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  1. The Young Victoria has a subtler flow than you might expect, and at times it's calmer than you may like. Director Jean-Marc Vallée's images have a creamy stateliness, but this is no gilded? princess fantasy.
  2. 83
    A fresh look at the first chapters in the monarch's life, while maintaining historical fidelity.
  3. 80
    Emily Blunt shines as the tough-minded British queen in this lush, and even sexy, period romance
  4. This is a smartly told story, and as fresh as any contemporary romance.
  5. 80
    The movie is perfectly appropriate for girls, and its opening scenes play like a more intelligent and historically grounded version of their G-rated princess dramas.
  6. All told, The Young Victoria is a very well-made if not especially memorable picture, moving with all the grace and steadfastness of a waltz Victoria and Albert share, but absent any urgency or anything particularly exclamatory.
  7. 75
    Emily Blunt makes Victoria as irresistible a young woman as Dame Judi Dench made her an older one in "Mrs. Brown" (1997).
  8. 75
    The Young Victoria achieves a fine balance. I guess that's what you get when a film is produced by both Martin Scorsese and Sarah Ferguson.
  9. If the film itself isn't brilliant, its star most definitely is.
  10. Reviewed by: Claudia Puig
    Once you get past the fact that lovely Emily Blunt doesn't look anything like the dour historical pictures of Britain's longest-reigning monarch, The Young Victoria is an appealing and well-crafted, if staid, portrait of a fascinating ruler.
  11. 75
    A sumptuous period drama.
  12. As engrossing as The Young Victoria is, this isn't a movie that will stay with you very long. Mostly that's because Blunt's character does little by way of evolving.
  13. Emily Blunt, one of the best and most glamorous actresses to come out of England in recent years, makes an unusual but highly successful choice for the young Victoria.
  14. The film does look beautiful, and there's enough intrigue to inspire anyone to learn more about such a complex, fascinating life. It just would have been nice to see a little more of that complexity onscreen.
  15. Despite the filmmakers’ efforts to persuade us that The Young Victoria is a serious work, and despite some tense moments and gunfire, the movie’s pleasures are as light as its story. No matter. Albert may never rip Victoria’s bodice, but he does eventually loosen it, to her delight and ours.
  16. Reviewed by: Derek Elley
    Well-groomed, upscale, three-hankie entertainment for the “Masterpiece Theater” crowd.
  17. 67
    The film lays on its politics-as-chess-game metaphor a little thick, however, and its refusal to leave the corridors of power to see the impact of its developments on the country at large makes it feel stuffy after a while.
  18. 63
    A nice set of drapes and a striking ballgown or two are not enough to provide this interesting love story any serious heft or insight.
  19. Reviewed by: Ty Burr
    It’s a muddled but plush experience overall, and if you’re a royalist completist or a historical romantic, you’ll probably have a decent time.
  20. 63
    The Young Victoria feels like a wasted opportunity and is among the least impressive in a long line of motion pictures about British royalty.
  21. Reviewed by: Joe Holleman
    If not for Blunt's solid performance and good support from Friend and others, The Young Victoria would not be worth the price of the ticket.
  22. Reviewed by: Kim Newman
    An elegant, entertaining, informative picture with a gallery of vivid supporting turns, this provisionally crowns the winning Blunt as a Brit-pic star - but it skimps a bit on the bodice-ripping, blood and thunder.
  23. Blunt and Friend strike a few flinty sparks, and Julian Fellowes’s script has its share of dry-as-dust witticisms. Most of the time, though, it’s a stiff pageant.
  24. If you like this sort of movie - and actually, cards on the table, I like this kind of movie - you will not be sorry you saw it. But you will not come away from the experience feeling that you've seen Victoria, young or otherwise.
  25. Really, Young Victoria is just a lot of costumes in fond search of some drama. And finding precious little.
  26. 50
    From the start, it feels handsome, steady, and stuck; the ties that bind the historical bio-pic are no looser than those which constrain a royal personage, and the frustration to which Victoria would later admit is legible in the face of Emily Blunt, who takes the title role.
  27. 40
    Vallée and his lead get high marks for kittenish revisionism. In all other respects, however, this movie is indistinguishable from every other throne-and-scepter biopic to hit the screen.
  28. Reviewed by: Ella Taylor
    Man, British heritage cinema can be dull when assembly-lined for the export market.
  29. Reviewed by: Phil Hall
    Emily Blunt’s Victoria and Rupert Friend’s Albert come across like museum mannequins – utterly devoid of any genuine passion.
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  1. Jun 16, 2012
    I enjoyed this movie but it wasn't exactly "historically accurate". Not ONCE did I hear Queen Victoria's true title, which was "monarch of the United Kingdom of GREAT BRITAIN and Ireland. She was always referred to as the Queen of England. In fact all references were to England, which would have been forgivable had the writer had been a foreigner but I was shocked to see that it was Sir Julian Fellowes - who really ought to know better! Full Review »
  2. Feb 18, 2013
    Young Victoria is an unbelievably sumptuous period drama with great turns from it's strong cast. Better still, the movie is genuinely moving and romantic without feeling forced. An excellent film. Full Review »
  3. Oct 14, 2011
    More than anything else, this is a simple love story between the young Queen, and her Prince. It's - seemingly - historically accurate and, actually made me want to know more about Victoria and Albert's twenty-year reign.

    Emily Blunt and Rupert Friend are excellent in the two main roles, with Friend's performance as Albert particularly enjoyable. He plays a pragmatic German very well.
    Full Review »