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Generally favorable reviews- based on 563 Ratings

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  1. Negative: 61 out of 563

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  1. Oct 6, 2010
    After all these years, I regret contributing to Titanic's box office. Horrible story and characters. And is it just me, or does James Cameron just has to have sex in (almost) all of his movies? I think this movie deserves a 0, but I'm giving it a passing grade of 6 only becuase of: 1. 90s nostolgia 2. Great acting by Billy Zane, the only good actor in the movie 3. I admit, I love the song sung by Celine Dion Expand
  2. Oct 4, 2010
    A tragic love story featuring superb acting, plenty of drama, suspense and, of course, the famous musical score. This film thoroughly deserves its 11 Oscars and is a remarkable achievement by James Cameron, who has managed to create one of the saddest and most epic love stories of all time.
  3. Sep 11, 2010
    I can't tell bad things with this movie, it's very expensive movie... a thriller, a perfect... I wonder why others still don't like this movie... I like this a lot that AVATAR, it's perfect, it's excellent...

Generally favorable reviews - based on 34 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 25 out of 34
  2. Negative: 3 out of 34
  1. 100
    You don't just watch Titanic, you experience it.
  2. No amount of excellent period costuming and brilliant set decoration can substitute for a good story and decent acting.
  3. The first half drags a bit, but the adventure scenes are exciting and the visual effects are as dazzling as Hollywood's most advanced technology can make them. Focusing as much on time and memory as on danger and disaster, it's an epic with a heart.