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  • Summary: Harmony Korine’s lastest film -- Trash Humpers -- follows a gang of old-faced degenerates, wandering through the streets of a suburbia, f---king shit and f---ing shit up. Korine conjures this perverse artifact with an abrasiveness that only shooting on VHS tape can convey, with tracking issues, drop-outs and boxy, in-camera microphones crushing the sonic climate. In fact, Trash Humpers is a film that destroys the structure and content of anything conventional, which should be enough to satisfy you b**tards. Hopefully, it will stain your mind with its crude images and happy creeps, or at least haunt you with their maniacal hoot and cackle. (Drag City) Collapse
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  1. Reviewed by: Robert Abele
    While the results were probably never designed to win over his detractors, Trash Humpers is almost a perverted love letter to fans of his brand of unstable, fringe-y terror.
  2. 55
    Defiantly unwatchable if occasionally transfixing, the film is essentially the home movies of three marauding burnouts.
  3. 50
    Trash Humpers projects a cranky resignation to the world as it is; still, it's picturesque.
  4. Idolized in some quarters and reviled in others, Mr. Korine, now 37, may be a bit long in the tooth for the enfant terrible act.
  5. Reviewed by: Philip Wilding
    A often grim vaudeville parade of Nashville's oddballs and ne'er-do-wells.
  6. 40
    If this is what passes for contemporary art terrorism, we’ll opt instead for something truly subversive--like genuine art
  7. 0
    A mind-numbing piece of would-be provocation from the button-pushing Harmony Korine, Trash Humpers gets no stars from me -- not because it's offensive and disgusting like his earlier "Gummo" and "Julien Donkey-Boy," but because it's about as enervating a way to waste 78 minutes as I've ever experienced.

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  1. Nov 24, 2013
    Love it like delsym,very trippy I thrive off this "fake" art. It's a perfect film, why not watch it? I There is elderly degenerates running through the streets at night taking trash as victims. Most films bore me, im just a fan of horrible movies. Expand
  2. HarsH
    May 17, 2010
    I did not choose to live in a world in which Trash Humpers metascores 51 points lower than Avatar... but there it is.