Drag City | Release Date: May 7, 2010
Summary: Harmony Korine’s lastest film -- Trash Humpers -- follows a gang of old-faced degenerates, wandering through the streets of a suburbia, f---king shit and f---ing shit up. Korine conjures this perverse artifact with an abrasiveness that only shooting on VHS tape can convey, with tracking issues, drop-outs and boxy, in-camera microphones crushing the sonic climate. In fact, Trash Humpers is a film that destroys the structure and content of anything conventional, which should be enough to satisfy you b**tards. Hopefully, it will stain your mind with its crude images and happy creeps, or at least haunt you with their maniacal hoot and cackle. (Drag City)
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Runtime: 78 min
Production: O' Salvation
Genres: Horror
Countries: USA, UK
Language: English