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  • Summary: Two lovers, killed during the Holocaust, are reincarnated. The first soul to return now has a twenty two year old daughter who is now in love with her father's past life lover.
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  1. Reviewed by: Ken Fox
    The cast isn't bad but the movie is, and Amir's use of Holocaust imagery is cheap and unnecessary; Jo and Alexander could just as easily have died on the Titanic. At one point the dialogue is completely drowned out by the roar of the surf, and that is no doubt a blessing.
  2. Awkwardly staged and edited and fitted out with an overly intrusive score drawn primarily from classical music, the film consistently subverts the earnest efforts of its cast.
  3. 12
    Amateurish, irritatingly gabby indie.
  4. Reviewed by: Dennis Harvey
    Provides scant entertainment value, intentional or otherwise.
  5. The Singing Forest was written and directed by Jorge Ameer, whose film "Strippers" opened three years ago and remained the single worst movie I had ever reviewed -- until now.
  6. 0
    Bad movies can be a hoot, but rather than campy, Ameer appears to be dead serious; and it's hard to feel anything but fury toward a filmmaker whose opening title sequence intersperses black-and-white flashbacks of his sexy young lovers with actual concentration-camp photos of stacked, emaciated corpses.
  7. Reviewed by: G. Allen Johnson
    Bare-bones vanity project.
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  1. Oct 15, 2014
  2. Sep 3, 2014
    Best movie ever 10/10 wud watch again asdadadasdasdadsadasdsadadasd Iz be gud movie Not Iz be terrible movie With hitler He kill peoples

    But still god movie

  3. HondoJ.
    Mar 9, 2007
    Not as bad as others would have you to believe. Ameer, as one reviewer put it, could have chosen his reincarnated lovers from a different epoch, but his use of the Holocaust underscores the doomed nature of their eternal love affair. Indeed, they could have perished on the Titanic, and still have been reincarnated in time for their date with Nazi Germany. Ameer's rejection of such Hollywood convention as a James Cameron blockbuster is a sly dig at society itself, and epitomizes the young lovers. They reject common sense, their love is so overpowering and consuming. The inept pacing, acting, and cinematography is so bad it must be calculated, the logical extension of purposefully shaking the camera to simulate realism, a technique that runs rampant through Charles Schwab commercials and our crass consumer paradigm. Speilberg, Scorsese, and Cameron are veritable talents, but the rookie Ameer has pulled off a coup they would be hard-pressed to duplicate - the first Holocaust rom-com. It took an independent Hollywood to accomplish it! Expand
  4. Wilbur
    Sep 4, 2005
    Horrific and offensive. Perhaps the least-valuable film EVER made.
  5. CharlesK.
    Sep 29, 2006
    Worst movie I have ever seen.
  6. Gordon
    Dec 1, 2006
    I could not believe how bad this film is! There is a very big problem with every single aspect of this film, be it the plot, the acting, the lighting, sound, cinematography, wardrobe or directing. Each of these are described below! The plot is bad to start with and it is very poorly told. The acting is non existent. The actors barely stand there reciting the lines. The sets are not made or decorated in any way, it seems as if the director just shot the film inside his house. The wardrobe is very old fashioned and plain, as if the actors wore the cheapest item they have in their own wardrobe. There is no costume adviser or even any budget for clothes, I can bet. The lighting is very bad. Most of the time the film is not adequately lit. In the scene where Christopher drinks beer in the living room, the only source of light is the lamp beside Christopher. This makes the beer bottles and even the coffee table dark and indiscernible because they are against the light. In addition, the soundtrack is a big problem as well. There is a high level of ambient noise, and sometimes we even hear traffic outside the house and hear dogs barking! In the scene where the two men talk on the seaside, the waves are so loud that the sound of waves literally drown out the conversation. However, the worst is yet to be described! The cinematography is shocking. 90% of the time, the camera sits on a tripod for two or three minutes. This means that most of the time, the camera does not move, and the shot length is very long. This means that most of the conversations are filmed with two people sitting and talking. We do not have any camera shots of their facial expressions or reactions. For example, in the scene where Christopher lies in bed talking to the standing daughter, the camera is positioned behind Christopher, so that during the long conversation we could not see his face at all. There are also many times that the cameraman decides that the characters are in fact not in the centre of the visual field, and shifts the camera to the side a bit. Oh, why does it take you so long to realise the camera is off centre? It is almost comical for the film to have a black storyboard to serve as the narrator. It looks like someone holding a black cardboard in front of the camera. Because of the high level of ambient noise, when the black storyboard comes in, there is total silence. Then the ambient noise starts again when the film resumes. Believe me, this film is really very bad. Avoid! Expand
  7. May 25, 2012
    The worst movie of all time....... no doubt about it.......... Expand

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