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  • Summary: Trixie (Watson), a security guard, advances from a dangerous job to cushy plainclothes duty at an upscale casino. Her perilous involvement with a well-connected patron puts her on track to her dream of becoming a private eye.
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  1. In a summer of cardboard figures in splashy spectacles, that makes for a refreshing change, an intriguing, entertaining and altogether sweetly mystifying misfire. In other words, another quintessentially Alan Rudolph picture.
  2. Reviewed by: Jay Carr
    There are so many wonderful moments in Trixie and so few films like it that you wish Rudolph had given it a few more rewrites.
  3. 50
    This is not the sort of movie you make it your business to see in a theater. But if you're ever surfing cable TV and come across it, you'll linger.
  4. Torturously whimsical gumshoe caper.
  5. The acting is solid and the heroine's quirky dialogue is amusing for a while. But repetitious writing and a weakly constructed story turn the promising premise into a disappointing mishmash of crime, politics, and show business.
  6. Although the hallmarks of Rudolph movies can be found everywhere -- they don't add up to the usual magic this time.
  7. The whole movie is like that: cute, dead and endless.

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