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  1. This is a movie to love, that touches you in places you never suspected, that shows you that the road less traveled is the road to your dreams.
  2. It reimagines the buddy film with such freshness and vigor that the genre seems positively new.
  3. 90
    Begins like an episode of "I Love Lucy" and ends with the impact of "Easy Rider."
  4. Reviewed by: Jack Kroll
    Sarandon and Davis give superb, wonderfully interactive performances: funky, fierce, funny and poignant. [27 May 1991]
  5. Reviewed by: Staff (Not credited)
    Even those who don't rally to pic's fed-up feminist outcry will take to its comedy, momentum and dazzling visuals.
  6. Unabashed, streamlined entertainment, and you won't hate yourself in the morning for liking it.
  7. 90
    It spins its wheels in a giddy sort of way, then puts the pedal to the mettle, lays rubber and fairly takes wing.
  8. Classic genre movies may be a scarce commodity, but this gutsy crime thriller and female buddy movie qualifies in spades.
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  1. Apr 5, 2014
    Thelma & Louise is an acceptable road movie from director Ridley Scott. Although it might start off a little slow, the action and thrills pick up by the end, ands the messages about friendship and feminism are well-received. Full Review »
  2. Jul 5, 2013
    Nearly twenty-five years after it's release, Thelma & Louise is still heralded as a classic, and is on most critics best films list. For years I'd heard about how outrageous and empowering this film is, but I'd never seen it in it's entirety. I've seen bits and pieces on cable and seen parodies of it, but I really never saw anything that made me want to watch it. The story is an interesting one about these two ladies who go on a weekend vacation. The ladies go drinking and partying, which gets them into some trouble and leads to them going on the run. This is one of those films that has those classic moments that really shine over the rest of the film. I found Thelma & Louise to be quite forgettable, but it's those particular scenes that will stay with me. The cast was in class all it's own and I think that's why the critics loved this film so much. Thelma & Louise may have been revolutionary for 1992, but in 2013, it's really not all that extreme, and in the years since, there have been so many copycats, that it's hard to differentiate it from all the similar stories that came after it. Geena Davis is just unbelievably good as Thelma. I love Geena Davis, I think she's extremely underrated, and it's her performance that makes this film work. How she doesn't win the Oscar for her portrayal of Thelma is beyond me. Susan Sarandon wasn't bad either, she's not really known for comedy and too me, she'll always be the one who prevented Bull Durham from being THE ultimate baseball film, but she was impressive. The cast member that was most interesting to me, was the young drifter, played by a good looking newcomer named Brad Pitt. In his first major film, Brad Pitt was so much different from the man we know today, it really showed the age of this film and just how much things can change in a relatively short period of time. It's hard to believe, but it was almost exactly five years after this films release that he starred in Se7en. As I said previously, this film is considered to be one of the best films of all time and it's gain that reputation because of it's performances and stand out scenes. Thelma & Louise have their moments on their little adventure, but in the end, it's familiar, predictable, and forgettable. Full Review »
  3. Oct 26, 2012
    Is a good movie and enjoyable but not the best we could get. the only good man is unfortunately the least credible. its impossible to discover why he is a better man as all the other. Full Review »