Tom Dowd & the Language of Music

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  • Summary: This documentary profiles the life and work of a man whose personal history reflects the evolution of modern music and recording technology: legendary producer/recording engineer Tom Dowd.


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  1. 100
    Music fans of every stripe should kill to see this film, one of the very best music documentaries in recent years.
  2. It makes a convincing argument that Dowd's personal history is a kind of history of the 20th century itself, encompassing the era's art, science, commerce and politics.
  3. Reviewed by: David Rooney
    Dowd's graciousness and enthusiasm, and the enormous respect afforded him by industryites on record here, make this a thorough and satisfying acknowledgement of one man's unique contribution to popular music.
  4. 80
    Moormann deserves credit, not only for choosing a wonderful and deserving subject for a film, but for doing him proud.
  5. The man who emerges is a likable, unpretentious musical enthusiast and roll-up-your-sleeves problem-solver who apparently led a charmed life.
  6. 75
    Sometimes it gets into arcane talk of equipment that makes more sense for a Berklee College of Music engineering class than for a mass-market movie -- but as a probing look at a really nice-guy genius in the studio world, it succeeds admirably.
  7. Moormann's reverential documentary, seven years in the making, is most successful as a self-narrated autobiography. It fails, however, to deliver a balanced portrait of the man's life and work.

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