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  1. It is the kind of superbly crafted, intelligent entertainment — a classic suspense thriller — that nowadays is as welcome as it is rare.
  2. Anyhow, either as history at its most inspiring or moviemaking at its most exciting, The Tunnel is a trip.
  3. 80
    Director Roland Suso Richter gives a raw, frank but sophisticated account of the excruciating logistics of this great escape, and the appalling, inspiring blend of betrayal and courage that attended the group's herculean efforts.
  4. Reviewed by: Derek Elley
    A cracking slice of old-fashioned, widescreen entertainment.
  5. Good old-fashioned movie storytelling that steadily builds, over the course of nearly three hours, to a white-knuckle conclusion that satisfies on nearly every level.
  6. 75
    There are few moments when you're not totally absorbed by the film.
  7. Though the film is as long as the escape route, Richter's brisk direction keeps us riveted through the suspenseful finish of his vivid history lesson.
  8. So many twists and turns, it seems like fiction.
  9. 70
    The Tunnel boasts the kind of plot that would seem ridiculously implausible if it weren't based on a true story.
  10. Reviewed by: Laura Kern
    The film convincingly portrays the devastating, life-altering hardships and restrictions that the residents of the divided Berlin endured.
  11. Well-cast and sporadically gripping.
  12. 63
    Director Roland Suso Richter maintains tension for 2 1/2 hours, even though the resolution is almost surreal.
  13. 60
    Genuinely gripping, balancing the travails of constructing the tunnel against the characters' stories with considerable skill.
  14. Reviewed by: Matt Singer
    Director Roland Suso Richter skillfully wields the wall as a metaphor for isolation, but his pacing needs work: He cuts from an emotional death to a rowdy scene of sex on a kitchen table. Well, that's one way to mourn.
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  1. JohnH.
    Jun 22, 2006
    Really disappointing. I expected a serious, thoughtful European film treatment a la Costa-Gavras and got a schlock Hollywood Action Thriller a la Bruce Willis (starring a B.W. look-alike no less.) After a modestly interesting beginning things get progressively sillier until we enter James Bond territory and you're wondering how the film got there and whether its worth your while to continue watching it. Very slick, very commercial and very vapid stuff !! Full Review »