character.
  16. 50
    Strictly for the very young who will find giggles in the anthropomorphic mash-ups and won't be too distracted by the predictably mawkish sitcom plot.
  17. 50
    Crafting this crude, noisy remake of Disney's first live-action comedy required the labor of no fewer than five screenwriters.
  18. Reviewed by: Rob Nelson
    My eight-year-old nephew sat nearly silent throughout, so when he says he had fun, he must be talking about the treats.
  19. Reviewed by: Justin Chang
    This fur-fetched tale is bearable family viewing.
  20. Reviewed by: Jessica Letkemann
    Feels like little more than a stale rehash with a promising cast whose talents haven't been tapped.
  21. 33
    Okay, so when does the fun start?
  22. 30
    As a comic actor, Allen's palette is limited to varying degrees of beige. He is not only boring, he's obnoxious and narcissistic. Where's the ASPCA -- the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Audiences -- when you need 'em?
  23. The Shaggy Dog is paint, or more appropriately here, pant by the numbers. It also manages a one-two punch -- it will upset small children and bore their parents. There's just no other way to say this: Disney, that movie of yours is a dog.
  24. The movie is just this side of terrible. It misses all the charm and fun of the original. Allen's mugging is incorrigibly unfunny.
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 29 Ratings

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  1. Aug 14, 2010
    Shaggy Dog is a random movie. It is about a guy who gets bitten by a dog called Shaggy and he goes through a transformation process. After aShaggy Dog is a random movie. It is about a guy who gets bitten by a dog called Shaggy and he goes through a transformation process. After a couple of days, any time his heart rate goes high, he turns into a dog. When he is the dog, when his heart rate slows, he turns back to human - with no clothes. It was a pretty good movie, but there wasn't really an antagonist. Robert Downey Jr. was the actor who played the antagonist, but he didn't really do much in his role. 6. Full Review »
  2. EricaJ.
    Aug 11, 2006
    I thought it was pretty good, definetly a good family movie. If I were still a kid i'd of loved it.
  3. Aug 28, 2014
    A silly yet funny movie about animal testing, searching for the keys to eternal life and a man discovering how he's failing as a husband and aA silly yet funny movie about animal testing, searching for the keys to eternal life and a man discovering how he's failing as a husband and a father - by becoming a dog.

    While certain parts of the film had outrageously unrealistic animal animation/action (and human, too, in places), the story stayed honest and grounded for the most part. There were a few "laugh out loud" parts, but otherwise the jokes and narrative were harmless and a little lame. Still, the story kept itself together surprisingly well and although the ending was mildly disappointing in how clever it wasn't... The whole experience was an enjoyable movie, for sure.

    Robert Downey Jr. was delightful as the big bad of the movie.
    Full Review »