The White Diamond


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  1. 90
    An inexpressibly beautiful and moving film, even though (or because) it seems to be about someone unimportant doing something irrelevant, perhaps something silly, in the face of insurmountable odds and a world that doesn't care.
  2. 90
    Werner Herzog may lack heroes, nowadays, who seem adequate to his fierce capacity for wonder. When occasion demands, however, he can still turn the world upside down.
  3. One of the year's best documentaries.
  4. 80
    Herzog's eye for the weird sometimes makes the docu feel strained, but engaging characters imbue the pic with depth and emotional appeal.
  5. Having emerged from his new German cinema heyday as one of the world's most guileless and original documentary filmmakers, Herzog has slowly been crafting a four-dimensional fresco of the planet, its most human-resistant landscapes, and our dubious dramas in confronting the chaos.
  6. The film, which includes some breathtakingly beautiful images of the green, wet Guyanese jungle and a monumental waterfall that cuts through it, is driven less by narrative than by ideas and impressions.
  7. 80
    An intoxicating dream of a film that speaks to the daydreamer in all of us.
  8. 80
    Herzog also finds extraordinary beauty in what Dorrington is trying to accomplish: Like Jean-Jacques Rousseau in his boat, Dorrington wants to float around the natural world in a reverie, and when he finally does, he experiences a connection with Plage that's genuinely transcendent.
  9. 75
    Although The White Diamond is entire of itself, it earns its place among the other treasures and curiosities in Herzog's work. Here is one of the most inquisitive filmmakers alive, a man who will go to incredible lengths to film people living at the extremes.
  10. 70
    This 2004 video documentary by Werner Herzog arrives in town while his hair-raising "Grizzly Man" is still playing, and it's a fascinating companion piece even though his manipulations are more obvious.
  11. 63
    Magnificent shots of waterfalls and other natural phenomena abound, but it's far too late in the history of nature photography to expect anyone to gawk at them.

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  1. JoeK.
    Mar 24, 2006
    Another glimpse of the ecstatic truth from just about the greatest man to ever live...Werner Herzog. I mean that. How else to describe Another glimpse of the ecstatic truth from just about the greatest man to ever live...Werner Herzog. I mean that. How else to describe someone whose work thrills me so. Enjoy. Long live Red Man! Full Review »
  2. KenL
    Dec 1, 2005
    I have long been a Herzog fan, but he lost me with this dull, meaningless documentary about....about..hmmm what was it about?