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  • Summary: Combining elements of thriller, romance, and war movie, The Situation, set exclusively in Iraq, dramatizes one of the countless human stories that lie behind the headlines of the current war. (Shadow Distribution)
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  1. 75
    The Situation is written by Wendell Steavenson, a reporter who served in Iraq, as a work of fiction. Its best quality is that the situation in Iraq appears to be sadly realistic.
  2. Compelling and deeply disturbing.
  3. 70
    The Situation, Philip Haas's deftly paced, well-written, and brilliantly infuriating Iraq War thriller is not only the strongest of recent geopolitical hotspot flicks but one that has been designed for maximal agitation.
  4. 50
    As ambitious in scope as it is interpretively timid, The Situation delivers the requisite incendiary climax, but collapses in on itself with daft speeches about the elusiveness of truth in something called "the fourth dimension of time."
  5. Part war drama, part political thriller, part romance -- and wholly uninvolving.
  6. The romance makes an awkward, contrived fit with the nominally serious political stuff, and even those momentous events come off as generic and unconvincing.
  7. Exploitation cinema of the most narcoleptic kind.

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