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  1. Nov 8, 2013
    Thor 2 is a huge improvement over Thor 1. Everything about this movie excelled my expectations, The action is truly epic, its a lot more brutal and darker. the Villain was done properly!! finally Marvel!! Malekeith is brutal, heartless, and a force to be reckon with, his personal bodyguard gave Thor some much needed challenge. Loki is brilliant as always, the movie rarely slows down and the action has a great pace, it has some cheesy moments with awkward humor, but does not distract from the overall experience. Thor uses all his powers and the effects are superb. DO NOT MISS THE BEGINNING CREDITS AND THE POST CREDITS SCENES.

    PS: dat shape shifting cameo, genius
  2. Nov 8, 2013
    Thor 2 is a massive improvement over Thor. be It the Story Acting Action or even the Direction the Highlight of the Movie is the Chemistry Between Thor n Loki. Loved the Scenes between Loki n His Mom. the Movie is Action Packed. It has enough Humor n Seriousness packed in this one.
    The only Flaw is that the Movie starts a bit Slow. Better than expected 9/10
  3. Nov 8, 2013
    Thor: The Dark World is packed with brilliant dialogue and humour throughout. The story itself expands greatly on the various characters previously met along with introducing a couple new ones. A brilliant film and a must watch to anyone who enjoyed the first film.
  4. Nov 8, 2013
    The first Thor movie was good but the problem i had with that movie was that we barely saw Thor in action. So i was hopping Thor 2 would show more of Thor in action. And it did! Very action packed movie, good humor, dialog between Thor and Looki is excellent and the ending is awesome!!
  5. Nov 9, 2013
    Went to see this with my family and we all absolutely loved it. My Dad is not a fan of superhero movies but he really enjoyed this and was totally surprised and pleased with the incredible quality and intelligence of it.

    Has a perfect balance of action and intelligent dialogue, the serious with humour, the celestial with family. A wonderful addition to the Marvel film universe and my
    favourite so far. A must see for anyone who wants to see a quality film you can watch and enjoy again and again.

    You can really tell just how much hard work and effort has been put into this film to make it the best it can be thought the whole of the film. The story is gripping and well told, the dialogue in every scene whether serious or funny is wonderful, the acting is superb, all the characters are interesting, believable and compelling. The locations and are just stunning!

    I can not praise this film enough, a must see film!!!
  6. Nov 8, 2013
    This movie was amazing. The scale of the worlds was immense and the effects were amazing. The plot was also fantastic. Loki, as always, steals the show. But to be honest, the best part of the movie was the after credits scene. SPOILER ALERT: It contains a reference to the infinity stones, referring to the tesseract and the aether as two of the six. If you're a Marvel fan, then you'll be as giddy as a little school girl. Expand
  7. Nov 15, 2013
    I don't know why the movie was critiqued so harshly, but the movie was amazing. It was very funny, emotional at times, and had epic action sequences; I had blast watching it.
  8. Nov 8, 2013
    Tonight, not even the gods are safe as Thor: The Dark World debuts in theaters. The second chapter (third if you count Avengers) of Thor’s story, The Dark World is by no means a perfect movie, but it really doesn’t need to be: It’s tremendously fun and eminently worthwhile, warts and all. If you’re already a Thor fan courtesy of either the comics or the first film, it’s a safe bet that you’ll enjoy The Dark World. Thor, at its best, has always blended epic gravitas with humor, so prepare to laugh a lot. It’s a tradition that The Dark World embraces enthusiastically, from the awkward culture clash of inserting a Norse god into modern America to an epic battle that plays out like a mix between a boss level from the video game Portal and a Dungeons & Dragons teleport puzzle, and even an unexpected Chris Evans cameo as Captain America (sort of). The silver lining, of course, is more Loki. Tom Hiddleston is justifiably the break-out star of the last several years of Marvel movies, and his performance as the embittered trickster god in The Dark World is his best yet. We saw Loki begin to fray in Thor and unravel across Avengers; now, returned to Asgard and incarcerated for what is meant to be eternity, he clings to arrogant indifference over a profound pathos that surfaces only during a visit from an illusory projection of Frigga though whether she’s a projection of Loki’s actual adopted mother or a figment of his own conjuring is never clear. As this is a Marvel movie, you probably already know to stick around through the credits for a bonus scene. The Dark World has not one but two stingers the first after the film ends, and the second after the credits finish rolling and it’s worth sticking around for both of them. If you’re a long-time comic reader, the second’s got a cameo on par with the reveal of the villain Thanos after Avengers. Thor: The Dark World may be a bumpy ride, but it gets its hero where he needs to go from Prince of Asgard to hero of Earth with grace, humor, and a lot of heart. It’s not perfect, but it doesn’t have to be: It’s awesome. Expand
  9. Nov 9, 2013
    I loved Thor 2 and so did the rest of my family it had some very very funny moments,Loki's scenes were all brilliant and the acting throughout was top notch and make sure you stay for the after credits scene!!! It sets up for the next films perfectly and I can't wait for the next marvel movies! Make mine marvel!:)
  10. Nov 9, 2013
    Better than the first. It achieved what this movie was suppose to achieve. A comic book come to life on the big screen. I see a lot of preening from critics about the plot, and lack of human involvement other then fillers, but what why are watching a marvel movie.

    You want a story about the human condition, or struggle? watch one of those indie slop fests. You can cry and then go out
    and protest about something. I didn't go to see this movie, like transformers nor say a jason vorhees movie to see if the daft people live, or survive, or what struggles they have. I showed up to see the stars of those movies shine.

    Your favorite comic on the big screen. Nuff said. Enjoyed it more then that snooze fest man of steel.
  11. Nov 9, 2013
    Thor: The Dark World is a step up from the first one! I might be of the very few who enjoyed the first film and the sequel surely delivers more action. Though the storyline is a bit complicated and with a post credits scene that will leave people scratching their heads, it's still great fun to watch. Lots of laughs throughout the movie and a twist here and there. The acting is top notch, especially from Tom Hiddleston as Loki. Another great outing for Marvel at the movies. Expand
  12. Nov 19, 2013
    Thor 2 is possibly the best MCU movie aside from Avengers itself (possibly tied with Iron Man 1). It is a fantastic solo movie that focuses on Thor and Asgard while also allowing for the existence of the rest of the MCU, unlike Iron Man 3 where everything else was ignored as if it did not exist.
  13. Nov 24, 2013
    A fantastically great movie. If you've seen the original Thor, don't despair, this one's way better. If you liked the Avengers, this one topped it in my opinion phenomenal graphics and score, a great ensemble of characters, Loki (ye old norse gods, I love Loki!), smart dialog and the highest praise I personally can accord a movie internal logical consistency. Fine storytelling, some real puzzlers left for continuity, but no extreme and clumsy cliffhangering. I'd go see it again right now if I could. Go spoil yourselves, this is the movie to see this day and month... Expand
  14. Nov 15, 2013
    I found Thor: The Dark World to be a huge improvement over the first movie. Malekith is a believable villain, and he looks the part. But the real star in this film has to be Loki. Absolutely brilliant film and one of Marvel's better superhero flicks.
  15. Nov 11, 2013
    Thor: The Dark World is definitely one of the best superhero films I've ever seen. The cast, led by Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman, did a great job once again. Supporting actors Tom Hiddleston, Idris Elba, Kat Dennings, Jaimie Alexander, Anthony Hopkins, and so many more really are amazing. I've heard a lot of complaints about the pace being too quick and difficult to keep up with. My response? Don't take stupid people to see the movie. I honestly don't see how anyone would have trouble keeping up with the pace of the film. I thought the plot development was actually one of the stronger parts of the film. Another strong element was the humor. Like the first installment, there was a lot of situational humor. However, this movie took it to an entirely new level and didn't feel forced and out of place. Most of this is thanks to the aforementioned Kat Dennings and her unique comedic flair. Also, watch for the Captain America cameo for maybe the most humorous scene in the film. The action sequences were up to par with the rest of the movies, meaning they were epic. Natalie Portman is as breathtaking as ever and the rest of the supporting cast adds a combination of depth and humor. The only negative in the movie, and I'm really not sure if it's a fair one, is that I wanted more Lady Sif. I'm sorry but you have one of the most beautiful women in the world, who happens to be a fantastic actress, playing one of the most badass and intriguing roles in the movie and she's barely even relevant? You've gotta do better than that. Supposedly she originally had a more prominent role even creating somewhat of a love triangle but the studio ultimately decided to trim that back, essentially eliminating a large chunk of her screen time. After some thought I decided it didn't really "hurt" the film so I won't let it affect the rating but I would've liked liked to see her more. Hopefully we'll get that in the special features when it releases on blu-ray. Overall, I'd say this is probably the third best Avengers film yet, behind Iron Man and The Avengers. Hopefully they continue to deliver because they've got one helluva series going. Expand
  16. Nov 21, 2013
    Acting is great as usual. The dialogue is decent (Thor & Loki lines were awesome) though a bunch of the funny scenes/gags and lines seemed very forced and fell flat among the audience at the sold-out IMAX theater where I watched this film, but it does for the most part retain the humor that's prevalent in all the Marvel films. The overall action is decent, but only a couple of scenes really impressed me that said there IS more action in this one than the last so that's a plus. Unsurprisingly, the special effects and the music score are fantastic and I'd say this film is worth seeing in IMAX. The plot on the other hand... well it seemed like it could've been improved more. That being said I did enjoy this movie and would recommend it if you like any of the other Marvel movies and if you liked the first Thor. Expand
  17. Nov 17, 2013
    Better Than The First Thor Due to A Engaging Plot, Fun Characters, Humor, Action, SFX, And More but One Thing I Though Was A Little Eh Is The Shoehorned Side-Plot Of Darcy And Ian (Her Intern).
  18. Nov 12, 2013
    I loved the first film and have been impressed to no end with the undertaking that Marvel Studios has taken with their shared cinematic universe. "Thor: The Dark World" is exciting, dramatic and, most of all, very funny. Once again Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston prove that they were born to play Thor and Loki and Christopher Eccleston shows that he can make it as a dark, foreboding villain in the Marvel universe as Malekith. From start to finish, I feel this sequel out-did the first movie and showed us exactly how comic book adaptations are suppose to be: Fun, action pack and full of larger than life characters. Expand
  19. Nov 9, 2013
    I was astonished by how much I enjoyed this movie. The first Thor movie was my least favorite of all the phase one "origin" movies, so I went into this expecting more of the same. I was so wrong! Between the jokes (and there were a lot of them) and the action, I was hooked throughout the entire movie. Of course there were some cheesy lines here and there, but that's expected in a Marvel movie. Thor 2 ranks as my favorite Marvel movie to date, only behind the stellar Iron Man. Expand
  20. Nov 11, 2013
    Spectacular! Marvel once again shows its power in a flawless blockbuster, has everything a good movie entertainment can introduce ourselves. The timing between actors and good script is the highlight of the film. And exploration of Asgard gave a special glow on the screen.
  21. Nov 11, 2013
    Having read some bad reviews, I wasn't expecting much. But the film surprised me; it was funny and touching and emotionally engaging, without going for the overblown melodrama that it sometimes threatened to sink into. The action here is darker Odin is crueler, Loki is angrier and more bitter, Thor too has difficulty accepting the mantle of kingship he is told to take up. The pace is a constant, only pausing to breathe when Darcy (who, despite what some said, was near-perfect) or Ian the Intern had a Moment, or for moments of comedy that made the audience in my cinema laugh aloud. Loki and Thor, however, remain the fulcrum on which the whole film rests, and they do not disappoint. Loki sidles and wheedles and bites out sarcastic remarks, and Thor counters them as naturally as the brother he would to regain spits back. Malekith was brooding and serious (couldn't miss the nose, though) enough to fall the right side of "camp superhero villain".
    I was very, very impressed.
  22. Nov 15, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I loved this movie. It's Thor!! I love The Avengers and Thor is definitely one of my favorites. I also love Iron Man.

    It starts when Loki is being put int he Asgard prison and Thor is in one of the nine realms fighting the dark elves. They are scary. Then on Earth Jane Foster finds the Aether and it goes inside her but this is what the dark elves need to destroy everything. It takes her to another place and Hemidall couldn't see her anymore so Thor got worried and went against his dad and came back to Earth to see her. He saw she was sick and took her back to Asgard to fix her. Thor's father is the king and he thinks that it was a bad idea to bring her there. The elves show up on Asgard to get the Aether back and start a big fight with all the people on Asgard. It is a bad fight and during the fight Thor loses his mother. I was very sad that his mother died. She was really nice to Jane and was a good fighter. Thor is mad and comes up with a plan to trick the elves and talks with his trusted friends. He then gets Loki out of prison. There was a funny part when Loki was walking with Thor and turned into Captain America. I liked that. Then they take Jane back to the dark elves planet. Thor and Loki get into a huge fight. I was really upset at first when Loki and Thor were fighting on the dark planet, and then Loki chopped off Thor's hand. I was mad at Loki. But then it turns out to be an illusion and then I was better. But then during the fight Loki get killed and Thor gets very mad. Thor takes Jane into a cave and Jane suddenly gets a phone call from the guy she had dinner with. Jane figures out how to get back to Earth and she and Thor go back and meet up with Dr. Erik Selvig, Darcy, the intern, and the elves that they fight. The big fight was cool and things kept disappearing and appearing. It was a huge war and Thor wins! Thor decided to give up being a king because he really loves Jane and then something happens but my mom said I'm not allowed to tell it.

    If you watch the scene carefully the guard from Asgard that is on the dark planet has a strange green glow and it means something but I'm not supposed to tell you it's about Loki. There is also a part when Thor has his shirt off and I think everyone watching liked that part. There is also more after the credits start so stay and watch those.

    My favorite characters were Thor and Loki.
  23. Nov 18, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Thor: The Dark World is a sequel that it's prequel is truly not worthy of. This movie is very entertaining, and had me on the edge of my seat the whole time! The only downside towards the movie was the attack scene on Asgard in the climax of the movie involving the Dark Elves and their spaceships. That one scene left such a bad taste in my mouth that I thought that the rest of the movie would be as bad, but it's not. This movie is one of the very few movies that can actually surprise me with it's story, and it went ahead to do so several time. There's plenty of humor, but it's appropriate for such a movie. A must-watch! Expand
  24. Nov 24, 2013
    What? There was a Thor 1 and 2? No way. What there was a Star Wars 1, 2, and a 3? Crazy world. Whatever bring on Guardians of the Galaxy. Dark world is a great addition to the tapestry that Marvel has been building with Disney money. There is that enough words?
  25. Nov 24, 2013
    Can't understand the critics. This is a very entertaining movie. Load of actions, stunning CGI effects, plot twists galore and funny moments. Can't ask for much more, except maybe Natalie Portman could act with more feelings. I thoroughly enjoyed it!
  26. Mar 8, 2014
    Another superb super-hero movie from Marvel. With plenty of action, humor, and likable characters this movie proves to be just as much of a good time as the first. With it's combination of sci-fi themes like spaceships and aliens with things like knights and sword battles, the movie comes across as some sort of combination between "Lord of the Rings" and "Star Wars" all wrapped up in super-hero movie.

    The action scenes are over-the-top and well done. The plot manages to have a more serious tone than it's predecessor, but thankfully never comes off as melodramatic or whinny like some other Marvel movies have *cough* Iron Man 2 *cough*. Overall this is a very fun and very excellent movie. One that will most assuredly please fans of Thor and of Marvel movies.
  27. Nov 11, 2013
    I'm really not sure why this is getting lower reviews. I think it builds upon what they built in the first film. Tom Hiddleston is excellent once again as Loki and Chris Hemsworth IS Thor.

    Marvel has got the math down with their movies. They're fun, light, serious at times, but never too dark like WB does with their movies. Can't wait for Avengers 2: Infinity Gauntlet!
  28. Nov 10, 2013
    Big improvement in every way over the first one but not perfect yet. The one thing I felt could definitely be improved on are the battles, I felt they were rather lackluster, especially the final battle. The soundtrack, the story, the settings, and the costumes were very impressive, and this movie is much funnier than the first one but in a good way, the humor doesn't distract from the seriousness of the situation and helps keep the audience awake. Expand
  29. Nov 11, 2013
    there's only one word for it outstanding its major improvement over thor and its on par with iron man 3
    its has the best special effects used in a marvel film even better than the avengers.
  30. Nov 23, 2013
    Another highly entertaining Marvel movie, and that is what it is all about, quality entertainment. Please ignore the stuffy critical reviews, the movies that they do like are typically a good cure for insomnia. Lots of Asgardian action, amazing special effects and some big moments for the character Thor.
  31. Dec 19, 2013
    After disappointing iron man 3 and terrible wolverine i didn't expect much from franchiser but gladly thor proved me wrong.Movie is funny and had a good story and amazing 3D effects.Acting is up to the standard and film really build the momentum to Avengers 2.They present big lie in a scientific way so its almost felt like real. kat dennings look so pretty and so funny.
  32. Feb 4, 2014
    totally unexpected really enjoyed it. Funny at times and lots of action, drags slightly near the end but certainly not enough to spoil it. Overall I was pleasantly surprised. Roll on Thor 3
  33. Nov 11, 2013
    Well I can say this. If you liked the first one, you'll like this one. The only problem I had with this film was the comic relief and the medium through which they used to employ it (i.e. Kat Dennings). Otherwise it was fun and great in IMAX.
  34. Nov 12, 2013
    entertaining and funny. great bad guys. loki creepy as always. asgardian army needs some training though lol...looked like mannequins and hapless against the invasion. decent entertainment!
  35. Jul 30, 2014
    This must be one of the greatest movies of 2013! It got everything, including humor, but most of all the awesome story, and it's much better then the previous movie!

    The beginning of Thor: The Dark World is great, and I really enjoyed the historical perspective in the opening scene, and it was in a certain sense spectacular. The film overall got a very high tempo of action, especially
    in the first part of the film, and I really love it. When it comes to the CGI and the special effects, I just think they did it so damn good, and the music is magnificent, almost as good as in The Avengers. The actors in The Dark World couldn't have been more awesome as they are, and I especially love Chris Hemsworth and Christopher Eccleston's performance as Thor and Malekith. I never got bored at any time when I watched this movie, and it was quite humorous at some places, and I really enjoyed it. Another great thing about this film is that it got so much unique things that I never have seen before, and the ending is great.

    Thor: The Dark World is a very good movie, but it's not a ten, so it got some negative aspects.
    One of the bad things is that the climax of the film could have been more entertaining and eventful, and it didn't really feel as a 10, but also that it might be to much gags in the movie, and sometimes did the story feel a bit weird. But it's still one of the movies of 2013 that you got to see, because it's a highly entertaining film that got action, science fiction and fantasy in one awesome movie!

    Thor: The Dark World gets a 9/10
  36. Nov 10, 2013
    Marvel was right. Marvel was right every time. No one knows how to make a movie with a marvel super hero like Marvel. This movie is awesome, epic and totally right. Chris Hemsworth is amazing. Tom Hiddleston is the better God ever. Natalie Portman keeps wonderful and beatiful. I would like to marry this woman. PERFECT MOVIE.
  37. Nov 15, 2013
    Big improvement over the first Thor. The action I would say was on par with the Avengers. And the gags were funnier than some of the actual comedies this year. Dialogue was pretty good and Loki was awesome as always, but Chris Hemsworth also did a great job as Thor again. Only negative was the villain, he was kinda meh.
    P.S. Whats wrong with you Metacritic? This year you seem to be
    anti-super hero movies. There are other genres other Drama you know. Expand
  38. Nov 12, 2013
    I'm not sure why the critics reviewed this poorly, maybe I'm missing the point but this movie had everything you'd come to expect from a great Marvel adventure. Great twists, "did that REALLY just happen" moments, fantastic action, humour, top notch visual effects and Asgard looks more impressive than ever. Ok, some of the acting is a little weak in parts but that's more than made up for by the rest. Expand
  39. Nov 9, 2013
    Thor 2 is much more different in every way, also improved. It seems less of a dramatic film and more of Marvel epic. An epic, by definition, should not only be action-packed, but also have many different subplots inter-weaved within the main plot of a film. Hence, this film is worth the money you spend and definitely an fun and thrilling adventure full of twists. Despite the different subplots, I would've loved more focus on Anthony Hopkins and a alternating Malakeith into a more realistic Dark Elf. Overall, a good film! Expand
  40. Nov 9, 2013
    Worth watching in theaters. Wayy better than the first Thor. Just loved it if you're a teenager or a comic book fan you'll like it). Not so sure why it scored low on the actual critics vote.
  41. Nov 10, 2013
    I would say I definitely liked this movie better than the first one. The villain was nothing special, but everything else was great. Eric Selvig and Loki were both hilarious.
  42. Nov 10, 2013
    this movie was well made, from its special effects to its acting and story. I love its ties to mythology, though not exact, does a good portrayal of them. I also am a fan of the avengers. The humor is also a good selling point, bringing witty and unexpected humor in the most dramatic times
  43. Nov 13, 2013
    Love the first film, loved the second more. Everything has improved, and I haven't a clue why anyone you give this lower than 7. High impact action and a compelling story. And its FANTASTIC to know there following there comics. Also, stay right to the end of the credits, its not funny, its for the story.
  44. Nov 17, 2013
    I went in to this movie expecting to find it as mediocre as I found the first one, but I was more than pleasantly surprised. Thor 2 turned out to be fantastic, and one of my favorite Marvel movies of the past few years. The writing in particular is wonderful, and you will be laughing out loud a lot. At first the plot appears to be fairly mundane and uninteresting (the romance between Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) is just downright boring) but as soon as Loki (Tom Hiddleston) enters the picture, it really gets interesting. Honestly, the first half in general is pretty meh aside from the comic relief of Kat Dennings as Darcy Lewis, but everything from Loki's re-entrance onwards is pure gold. I am simply in love with Loki, who provides nonstop one-liners and mind-blowing plot twists for the entirety of the second half of the film. Really, the entire final battle is one of the most legitimately enjoyable things I've seen recently, alternating rapidly between brilliant laugh-worthy moments and fast-paced, extremely well-done action sequences, all culminating in a last-minute twist I guarantee you won't see coming.
    To summarize, Thor 2 may start out slow, but has one of the strongest and most enjoyable finishes in Marvel history. I loved it, and Hiddleston's Loki is probably one of the most interesting and entertaining characters I've ever seen. Do yourself a favor and go see it. I promise you won't regret it.
  45. Nov 23, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I didnt think it was as good as Thor 1, But still, fantastic movie. They over did with the humor But it didnt ruin the film. Definitely see it if you get a chance. Expand
  46. Dec 9, 2013
    This is a very good action movie, the title is also good Thor The Dark World, the visual effect is also good as a real
    Actors and actresses in the film played very well
    costumes are also good and interesting
    in the film is not only tense adengan
    There adengan that makes people who watch it to laugh
    I think this is one of the best action films this year
  47. Dec 16, 2013
    With an Avenger cameo, Hiddleston and Hemsworth at their primes, Natalie Portman, Action and just the right amount of humor this film is probably third or second on the list of best Marvel movies!
  48. Jan 7, 2014
    If you walk into this movie for a great plot, your going for the wrong reason. If your going to this movie for fun action and great humor, your going for the right reason. This movie is everything that I wanted in Thor 1 and more. This movie is full of great action. The final fight between Malekeith and Thor is very creative and fun to watch. This movie is also hilarious! Even with a very funny Captain America cameo. Loki is probably the best character in the entire movie. I loved Loki in Thor 1 and especially in The Avengers. One thing that I don't like about the movie is the plot twist at the end, it felt kinda rushed. But overall this is an awesome movie that I would recommend to people who want to have a lot of fun in the theater. Expand
  49. Mar 29, 2014
    Thor: The Dark World was a great film. I loved it's action, I loved it's humor, I especially liked the idea that it kind of took a dark route that we really didn't see that much before in previous films in Marvel's Cinematic Universe. I wouldn't say I like this movie more or less than the first Thor, they both have good elements used in it and I would recommend both. However keep in mind that this film doesn't do anything you haven't seen before, it has a lot of themes in it that I would probably say seems kind of familiar; but the film uses those themes very well. Expand
  50. Apr 19, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Thor 2 is the best Marvel movie ever.The battle scenes and sceneries are terriffic.Alan Taylor has made a Norse myhthology-super hero film which is so good that i want to see it more and more.The costumes are good as well.Thor's Mjollnir has improved from the one in Thor 1.It makes Thor looks more powerful with thenew hammer.Thor and Odin's father-and-son relationship is reversed from the previous movie,which made the film more thrilling.Of course,those above are just my own opinions,you can be fond of the movie or not,i cannot force you anyway. Expand

Mixed or average reviews - based on 44 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 22 out of 44
  2. Negative: 3 out of 44
  1. Reviewed by: James Berardinelli
    Nov 8, 2013
    The movie is pretty to look at in a "Transformers" sort of way and moves briskly enough that it never threatens to bore, but it's hard to feel much of anything about the characters and, when it's all over, there's a sense that everything that happens is obligatory.
  2. Reviewed by: Peter Rainer
    Nov 8, 2013
    My favorite moment in the movie: Astrophysicist Erik Selvig (Stellan Skarsgard) insisting on wearing only his underwear because he says he thinks better that way. Hey, whatever works.
  3. Reviewed by: Mike Scott
    Nov 8, 2013
    None of that is to say that Thor: The Dark World is a bad movie, necessarily. I would never speak ill of a man with a giant, magical hammer. At the same time, hammer or no hammer, it doesn't quite nail it, either.