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  1. Jun 9, 2013
    I remember watching this movie on VHS when it first came out and my sisters and I watched it twice in the first day we owned. A must see romance movie and suprisingly rather good.
  2. May 30, 2013
    This movie is one of those movies that when you look at it do not you forget it and will always remember him as one of the best movie you've ever seen the film as everyone knows speaks of the sinking of the Titanic, but James Cameron tries to make the lighter moment by telling the love story between Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio), an artist who lodges in the third class, and Rose (Kate Winslet), a seventeen year old girl from middle class family with a mother who has already planned a life and his wealthy fiancé Caledon "Cal" Hackley (Billy Zane). This film I've seen it many times and every time I feel an incredible feeling, it is precisely for this reason that Titanic is a masterpiece, because as many films do not ever get tired of seeing him always and every time you feel the same emotion as if it were the first time personally I can not even find a flaw in the film, I think the points that make a moving film Titanic and that leaves its mark are: the soundtrack by James Horner, the song My Heart Will Go On Celine Dion, dazzling special effects photography Russell Carpenter and the incredible interpretation of Kate Winslet. Unfortunately, the Cinema today has had many changes compared to what it once was, most of the movies they make today are trash films, Cinema today's needs instead of movies like Titanic, one of a kind and that will leave a mark in the heart and mind. Winner of 11 Academy Awards in 1998 (all deserved): Best Film, Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Production Design, Best Special Effects, Best Original Score, Best Song, Best Editing, Best Sound, Best Sound Editing and Best Costume Design, I conclude saying that Titanic is a masterpiece and is one of the best films ever made. Expand
  3. May 13, 2013
    My personally favorite movie, James Cameron proves he doesn't just create badass films with Robots. He went for a more romantic take this time and he succeeded. Titanic is probably one of the only movies who will make the people weep and give us characters we will actually care about. Although lengthy, the character development was wonderfully paced so it really feels alot shorter, well for me at least. It is a must see for everyone, even though romantic dramas aren't for everyone. Expand
  4. May 13, 2013
    Ok, so the sequences where the ship was sinking could be very impressive, but the story is such pure 100% chick-flick sap, and the dialogue so corny, that no amount of grandeur, amazing visual effects, or Cameron's A game direction can save it. Why such a cheezy screenplay James? It's watchable and better than most chick flicks, but that really isn't saying much. I'm flying? I'm flying? What the crap were you thinking when you wrote that part? Let's put this girl on some acid? Expand
  5. May 13, 2013
    The story of the Titanic is well known and so the backing plot will not come as a surprise. However the Writers thought that they had to MAKE a story to make the film. This consisted in a Terrible Love story, Weak characters and a stupid run time. The performances, cinematography and special effects were good. But the character development was rubbish and I really did not get emotional involved with anyone. There was no real suspense which I know can be done in a film like this if the characters get under your skin. I would have prefered to stay more with the people who were left to die rather than see the film through the eyes of the Gentry aboard the HMS Titanic. The scene with Rose and Jack and the painting... What was the point? did we need to have it other than just to make it news worthy. I cannot believe that this film grossed as much as it did. People went Back to see it. Was there something they missed? Maybe they went back to search for a plot but that went down with the ship. Expand
  6. May 6, 2013
    With the main plot predictable, bland full of laburios, the only thing really worth this film and Part 2, reporting accuracy and compliance with the anguish of all passengers on board, made ​​superbly by J.Cameron.
  7. May 5, 2013
    Every year I have to watch Titanic, because it is just one of my favorite movies of all time, it just gets better, so realistic and the acting is heartbreaking and touching, amazing, and a really good romance that doesn't bore you to death, I really like it and I wonder how could a Directer do such a movie with not that technology at that time, and when it was re-released, I was the first to watch it and it was epic, epic if 3D,2D,1D, 0D, it is the TITANIC. Expand
  8. Apr 23, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Titanic: an epic masterpiece of cinema to say the least. Not to mention THE MOVIE people love to hate, because for whatever reason pretentious people can't stand the idea that the greatest film can also be the most popular. Titanic is my favorite movie of all time, and in my modest opinion the best movie ever made. The acting regardless of what people say is brilliant. Leo and Kate have excellent chemistry and were both perfect choices for their roles. Billy Zane plays a perfect high class villain. And, who could forget the tender and touching performance of the late Gloria Stuart. The movie is historically accurate to the last detail (up to that point) and if you disagree, you don't know the titanic yourself. James Cameron had the top titanic historians on set at all times, as well as early 20th century etiquette experts training 150 permanent extras on behavior and mannerisms. Not to mention the brilliant set pieces and cinematography! The full sized set of the ship was the icing, and not a dollar of his record breaking budget was misspent. From the eerie opening dive scene, to the sunny days at sea meeting the characters, to the captivating and dramatic sinking scene, and of course the famous ending kiss atop the grand staircase, titanic is an experience. An experience of love, greed, class separation, dreams, loss, and closure: things that the audience can still relate to 100 years after the origina of the film. You aren't human if you didn't shed a tear at this film, because like it or not it's hear wrenching. All in all, this film is beautiful. Despite what you may think, it won 11 Oscars for a reason, and is a must see for film for people of all ages (after all, it's been my favorite film since I was 3). Expand
  9. Apr 2, 2013
    Titanic is considered the best movie of the all time. i see why they have a great titanic, actors, director and a biutiful history of the most biutiful transatlantic ha ever see the world.
  10. Mar 24, 2013
    A heart throbbing movie with enchanting music and amazing effects. The storyline was near perfect and was tear-jerking for many of its viewers. James Cameron rarely disappoints his audience.
  11. Mar 22, 2013
    Oh, James you made this then made the terrible Avatar, why. Titanic was great story, great acting, great music. I like the idea of a first class girl falling for a no class guy or low class guy. Its like the dream that fan girls have with getting Chris Brown, Nick Jonas, Trey Songz. and guys have with getting Vanessa Hudgens (ME), Beyonce, or Alicia Keys. The only real problem I and probably everyone else has for this movie is the length dammit James. I'm not gonna sit in the theater for 4hours. After I saw Avatar I was not gonna sit in the theater for it or Titanic again. Unesecarrly long films. Other then that its a good film. Yes with this really good review I give it a 7. Don't know why. Expand
  12. Mar 15, 2013
    What an amazingly crafted and directed movie. The ship sinking in the last hour of it was very intense and very real. You can tell that Cameron really did his research and was very committed to making a masterpiece of a movie. The cast was also perfect. There wasn't anyone who didn't do an insanely good and believable performance.
  13. Mar 12, 2013
    The movie is made so well that you actually experience the Titanic tragedy. Everything about this movie is perfect, it''s just impossible to give this masterpiece something anything but 10.
  14. Feb 10, 2013
    A silly unrealistic and inaccurate sappy love story. I never really have understood why it is so critically acclaimed. Luckily critics and people have seen this fact to (with it's scores that dropped on rotten tomatoes after it was re-released in 3D). A lot of people say that this film features a "classic" love story but there's nothing "classic" about it. Star-crossed lovers that couldn't ever be together due to society and a tragic ending resulting the death of one of them. Sound a bit familiar? it should. No, not every aspect of Titanic is horrible. It's visually amazing for one but that's its sole redeeming quality for me. I'm sorry but this did NOT deserve best picture. Expand
  15. Feb 9, 2013
    The visuals are absolutely stunning, it could pass as raw footage of the cruiser sinking itself. But before all of the thrills and excitement, you're forced to deal with the lousy chemistry between the romantic protagonists.
  16. Jan 30, 2013
    This is one of those movies you either love or hate, well, most of the time. I don't love it, but I will say I liked it. As a typical love story it works, and the effects (at the time) were phenomenal. Leo became the pretty boy every straight guy hates with a passion (because he makes the rest of us look bad.) Plus a song that will stick in your head until the end of time (I bet you're thinking of it right now.) Seriously, I thought this movie achieved what it was intended to be: A tragic love story on the Titanic. It was funny when it was suppose to be funny, sappy when it was meant to be sappy. Sad when .... well you get the idea.Overall: A movie that well deserved the acclaim it got and will always be a classic, While I do have few minor issues with the movie, i generally enjoyed it. Expand
  17. Jan 8, 2013
    The 1912 boat conspiracy turns into a excellent movie called, well you guessed it "Titanic"! Titanic is a tragic tale about a rich lady and a young man who fall in love. Even though i was expecting it to be a disaster film like James Cameron usually dos this movie catches your heart like a beautiful song when the lady went on the tip of the Titanic. The only problem that made me -2 points was the fact that James Cameron lost most of the important bits like when the Titanic's splits into half. Expand
  18. Dec 22, 2012
    A true cinematic masterpiece
  19. Dec 20, 2012
    I love to hate this movie. I hate to love this movie. Titanic, is without question, long and doesn't get interesting until about 90 minutes into the movie. As much as i hate the song "My heart will go on" and on...and on...This didn't deserve best picture. It is by far not a classic. Still, this is a groundbreaking movie and should be crowned as a glorious movie, by all means, yes. I know why people hate it as well as love it. I go back and forth between loving and hating it with a passion. No idea why. The effects are just...un-freakin-believably good. I felt as if I was there. The lines are often cheesy, do have to remember, you can't just have a movie about Titanic that spands 3 hours. That is why it is a love story. I'm not one for romance anyways. So, I understand if you think it's the greatest movie ever. I also understand if you think it's the worst. In some ways, I would love to give this movie a 3 a be done with it. But, I'm forgetting, that there is something special to this movie. Kate Winslet is great. I didn't like Leo Dicaprio, but again, the whole Jack character annoyed the hell out of me. Cameron, please DO NOT write movies. Expand
  20. Dec 7, 2012
    Unbelievable movie. I think everybody should go back to when he first watched this movie and no judge after watching it several times . Great love story that cannot be repeated in any other movie!
  21. Dec 5, 2012
    I Love This Movie. Romantic and wonderful, and I think this is one of the best of the history. Ok I remeber that I've seen betters movies than it but this movie smash !
  22. Dec 4, 2012
    It's just perfect. From the top to the end, I loved not only the heart-breaking final but every single moment of Jack and Rose's blossoming yet short-lived love story. My all-time favorite movie.
  23. Oct 18, 2012
    The best movie I saw in my whole life.Leonardo DiCaprio,Kate Winslet,Billy Zane,etc.James Cameron also it's a great director.The suicide scene of one of the crew was awesome.The screenplay too.I wait to see Avatar in 3-D.
  24. Oct 15, 2012
    Titanic offers one of the very best Blu-Ray releases available today. I have no qualms giving this set highest marks James Cameron is a genius While Titanic can't touch Cameron's true classics, The Terminator and Aliens.
  25. Oct 3, 2012
    To admit this is the first time I have watched TITANIC from A to Z might hinder my credibility as a serious film critic (as least a self-acclaimed title), I have had several sketchy viewings during all these years but never conquered it entirely, then all of sudden it occurred to me a few days ago this is the biggest loophole in my filmography which I should mend ASAP, so after the lengthy 3 hour saga, now I could feel calmer in facing the numerous household names still stuck in my to-be-watched list and meanwhile other potential newcomers have never stopped emerging.

    To be honest with oneself, no one could deny TITANIC is a monumental masterpiece, the visual stunts are so compelling and marvel me in its verisimilitude of reconstructing such a monolith setting (what
  26. Aug 25, 2012
    Long sometimes and the character of Hockley is just a stereotypical bad guy, but that were already all the bad things about this movie. A masterpiece, that mixes a wonderful love story with fantastic special effects! Deserved all of the won Oscars!
  27. Aug 3, 2012
    What a romantic and sad but bombastic peace of drama this movie is. Sometimes it just all comes together and you are taken away ti a different world by a movie and this is a perfect example of that. Di caprio's best movie for me. He's so perfectly made for the part of young guy who feels true love for the first time and the drama that splashes it all away in the end. The finale of the movie shows us the most sad image ever shown BY FAR (of 2 old people holding on 2 each other coz they lose the fight with he water first))is just emotional perfection. Awesome peace of history-telling. SEE IT! Expand
  28. Aug 2, 2012
    The first half of this movie: boring. The second half of this movie actually defines the movie with amazing drama and special effects. Although this is one of the most popular movies of all time, some people cried with the main theme song that felt so emotional.
  29. Jul 18, 2012
    Titanic is romantic, beautiful, and sad. This is my favorite movie of all time, and totally deserved the best picture award it won. This and Inception is the reason Leonardo DiCaprio is one of my favorite actors. And This is why Kate Winslet's one of my favorite actresses

Generally favorable reviews - based on 34 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 25 out of 34
  2. Negative: 3 out of 34
  1. 100
    You don't just watch Titanic, you experience it.
  2. No amount of excellent period costuming and brilliant set decoration can substitute for a good story and decent acting.
  3. The first half drags a bit, but the adventure scenes are exciting and the visual effects are as dazzling as Hollywood's most advanced technology can make them. Focusing as much on time and memory as on danger and disaster, it's an epic with a heart.