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  1. chw
    Sep 14, 2014
    DAMN! This movie was incredibly extraordinarily awesome! Just because of the ending, everyone who hasn't seen this HAS GOT TO see this movie. Everyone'll love it!
  2. Aug 30, 2014
    Don't really get the point of seeing this kind of entertainment movie, not to mention one that you immediately figured out from the VERY beginning the biggest "suspense" that it tries to keep. You learn nothing. What a total waste of time.
  3. Jul 9, 2014
    I have to agree with ryancarroll88. The twist ending is certainly a shocker but it pretty much flaws the entire film and makes you question if any of it was real. Still a solid movie though and certainly, at least some-what, lives up to the hype around it.
  4. Jun 25, 2014
    Admittedly this movie starts off very slowly. The first 45 min are not very interesting and at times I found myself checking my emails instead of watching the film. However about half way through the movie it starts to get really interesting. Furthermore, the ending is one of the best I've ever seen.
    Just watch it. It's great.
  5. May 1, 2014
    the usual suspect is the best mystery movie I ever saw, the plot twist of the film was actually great and so magnificent, I have watching this film for several times and the film was hitting me up with the mind twisting story, I love this film!
  6. Apr 21, 2014
    A great thrilling movie. Great acting by all with a stand out performance by Kevin Spacey. The action was great in this film was awesome. And the way the stories were really cool and well done. And then the ending came and holy I can honestly say I didn't see that one coming that's all I am going to say so that I don't give anything away.
  7. Feb 15, 2014
    "The Usual Suspects" runs second to "The Sixth Sense" for one of those movies you will enjoy watching more the second time. I won't give anything away, but there is not one but two twists you won't see coming. And for that sole purpose is a reason to watch this movie. Also, Kevin Spacey might be another reason.
  8. Feb 5, 2014
    Wow. This film is fantastic. Kevin Spacey and cast, as expected, are phenomenal. It lulls you into thinking you know how it will wrap up and then completely flips around. It is a tad hard to follow at the beginning, but wow does it ever pay off. Great film.
  9. Oct 31, 2013
    Does not waste any time at all. Every minute is utilized to set up suspense and action. And when we reach the climax, everything suddenly becomes ambiguous. You are not sure about what really happened, just about the things that matter the most. Kevin Spacey acts splendidly. The first time I watched it the plot twist at the end made me a fan of the movie. But not so much on the second viewing after a gap of eight years. Frankly, apart from the awesome ending, it wasn't a very great script_ just a nicely plotted crime thriller but not very special. But I truly believe that everyone should watch it at least once, and don't talk about it before doing that because some smart-ass may spoil it for you. Expand
  10. Aug 24, 2013
    One of the most original and surprising films. Kevin Spacey nails his oscar as this enigma Verbal Kint. The ending is one of the biggest shocks in cinema. It takes more than two and two to get the ending. If you don't believe me, then GIVE ME THE F***ING KEYS YOU F***ING C*****KER, MOTHER****A!!!
  11. Aug 21, 2013
    I really don't know where to start from. It's obviously one of the best films ever made and one of my favorites and it has like the very best twist I have seen in my life and I have seen a lot of films with great twists. The twist is even better than Prestige's one. At the beginning the film is a little overcomplicated but when you start realizing what is happening you will not want to pause that film for any reason. It has action and suspense. It has everything that a film like that should have. It has great actors and an excellent storyline. The whole movie is interesting. I don't know what else to say just watch that movie and you will understand my words... It's a perfect masterpiece! Expand
  12. Aug 10, 2013
    This film is just great. Great crime/gangster film but also so much more. Thrills, suspense, good acting, great script and very clever. I do believe that everyone should try and see this film.
  13. Jul 11, 2013
    A little sluggish at first, but the second half is superb. The film is clever, but the ending is obvious and it has a few loose ends. None of this stops it from being entertaining, but this is no classic.
  14. May 24, 2013
    As the movie opens five well known criminals are rounded up and questioned as to their involvement in the hijacking of a truck full of guns. No one cracks and as the men sit together in jail they hatch a plan for an elaborate diamond heist.

    The story is told in the past tense by one of the five men, Verbal Kint, as he sits across from a detective trying to uncover what happened during
    the attempted heist. This provides a unique twist in that not everything Kint describes is necessarily accurate or true and keeps the viewer constantly guessing as to the true nature of his involvement.

    Featuring a fantastic cast The Usual Suspects features a plethora of interesting and entertaining characters, none more so than Kint himself and by the time the movie reaches its fantastically clever finale most viewers will realise they have just watched a cinematic masterpiece.
  15. Apr 6, 2013
    I'm not gonna say that this movie is overrated cause that gonna make me look like a hater which I'm not cause i like Kevin Spacey movies but i actually have couple things i need to criticize.
    first of all Stephen Baldwin can't act at all which is a movie destruction itself cause he took a special part in the movie Chazz Palminteri is a bad face for this movie and also Gabriel Byrne is
    not right for the part so after all that being said i think that there is something wrong with this movie and it could be a lot better than this after all i think that whoever selected the actors for the parts did an insulting job and kinda ruined the entire idea. Expand
  16. Mar 13, 2013
    The Usual Suspects is a classic crime film that will bring you in and not let you go until the final twisted and unexpected climax. With the combination of Brian Singer's directing and Kevin Spacey's acting this is truly a great film. Hang on, The Usual Suspects is one hell of a ride.
  17. Mar 10, 2013
    Bryan Singer provides an outstanding before I went to make superhero films movie that is strongly written and also provides the best Spacey performance ever.
  18. Jan 9, 2013
    At least the end gets your adrenaline flowing ... the feelings for this little, crippled man who convinced the police about a crime that never happend. But how did the things, that really happend, happen? The geniusly confusing storyline and the amazing climax make you forgetting that this film is literaturally pointless because nothing pictured did actually happen ...
  19. Jan 7, 2013
    The Usual suspects is a smart well scripted. directed and, acted picture that is a classic for a reason. It has a twist ending that completes the movie precisely and the editing leaves nothing to be desired, it explains the storyline in full. Fantastic.
  20. Jan 3, 2013
    I'm not that much into cops and robbers and gangster movies, but this one was really good so even I like this one. It is a very well told story with an ending you will not see coming. You definitely should see this movie at least once.
  21. Nov 28, 2012
    With a brilliantly developed plot, excellent performances and provocative imagery, "The Usual Suspects" remains an absolutely stunning crime thriller.
  22. Nov 15, 2012
    It's fantastic from start to finish, and the twist at the end will blow your mind. An American crime classic.
  23. Nov 7, 2012
    I was very excited to revisit what I considered one of my top 50 or so films after a few years. I have to say it was more than a little disappointing. I do understand why people, including myself, have become so attached to this movie. Spacey's performance is fantastic, the reveal at the end of the film is still exciting and fun, and there are some very memorable, quotable lines. What I forgot about are some of the problems with this film, and they are numerous. First of all for a thriller this movie spends a whole lot of time with nothing going on. While most of the performances are ok, I still have no idea what they were doing with Del Toro's accent. The score is pretty poor. Once the final reveal happens there are countless plot holes that will never be explained. While I still like this movie based on the two strongest aspects of the film, and will probably revisit it again in a few years. I will not recommend this movie as strongly the next time it comes up with someone who has never seen it. Expand
  24. Oct 3, 2012
    The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist - What an appropriate utilization of Charles Baudelaire's quote. First of all, hats off to Bryan Singer's outstanding direction, Christopher McQuarrie's confusing and thrilling screenplay and Kevin Spacey's remarkable and an Oscar-deserving performance which made the film too freaking awesome. I can't begin to appreciate the surprise Bryan Singer has managed to deliver to us. The mystery, the neo-noir elements, the puzzles and the way all the pieces are put together in the climax are just marvellous. I don't know why Roger Ebert found this movie confusing and gave it such a low rating (He did the same with Fight Club, starring Edward Norton and Brad Pitt). The plot is confusing, yes, but it's something really unusual and astounding and that's what makes this film so exciting. Although, the characterization is limited and there are a few possible plotholes as well. Those plotholes aren't explained properly but you can easily ignore them since they don't have anything to do with the real story. What I really like about this movie is that once you have started watching it, it will keep you interested. You might also find it difficult to follow the characters and the plot at some points but keep your mind and eyes open and you will be finally able to understand everything. Long story short, even with the limited characterization and confusing screenplay, The Usual Suspects is a classic and remarkable neo-noir thriller that you are definitely going to love and appreciate. So, don't miss it. Expand
  25. Aug 28, 2012
    Hard to say why, but I enjoy this movie time and time again. I would have liked to see a bit more character development, but then again I think it's great this movie can fit it all in in less than two hours.
  26. Aug 9, 2012
    Great acting from spacey but rough plotting and a mystery that is not very well presented or interesting cannot even be saved by the films twist. Not a very memorable film.
  27. Dec 31, 2011
    This movie isn't perfect in every sense, but I do believe it deserves a perfect score. Everything has a low-budget, early Tarantino-esque feel, which is good for two reasons: First, the story and acting have to carry the movie and they do so superbly. Secondly, the aura of simplicity adds to the feel of realism: instead of special effects and sleekness, one gets to feel as if there, with the characters. Without spoiling too much, I can say that this is one of the cleverest movies I've ever seen. So many details add together in subtle ways, allowing the viewer to slowly but surely come to conclusions just seconds before the characters do too. It never feels forced or obvious, yet the director manages to guide us through a mental maze. Apart from Spacey who is sublime, I believe that Byrne and Palminteri both diserve lots of credit, even though Palminteri's character has little depth, the actor plays the role to it's full potential, secretly enabling the story to go the way it goes. Overall, it's not a movie everyone will find fantastic, but if you're into the criminal heroes / messing with your mind kind of thriller, boy, are you in for a ride. Expand
  28. Oct 14, 2011
    Quite simply one of the best movies ever made. Kevin Spacey puts in a sensational performance and the supporting cast also do a great job of making it believable. One of my all time favourite films, and one of the best films ever.
  29. Sep 27, 2011
    "The Usual Suspects" has a misleading storyline with limited settings applied throughout the movie. However, it is Brian Singer's clever direction associated with a two-face performance by Kevin Spacey that made the Climax of the movie possible.
  30. Aug 25, 2011
    An ugly word that often gets unfairly tossed around in film criticism is manipulative. This word seems like sudden death for any movie, and is often used to describe a film that tries to play to the emotions of its audience. A more accurate way of using this term is a film that has little confidence in what it does and simply tries to throw things at the audience, hoping for validity. The Usual Suspects is a great example. While it certainly does paint an interesting picture, the characters are stock, and without interesting play between the players, it over compensates with plot twists and story holes, mixed rather uninspired interrogation scenes. There is little to enjoy in The Usual Suspects other than trying to put together its story, and once you do that you realize it is not even an interesting story, but simply feeds the audience so little, that there is little payoff to learning the surprises. Expand
  31. Jul 11, 2011
    A true classic, with one of the most brilliant climaxes in the history of film, The Usual Suspects will not fail to make your head spin. You have everything in this movie. Solid cast. Wonderful script. Great camera work. A true gem.

    With Kevin Spacey leading the pack in his Academy Award winning performance, the acting in this film is very believable, and powerful. Your eyes will be
    glued to the film from the moment it begins, to the moment when your jaw hits the floor, in the end.

    I would highly recommend this film to anyone and everyone who considers themselves a fan of movies. This is simply a must-see.
  32. Mar 3, 2011
    This is definitely the best movie I have seen so far with a great ending and that's why I 'm using the name of a character of the film!!! (Keyzer Soze)
  33. Sep 30, 2010
    One of (or the best) mystery/crime movies I have ever seen. The twists are much crazier than seven, such a satisfying movie. I freaking love this movie. Just don't read any spoilers/etc. Just watch it, it's good.
  34. Sep 24, 2010
    this film was fantastic i loved the neonoir affect would highly reccomend watching this film my only negative feedback is the ending the twist in the film was over rated the film was famous because of its ending but the ending wasnt really for me
  35. Aug 27, 2010
    The movie that is best known for its surprise ending, and if it has not been spoiled for you already, it will literally take your breath away. But when the ending of a film falsifies everything you have just watched, as a viewer you have to question the validity of the first 90 minutes of the movie. I dare you to watch this movie more than two times and still have it impact you.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 22 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 18 out of 22
  2. Negative: 1 out of 22
  1. A near-classic blend of mystery, personality, humor and terror, laced with one stunning shock after another. [18 August 1995, Friday, p.C]
  2. Reviewed by: Mike Clark
    Look out for everything, and listen, too, because Suspects is one of the most densely plotted mysteries in memory.
  3. 88
    Dense, ironic and thoroughly engrossing caper melodrama.