Palm Pictures | Release Date: June 25, 2004
Summary: An apocalyptic calamity has left the people of Europe struggling to survive amidst drastic shortages of food and water. A couple decides to flee the city to their country house with what meager supplies they can find in hopes of protecting their children. To their surprise and horror they find the house already occupied by another equally desperate family. The ensuing confrontation forever changes their -- setting them adrift in a chaotic, often indifferent world in which their survival hinges on the strained compassion of those they encounter. (Palm Pictures)


Runtime: 114 min
Production: Canal+
Genres: Drama
Countries: Germany, France, Austria
Language: French
Home Release Date: Dec 14, 2004
Director Credit
Michael Haneke Director
Writer Credit
Michael Haneke Writer
Principal Cast Credit
Anaïs Demoustier Eva
Béatrice Dalle Lise Brandt
Hakim Taleb Young Runaway
Isabelle Huppert Anne Laurent
Patrice Chéreau Thomas Brandt
Cast Credit
Branko Samarovski Policeman
Brigitte Roüan Béa
Daniel Duval Georges Laurent
Florence Loiret Caille Nathalie Azoulay
Lucas Biscombe Ben
Marilyne Even Mme Azoulay
Maurice Bénichou M. Azoulay
Olivier Gourmet Koslowski
Rona Hartner Arina
Serge Riaboukine The Leader
Producer Credit
Margaret Ménégoz Producer
Michael Katz Executive Producer
Michael Weber Co-Producer
Veit Heiduschka Producer