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  1. Dec 17, 2010
    An absolutely marvelous film with breathtaking visuals and beautiful art direction. So much of the spirit of the original film is in this one with references for the fans of the first movie to smile with pride for understanding. My only complaints are: there is no Bit (loved Bit in the original) and the vintage lightcycle is a great sight and it's built up, but it gets next to no worthwhile screen time. Regardless of those complaints, it's a fantastic movie with plenty of geek fanfare and love for the fans of the original. The acting is strong, the writing sharp, and the soundtrack is undeniably awesome. I cannot recommend this film highly enough. Go see it! End of Line. Expand
  2. Dec 17, 2010
    Weak. Weak story. Weak 3D. Light cycles were pretty cool. Olivia Wilde was hot. Fight scenes were so so. Seeing it once was quite enough. I loved the original. This should have been so much more.
  3. Dec 17, 2010
    Despite some negative critic reviews, this film remarkable. To see it in IMAX format was breathtaking. The visuals are amazing. I felt immersed in the Gaming Grid. The musical cues are spot on and Daft Punk creates the atmosphere like no other. I'm certainly looking forward to the next 2 movies.
  4. Dec 19, 2010
    So um... this is tron. and daft punk created the whole soundtrack... with that information its got a 10 already. Its the most visually pleasing movie ive ever seen and its all backed up with a daft punk original soundtrack!!!!! now the story isnt all that great, but it isnt bad. If you have no idea what tron actually is that will take away abit from the movie. BUT if u like old videogames, if you like eye candy, if u like daft punk... GO SEE THIS MOVIE Expand
  5. Dec 17, 2010
    It's an incredibly cool visual spectacle - that's beyond debate. Could much more have been done with the story? Sure. Did I expect an Oscar-worthy screenplay? Nope. It's fun, there's much more of "The Dude" in Jeff Bridges' character than I expected (which generated a ton of laughs in my theater), and I'm actually looking forward to a second film. So did it meet my very modest expectations? Yes. Expand
  6. Dec 17, 2010
    I LOVED this movie. I had to see it twice on opening day, in 2D and 3D. I can't for the life of me understand all the hate for this film? Did you see the original or did you simply catch the highlight reel? There is a story being told here, a very well told one. The only drawbacks to the movie are some 3D scenes aren't up to snuff and CLU in his representation isn't quite there, but still effective for the character. On the same hand, some of the 3D effects are simply breathtaking! The opening sequence and lead up to the final sequence were amazingly well done. The story was clear and well told, filled with interesting and lovable characters (I dare you to not fall in love with Olivia Wilde). This film is a sight to behold and is a treat for the ears. See the original Tron first, as you should with any sequel. Easily one of the best movies to come out this year. Expand
  7. Dec 17, 2010
    Ignore the critics as clearly they don't know what they are talking about. TRON: Legacy isn't just spectacular effects and a fantastic thrill ride full of character and not a weak link to be found in the cast.
    Unless you hate sci-fi you should go see this film.
  8. Dec 17, 2010
    I totally loved this movie. A great follow on from the classic film. The visuals are great, the sound is stunning with the music not being a separate layer - rather a integral part of the narrative. How this film has such a low rating is criminal. It really shows how far the "film critic" class is away from what real people love and want to see. If you want a fun, thrilling, great family movie this Christmas i would say it's gonna be perfect for you. Just don't expect it to be full of loads of Freudian rubbish and metaphorical bull. ;) Expand
  9. jz3
    Dec 17, 2010
    After reading all of the negative reviews, I was surprised to find the movie to be AWESOME. It stays true to the original, while introducing enough new elements to, well, make it new.
  10. Dec 17, 2010
    Amazing visuals, sound, and acting, and the plot ain't too bad either. I have never seen a movie that has had reviews that are so far off the truth about the movie. Tron will have you immersed in beautiful visuals and beautiful sound (thank you Daft Punk) and the plot easily outclasses other sci-fi blockbusters (*cough*Avatar*cough*).

    See this movie.
  11. May 5, 2011
    This film has been unfairly panned by critics. its only flaw is cramming enough visuals dialog and story elements for two full length films into one. If you can forgive the hurried pace of many scenes then you will find a rare gem in Tron Legacy. The acting and direction outshine the Star Wars prequels so brightly its like comparing coal to a precious gemstone. The score and accompanying soundtrack are subperb, alone making the DVD or Blu-Ray purchase worthwhile. Expand
  12. Dec 17, 2010
    Critics really are full of s*** sometimes. What a brilliant film this is! Fantastic visuals, great cast (I especially loved Olivia Wilde in this movie; her very innocent, good natured character was really cute and charming; and she was a truely awesome warrior in battle), amazing score. It was entertaining and epic; and isn't that what a movie is supposed to do? It also felt like a real tribute to the original Tron movie. Yes, the light cycles and suits were different, but it's the year 2010 now people. The 3D element was done to perfection, I especially liked how the movie starts in 2D in the real world and then shifts to 3D when Sam enters "The Grid", very clever. I enjoyed this movie so much I went to see it again today after seeing the midnight showing last night. It's a must see. Expand
  13. Dec 18, 2010
    I can only say that if you want to see a movie with stunning visuals, a presentation of a new and fantastic world, a good cast and a decent story, I say go for it, but if you're the guy that sees a movie solely for moral messages, complex character development and a deep undertaking in the human mind, this isn't really a movie for you.

    I enjoyed it greatly, and if you're just as geeky as
    I am about computers and worlds beyond the bonds of our own physics, you will too, I guarantee that.

    For a longer and more thorough review, visit my blog at: darthsatoris blogspot com
  14. Dec 17, 2010
    The critics can't seem to make up their minds with what they wanted this movie to be. I've seen complaints that it wasn't light-hearted enough just as often as I've seen people suggesting it could have dealt more with the complex problems of digital culture today.
    I don't think Legacy is trying to be either of those things. I think it's some really high-end fan service for the people who
    loved the original, and a really beautiful 3D experience for newbies with an interest in technology.
    Sure they didn't exploit everything they could have with the advancements in computing since 1982, but I think that would have been distracting and made the movie much too heavy. Sure, there's room for an epic story told like what critics wanted Tron to be, but that's not what I wanted and that's not really what was advertised.
    We got what we were promised. High tech, sexy, 3-D action with some likable characters, pretty women, and an awesome soundtrack.

    No, it's not the best movie of all time, but it's a good one, and a damn fun ride. I gave it a ten on here to try and even things out, because it deserves more than the 51/100 the critics gave. It's at least a solid 80.
  15. Dec 17, 2010
    Is this what we've become? Applauding a less than mediocre attempt to jumpstart our childhoods? Sorry, this is just a bad movie. Sure, it winks at the original. Sure, the dude is cool. Sure, it's very very pretty to look at. But, what do you walk away with? What motivation is there for more? As bit would say: Nonononononono! Bad script. Boring for about 85%. I walked out sad. The light cycle match was beautiful. Stay for that, then just go. The critics are right.......and I hate critics. Expand
  16. Mar 25, 2011
    Visually fantastic, with amazing music and great action scenes, but the plot is uninspired and the story feels very much like a cop-out. Good popcorn flick, but no one will remember it 20 years from now
  17. Dec 18, 2010
    "Words Can't Describe , the intensity , the Graphics , the Tron!. Tron Legacy is one 3D spectacle that dares to be reckoned with , its truly amicable , from the moment you enter the grid till you leave .. Tron Legacy will have you wanting more" .. A
  18. Dec 18, 2010
    The critics can s*ck it. The movie was great. Great visual effects, good story and acting. Amazing score. It was definitely better than Avatar.
  19. Dec 17, 2010
    I saw this at midnight showing last night and I was blown away. I was worried that it was going to suck but I kept my expectations in check and I was not dissapointed at all. It really was a good story. Its deeper than these crtics realize i guess because they were too distracted by the amazing visuals. If you like a good action movie with a good story and an amazing soundtrack you should see this. Also there is no other way to see this movie but in IMAX. Please don't see it any other way. Can't wait to get it on bluray. Expand
  20. Dec 19, 2010
    Come on! What are you guys talking about... the movie was great. It's TRON. The goal of movies like this is to be epic, beautiful, and other worldly - The complexity is in the visuals, the story is there to move you through them. Any special effects fan will love this film!
  21. Dec 18, 2010
    First of all, movies are meant to be enjoyed, not dissected and picked apart like some puzzle or algorithm. Tron Legacy is a Family friendly movie with keen aesthetics and balance. This story had a simple premise comprised of multiple intellectual thoughts. As this Film is clean and neat with the thought of the "what if" scenario that tries to answer as much as it can while posing more to be questioned all amidst the impending fate. As far as technology goes, what else can we expect to see other than what we know in a more polished state with the aesthetic depth and crisp 3D? This movie is easy to see, great to enjoy at various levels and with a good musical backdrop and follow through. My wife who is not as technologically inclined enjoyed the movie and loved the music. You don't have to be a Nerd, Psychologist, Scientist, Hacker, or any other stereotype to enjoy this great film, that we the viewers did not have a hand in making, so by all means if anyone can do better... all said and done we were left satisfied and understood the many levels of intellect of the feature film. For those that liked the first, will no doubt enjoy this re-envisioned remake sequel that does exactly what it is supposed to in an adventure. spoilers..... spoilers

    For those that doubted the resolutions and postulated questions, it is all right in front of you. Flynn after seeing the iso's form their self consciousness is taken back to the realm of possibilities from this self born AI thus leaving Clu to form feelings of jealousy, since he was bred from Flynn's own self. Then when the cu is formed Flynn is thus seen as unfit and imperfect since he went back on a perceived promise made and then Clu fights for his own perceived place on the grid by genocide on the iso's. When flynn sees that he is far from the portal and removes himself from the grid and by his own right creates a sanctuary where he finds quorra, the last surviving iso and takes her in and fills her with the knowledge he had transported over time from earth all while seeing that in his attempts to fight back at clu he only created more artifacts, which after being destroyed and re-purposed, were used by clu to continue taking control over the grid. Thus this is why Flynn went into hiding and stopped creating from within. This leads clu to his course of actions on him not being satisfied with controlling the grid and watching the programs fight to death (derezolution), but leaving him wanting to get out and populate beyond the confines of the grid. Clu dissatisfied attempts to recontact those who created both the MCP and the Grid to see if he can get a way to change the game, and then the main action of the story continues. so with that said and done, talk about religion and faith, and selflessness and why the grid did not grow more. to answer that, there was only one who could create and that was Flynn. More intent on getting the key disk now are we? Go enjoy the movie, no need to dissect.
  22. Sep 30, 2011
    "TRON: Legacy" is certainly better than its corny prequel "TRON", but still its level of depth is shallow.
  23. Dec 18, 2010
    While not perfect this movie was incredibly enjoyable and worth the money to see in theaters. The visual style of the film is by far the best part with stunning shots of a cyber world and an outstanding style that made the first one so loved. The musical score really does a great job emphasizing the mood and pace of the movie and is as important as the acting. As for the story I personally really enjoyed it and thought the cheese was minimum. I especially liked that it wasn't your classic "son is mad at dad" story, it takes a different approach that really shows how most father-son relationships are. Overall if you like sci-fi, creative visual style, or just love Daft Punk I would highly recommend this movie. Expand
  24. Dec 19, 2010
    This movie is amazing. Don't listen to the critics. Critics ruin all good movies out there with their know-it-all, snobby attitudes and biased bad reviews. It is in the spirit of the original film and isn't watered down.
  25. Dec 17, 2010
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Try to look up Tron and you get Legacy on the net. And what was the girl's name in the first film? A Michelle P knock off...Olivia Wilde is hot but so what? It's basically the film redone, but, again, who cares? Good effects don't make a film. Yeah, in this case, the first film was better. Better villain, etc. Too bad. Glad I spent no more than 7 dollars U.S. on it. Didn't waste my time with 3D or IMAX either. Best lines are throw-away. Some times life is more than just wants and needs...but life seldom goes beyond that. Libations for every one...because I can't stand the fact I'm sober and having had 2 plus hours wasted afternoon. Expand
  26. Dec 18, 2010
    Tron Legacy may not have had the deepest plot, but it was a good movie. People forget that they go to the films to have fun and escape. The stylized effects mixed with Daft Punk's musical score was excellent. I enjoyed this movie and plan to buy it on release. Don't listen to the critics, they forget what movies are about.
  27. Dec 19, 2010
    Tron: Legacy is a great film that entertains with a good story, nice acting, excellent music and sounds, and with a visual style that keeps your eyes glued to the screen. Overall this is a film full of Sci-Fi entertainment that would have expected since this film's first rumor.

    This film is a interesting cross between the original Tron and the Matrix and the similarities are hard to miss.
    The blend is great. While maintaining that "Tron" atmosphere the addition of the "Matrix"-type world of characters and locations added a nice change of pace from the traditional in-a-data system-feel. It would have been great to see this explored further but where it settled with the plot of the story was fitting and comfortable. The Visuals and Audio was truly amazing. The classic tones of the Tron world enhanced with the Techno beats of Daft Punk was a perfect match with style.

    The movie itself was strong with Jeff Bridges at the lead. The Computer animated Jeff Bridges needed to go through several more rounds of work but it was a decent attempt that could have just been avoided altogether. Nothing would've been wrong with a human antagonist. Most of the scenes did not look right but at least you could tell where the filmakers were going and that was enough to forgive.

    The story was very traditional and could have easily been more epic but I gather it will be more for the planned Trilogy rather than during the reintroduction of the franchise in 20 years. Start strong and grow big.
  28. Dec 19, 2010
    The characters and plot are cliche and the writing certainly is not the best. The acting is decent with the standout being Jeff Bridges who as usual is the man. This would all make for a mediocre movie if it weren't for the amazing world and visuals created by special effects. The great music by Daft Punk certainly doesn't hurt either. Tron Legacy's world is creative beautiful and must be seen by everyone. I couldn't look away for a single second and although the writing and acting weren't the greatest it is good enough for you to care about the characters enough to warrant your attention. I recommend this movie to almost anyone and you don't need to see the first one to know whats going on if that is scaring you. Expand
  29. Dec 19, 2010
    visuals were a billion times better than avatar and the soundtrack was unbelievable. exceeded my expectations in every way. critics are dumb, olivia wilde is a fricken babe, this movie was the best this year.
  30. Sio
    Dec 17, 2010
    Once again, "professional" critics are off the mark. WAY off! This movie was very entertaining and the music was perfect for it. It was beautiful, in fact. One critic said they "forgot to tell a story"...I say he forgot to pay attention. Another said the music "lacked rhythm" that I say TRON wasn't a dance party, it was a life-or-death struggle. The music reflected danger, fear, and the ultimate victory that the movie was all about. Users have spoken: this was a great film and it deserves recognition. Expand
  31. Dec 17, 2010
    Having seen the previous film only a few minutes before sitting down in the theater to see Tron Legacy, there were a number of areas in the newer film that clearly stood out as similarities to the original film. In fact, there are so many similarities to the original film in pacing and storytelling, that Legacy actually manages to feel like a curious hybrid of sequel and remake.

    There's a
    touch more "Real World" setup in the beginning than the original film, a slightly-too-long solar sail segment leading up to the final act, and Tron is almost as scarce in this film as his appearances were in the original. But, with all those similarities the film does tend to leave the viewer with a higher awareness of the mythology behind the Grid and its inhabitants. Technically, the film is nearly flawless with no issues that leap out at the viewer as a mistake or flub on first viewing. Every shot is well aimed, fight and game sequences are presented in a way that's less MTV and more "80's karate movie" and the story flows fairly well from one segment to the next. The greatest flaw most viewers might see in Tron Legacy is its tendency to explain and talk for large portions of screen time, but that isn't necessarily a complaint that feels particularly valid when you're looking at something so large-scale as the world presented in the Tron "mythology". Some stories just take a little time and scripting to tell, and Legacy struck an excellent balance of action and exposition in the eyes of those in the theater where I saw the film.

    When it comes to the die-hard geek demographic however, perhaps Tron Legacy's greatest flaw is a desire to position the film in a more mainstream fashion. Geeks may have wanted more information, more easter eggs and more background knowledge of how things worked - but those answers and options would likely only have detracted from the film. Bottom line, if you liked the first film, you'll love Legacy. If you never "got" the original Tron despite more than one viewing in recent years, don't bother with Legacy.
  32. Dec 19, 2010
    Great, Great, Great, Great movie. It's a work for the geeks, and jeff bridges fans. Cool style, actions was fantastic, I was even surprised that the acting wasn't as terrible as I expected! Bottom line is that if you willingly watched the first tron and enjoyed it you'll love this. If your looking for a cool action movie, you'll love this. If your looking for a great work of art or a truly compelling story it will only be meh. Expand
  33. Apr 2, 2011
    The only positive things about this movie are the special effects and Jeff Bridges. Their plot was incredibly bad, almost to the point where I left the movie theatre. If you can overlook writing and a plot that any amateur could have done, the special effects are worth seeing, but I wouldn't waste my time on it knowing what I know now.
  34. Dec 18, 2010
    Man was I let down. The story was awful, the acting felt like they were there for the money. I give it a 5 cause i loved the 2 action sequences there were. I was really looking forward to this one. Not sure what they were thinking.
  35. Dec 20, 2010
    if you hate this you where expecting to much and was disappointed. and when Disney says 3d it doesn't mean sh*t poping in your face. it means they are trying to make the movie look like it has depth.
  36. Dec 21, 2010
    This film could have been this years "Star Trek", the stage was set. It had the dazzling effects but fell short due to Hedlunds weak performance and script that was originally designed to take the backseat when it was need to steer this film.
  37. Jan 8, 2011
    Underrated! This is the type of film that bulds a strong cult following despite negative reviews. There are some plot holes, but really, nothing that hurts the story and nothing you could think of for an explanation as to why something happened.

    I wonder why this movie was hated and really the movie itself was made for lovers of Tron. Although the family I saw it with loved it, they were
    confused as to who was who. Perhaps there is a cultural gap. Either way, there was no major flaw to me in this film. Lovely story, despite all the hatred towards it, a soundtrack worthy of the Oscar but will more than likely not even get the nomination due to the artists who made it, beautiful visuals, as much as people will hate to admit, film is a visual medium and without great cinematography or wonderful art direction, other films risk bleeding into each other, Tron Legacy excels just as it did in the original and will be fondly remembered because of it, and one more thing, the performances. Not a single bad performance in the bunch, everyone delivers in their own way. Director Joseph Kosinski has a great future ahead of him. He might have to make the average drama in order for people to realize it, but the man has great potential in hollywood and I hope he gets the chance to make one more film as it was intended. Expand
  38. Dec 19, 2010
    Entertaining and fun. 3D was weak. Story was not weak at all, quite good for an action / sci-fi movie. I would recommend this to anyone who like sci-fi or hero movies. It's better than most.
  39. Dec 17, 2010
    Wow. The visuals were great but that's about it. The dialog is so bad it feels like they found TRON fanfiction online and decided to run with it as a script. At one point, a very zealous security guard chases the main character to the very top of a sky scraper, and greets him with, "Hey! didn't anyone ever tell you that stealing is wrong!"
    I chuckled - thinking it was supposed to be
    funny in an off-beat 90's-action-film hipster way; then the movie went on and i realize that it wasn't a joke, it was the dialog's ceiling of creativity.

    The actor who plays the main character is so devoid of emotional inflection in his speaking, it's like he's never actually talked to another person in his life and is basing his role on what he's heard human communication is like. The girl from house is pretty good actress, but the real Jeff Bridges is the only ceaselessly good actor in the whole movie. The young, CGI, beowulf version of Bridges bizarrely falls far into the uncanny valley. His plastic artificialness is most apparent during a "rousing" speech he gives, during which it's noticeable that his face never creases when he talks, and his lips don't sync up with his words.

    Also, what was up with Cillian Murphy at the beginning playing a shady member of the board who's implied to be behind the leak of ENCOM's OS, only to never be seen again for the rest of the movie?
    And why's it called TRON when you only "see" him (helmet) for a total of maybe 28 seconds in the whole movie? The user score really shames me that a country, once the intellectual leader of the world, is full of so many people who think movies are only about special effects. I give it a 1 just for how visually impressive it was, but hopefully next time they put as much time and money into finding a good screen writer and set of actors as they did into making Sam Flynn's clothes all sparkly.
  40. Dec 18, 2010
    Tron was both visually appealing and emotionally capturing. I loved the father / son story. I thought all three lead actors did great - Bridges was particularly engaging. Wilde was fun and in-character. Content was kept at a good PG level, which I appreciate in an adventure film. The 3D IMAX experience was a great choice for this movie, and a lot of fun viewing. I'll see it again and I recommend it! Expand
  41. Dec 18, 2010
    After 28 years, this is all they can come up with? Sure the visuals were eye-watering with all the pastel colours, the action sequences (disc duel, light-cycle battle) were great and we have the great Jeff Bridges... but the plot was weak. Reminds me of "Star Wars: Episode 1" where they took great care of the gadgets/gizmos/tech but no the story. It is not a total waste of money to watch "TRON: Legacy" though. What about the 3D? Oh dear. This is becoming old - - the "3D trailer" does it right (when shown ahead of a feature length 3D film in cinemas), but the actual "3D movie" itself does not work. Considering that this film was shot in "3D" (with some scenes in 2D, there is a note at the beginning of the film), it is a letdown. I just don't get it. There were no moments where you would go "Whoa, now that's 3D awesomeness." Watch it in 3D to get the ultra-sharp, super clear and pristine image quality. But don't watch it in 3D to get in-your-face 3D moments. The movie will feel draggy (and boring at times) thanks to the "for the money" acting performances. Even Jeff Bridges couldn't save the painful human interaction. He did well for his part though. The human connection is barely there. It feels really cold. Where "TRON: Legacy" excels is at the visual effects department, and the music too thanks to Daft Punk. Michael Sheen's role of Castor was very, very underused. Overall, this is an OK movie but not great. Not a total waste. Watch it for the visual delights (CLU was incredibly realistic but still noticeably CGI) but not for the story or the human drama. Expand
  42. Dec 19, 2010
    Hated it! The Tron movie absolutely stinks. I'm a real fan of science fiction movies like the matrix, inception, and avatar, but Tron did absolutely nothing for me with its unengaging storyline. The 3d visual effects were cool in the beginning but the movie had no emotional substance and I couldn't wait for it to be over. Don't waste your money on this clunker. Tron is a dud.
  43. Dec 19, 2010
    This movie was great. My first "new generation" 3D movie and it delivered. Saw it in an IMAX theater and it was quite the experience, visuals were amazing and the story was good, not sure what movie some of the others are watching. It's an adventure flick, plain and simple, setting up a new world/franchise that I hope continues to grow and prosper. I heard a lot of the negative press and have to say I can't imagine why. Just sit back and enjoy the film, it's not a sermon no matter what some critics would have you believe. Who's paying them anyways, most seem to have no touch with what the public is looking for in terms of entertainment. Expand
  44. Dec 19, 2010
    This movie is fun, edgy, cool. It won't be a critic's choice, but It's better than typical Hollywood fluff. I hope they make a sequel, the story has been setup well for one. While this film has a good level of closure, there are plenty of options to take things further.
  45. Dec 20, 2010
    I'm sorry that many people (and critics) don't understand that the whole point of going to the movies is to be entertained and to escape from reality for a while. TRON Legacy is wonderfully entertaining, visually stunning, and the story is engaging and plenty full of depth, despite what you may have heard. Also Jeff Bridges delivers an exceptional performance along side other strong actors. I will agree that the CGI on young Bridges looks out of place in the "real" world, but on the grid as the tragic antagonist CLU, It is entirely convincing that he exists. The villains are very interesting and at times I found myself rooting for them because of how cool and they are, especially Michael Sheen's fabulously despicable character. I never saw the first one nor was I born in the eighties, but I still thought this movie was fantastic, it doesn't just appeal to people in their thirties who want some nostalgia. Also, it's called TRON because the first one was called TRON and because calling it CLU, Light Cycles and Laser Frisbees, or Kevin Flynn and Company's Spacey Adventure on the Grid wouldn't be as catchy. I would give it a 12 out of 10 if I could because it was just that awesome of a spectacle and story of estrangement, betrayal, political symbolism, and self-sacrifice. Also, the soundtrack is top notch, I had my doubts at first when I heard Daft Punk was doing all the music, but it has one of the best scores of any movie that I have seen. Definitely see this movie, you will be surprised at how good it is. Expand
  46. Dec 20, 2010
    Ok look you people are idiots, what do you expect when going to a movie entertainment not some deep thought provoking movie that will unravel the meaning of life of course not you go in there to watch a freekin movie. It's a moovie for peat sake. The graphics where amazing the acting was awesome the story line kept true to the tron legacy and the music was perfectly chosen. I sat through the hole two hours and while I was in the theater I completely lost track of time and if a movie can make you feel like that than it's a great movie. So I give tron legacy a million out of a million. And let me tell you people that get a kick out of making people feel bad feel bad for working hard on something well than you can suck my left nut and if you go into a movie theater to look for the meaning of life than you might as well kill yourself because the closet thing you'll ever find to the meaning of life is staring at you straight down the barrel of a gun. So screw you an tron legacy is an amazing movie no matter if you 10 or 100. Expand
  47. Dec 20, 2010
    How can anybody not like this movie? If your argument is that it failed the original, revise your argument. This affectionate sequel paid sincere homage to its ground-breaking 80s predecessor, without being spoofy. It was clearly made with love by a director who is a much a fan of the original Tron as Chuck Bartowski is. The 3D is neither gimmicky or showy but serves to pull in the audience like they have been affected by the laser as well. This is complemented by the forwards/ backwards movement in the movie which made the whole thing feel like a fairground ride. Daft Punk's soundtrack was quite simply AWESOME. The electro sound adds to the cleaned-up 80s feel of the movie and it is just so fantastically LOUD that it contributes beautifully to the immersive and disorienting experience. It isn't just the soundtrack itself that makes the movie a musical feast: Kosinski uses sound wonderfully to frame each movement, scene and mood-change that the movie is reminiscent of his very clever commercials and game trailers. it becomes very clear how he landed this gig. I'm thinking in particular of the moment, in the club/ fight scene where Flynn appears looking like a scary Dalai Lama/ Santa Claus accompanied by a cacophony of spine-tingling techno magic. You have to see it! There are not enough good words to describe Jeff Bridge's performance as the now world (and grid) weary hacker Kevin Flynn so I will plump for these stellar and so so cool. Relative newcomer Garrett Hedlund is an excellent young protagonist. I expected him to somewhat irritating (like Hayden Christensen in Attack of the Clones) but he wasn't and brought a Mark Hamil-esque quality to the piece. I have heard so much criticism of the CG which brought CLU, Flynn's creation-turned-nemesis, to life. The criticism was that compared to the surrounding characters it didn't look quite right. These people seem to be forgetting that they are comparing CG to REAL PEOPLE. Any graphics that are not quite as good as flesh as blood must be pretty good really. Remember how awesome we all thought Beowulf was.....

    The overall feel of the movie is irrefutably polished and exciting. It made feel like an 11 year boy (which is an achievement as I'm a woman, so have never been one. ) Those who feel the story should have been more complex should remember this film was brought to you by Disney, the studio responsible for Pirates of Caribbean and Snow White. Any critics who feel that it didn't live up to the original should probably go watch the original again.
  48. Dec 20, 2010
    I know the critics are bashing this film and that makes me happy. That confirms to me mission accomplished by the producers and director. If they made a critical success that would mean they had dumbed it down to much and not played to the fan base that will truly make this the success it can be. I think they did it right, it gorgeous, it sticks to canon, and it tells a story.
  49. Dec 20, 2010
    As a fan of the first movie I was eager to see Tron legacy, but at the same time afraid that it wouldn't be all that great. Well, I'm happy to say that I was very pleased with what I saw. Ignore the critics; all they want are movies that pull your heartstrings and make you think. Those are good movies, but sometimes, I just want to watch a movie that takes me on a fun flight through imagination, and that's exactly what Tron legacy does. Expand
  50. Apr 14, 2012
    TRON: Legacy may be visually spectacular, but it's an incredibly flawed film, even for a shamelessly profit-driven Disney Blockbuster. It begins well enough, with satisfying links to the original film, and the first hour or so is pretty entertaining and energetic storytelling. Garrett Hedlund, while not the most talented actor or compelling protagonist in film history, has the right confidence and swagger about him to convincingly portray Jeff Bridges' son. Bruce Boxleitner is decent in his reprisal of the role of Alan Bradley/Tron, but his role this time round is a little limited. Michael Sheen unquestionably steals the show as the flamboyant Bowie-esque nightclub owner Castor. Olivia Wilde is pretty awful as Quorra, and her character is nonsensical, even for a film about someone being transformed into computer code, but the real disappointment is Jeff Bridges who looks bored as the old Flynn and downright terrifying as the de-aged Flynn/CLU. The script is also dire, and the story becomes offensively dumb from about an hour in. Thank goodness for the fantastically catchy electronic soundtrack provided by Daft Punk - it almost makes up for the inconsistency of the rest of the film...almost. TRON: Legacy has fantastic visuals and competent action, and a standout performance from Michael Sheen, but it's been a while since I've seen another film that's so moronic and packed with bad ideas. And I'm sure the filmmakers got Cillian Murphy in for a two minute sequence for some reason...but I sure as heck don't know what that reason was. Expand
  51. Dec 21, 2011
    The original Tron holds a sentimental value to me, as my father and I watched it early on in my childhood. I was always interested in computers, and from that day on, video games too. The story of Kevin Flynn being trapped in a digital world with no means of escape and to be there for almost 25 years before an aggressive CLU(codified likeness utility) took it upon himself to lure Flynn's son Sam into the machine makes for one HELL of a great story, and it grabbed a hold of me right from the start. Jeff Bridges does a great job of playing himself, young and old, and CLU, the program that ultimately turns on him and drives him into exile.
    And the movie wouldn't be the same without the TOP-NOTCH soundtrack done exclusively by Daft Punk. They have a rare gem on their hands with this Album, and I'm listening to it now as of this being typed....
    I can say enough about it: emotionally attaching, great soundtrack, gripping storyline, and a decent job by the actor portraying Sam Flynn, Kevin's son, Garrett Hedlund-all makes for a great movie I can't seem to watch enough.
  52. Jun 3, 2011
    I guess I really don't see what the critics see because I saw nothing wrong with this film. The acting was good, the visuals were stunning and the soundtrack was amazing I bought it right after I saw the movie. This movie was great. The only negative thing I have to say about it is their weren't enough games. Their shouldve been way more battles, but other than that the father and son story was great, the sound effects were ecstatic, and like I said before the soundtrack was the best I've heard in a movie in a LONG time, Daft Punk is amazing at what he does. I hope theirs a third. This movie deserves high praise, 10/10. Expand
  53. Dec 17, 2011
    This movie did not disappoint, with loads of action, great special effects, and an awesome soundtrack, I spent most of the time with a big grin on my face! Disney have done a very good job here, entertaining for adults but at the same time not too hard for children to understand what was going on (my 5 and 7 year old sons both understood it). Also, there are some very cool nods to the original Tron (no spoilers, you'll just have to watch it) and Jeff Bridges is amazing! Well done Disney, hope there is another on the way. Expand
  54. Nov 21, 2011
    Mesmerizing movie, with perfect audiovisual presentation. The visuals and the 3D were breathtaking, incorporating the awesome soundtrack from Daft Punk, = the conclusion is an epic allgasm. I even liked the story, nothing too convulted, a good son and father plot with great references to the original movie. Sure, there are some cheesy dialogues and phrases that would make an expert cringe, but overall it's a complete package. Expand
  55. Dec 19, 2011
    It boasts one of the best assembled casts, who work well together, and has some just stunning visual effects, but you don't really know what is going on because the special effects are to distracting. I give this film a 48%.
  56. Dec 23, 2010
    Entertaining. Visually it's more pleasing than Avatar, from my perspective. Story wise it's also much more original - but still lacking. There was room in this TRON universe for more of a complicated story but instead this was a pretty stock storyline. It was still a fair movie though, and the visuals were nothing short of amazing. Would recommend it, you'll be glued to the screen most of the time. Except that at a few times the fast pace of the story and action seems to slow down, and there's corny lines. Other than that it's action packed. Expand
  57. Jan 4, 2011
    This was so bad that I would have walked out of it if I had been by myself. The dialog and the characters were ABYSMAL and there was absolutely nothing special about the special effects. I can't Jeff bridges agreed to this complete crap-fest.
  58. Dec 26, 2010
    This is a movie that goes beyond that which the "professional critics" expect out of movies. It provides an original (even though it's a sequel) movie-watching experience that does a good job of allowing the viewer to suspend disbelief. It's visuals are stunning, the soundtrack fits perfectly to the theme of the movie (a lot of techno and futuristic music), and the sound effects are enthralling and make you feel like you're really in a virtual and high-tech sci-fi world. There are plenty of action scenes that break up the boredom and monotony from which the original movie suffered. I did not see the movie in 3D (because i don't believe in using 3D tricks and gimmicks to overshadow lack of movie-making abilities). Therefore I have no comment on the quality of the 3D experience. However, knowing Disney's track record with quality movie-making, I'm sure they didn't disappoint (for those who are interested in that sort of thing). The only downside to the amazing visuals was the CGI Jeff Bridges. Though the technology that goes behind recreating human faces and emotions are getting better by the year, they still seem a ways away. The tones and colors of young Jeff Bridges' face were spot on, but he often seemed to lack that emotional and subtle quality that we are all honed in to detect. The story was more enthralling and dramatic than the original, but very predictable. Do yourself a favor and ignore the "professional critics." See this movie if you have an open mind, are a fan of sci-fi, and enjoy stunning visuals and enthralling music and sound effects. Expand
  59. Mar 15, 2011
    despite , the stunning visuals in the grid, the movie lacks the tempo and does not get to a convincing end. after it began a perfect way , the first half ran well. second half entered back into the same kind of revenge drama. all the characters in the movie had no life. sam and flynn characters needed a much better life to the movie. soundtrack is different. rest all are ok. finally tron: legacy begins for the best. ends as a dumb movie. Expand
  60. Dec 20, 2010
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Gotta agree with the critics some on this. Probably better to watch on its own but with a title like Tron Legacy, they'd have to expect you may have seen the first one. It does not compare favorably in my opinion. I own the original Tron and love it. And this is not Tron. Too damn serious for one thing. I know the character was supposed to have heard all about the Grid from his dad's stories but he still should have inspired some sense of wonder at the place when he eventually gets in--Jeff Bridges did so much better in the original. And the visuals? The magic with the first Tron was that EVERYTHING was computer-generated. Here they have actual REAL models for the light-cycles and light-bikes. The movie was just as awkward as the dinner scene with newly reunited father and son. Cooked food? Hardcovers? In the digital realm? WTF? Some nice references to the old movie and 80's nostalgia. But it was all flash and no soul. The tech to create "young Jeff" was not as bad as it could have been. But, again, the original movie, everybody's face looked pale because of graphics not because of makeup, everybody's costume "seemed digitized" not like real tights, and whose bright idea was it to make "deresolution" look like glass breaking? There wasn't even the laser to "scan" Sam into the Grid. And no Cursor--the only nod to actual computer tech was some UNIX-looking (probably MacOS X) commands typed in. If this was an attempt at upgrading the Grid, it was mistaken. Do people expect a better, more visually complex Grid 20 years later? Yes, but they could have executed much better given that CGI today is light years ahead of where it was then. This movie supposedly continues where Tron left off and it does explore territory the original Tron didn't. But I would rather watch old Tron than new Tron. Although he was the best actor in the film, even Jeff seemed like he was more interested in making True Grit than this movie--it even comes off that way in his very few promotional appearances for it. The movie was eye-candy, but ultimately emotionless. Expand
  61. Dec 27, 2010
    Really great film. Exciting, interesting, visually appealing, emotionally engaging, nostalgic, and modern. I'm seriously having trouble understanding where such negative reviews are coming from.
  62. Jan 6, 2011
    TRON Legacy... well I honestly didn't expect an innovative story like Inception from the trailer, and that's what I got. Its not garbage, but not anything we haven't seen 100 times already. Audio is amazing, visuals are good, but 3D is NOT as strong as it should be, I believe they could have at least put a little more effort into it. My recommendation is to go 2D if you see it. But all that aside, TRON Legacy is GOOD. You will get entertainment out of it, and it is worth your attention. Expand
  63. Sep 2, 2011
    The visuals are fabulous and are enough for one to see the film. The story isn't much, and many questions are left unanswered. The fight scenes were pretty cool, though, and the cast does a good job - particularly Bridges, who has fun playing two characters.
  64. Jan 2, 2011
    This movie was awesome!!!

    Disney did a perfect job on the special effects and the fight scenes.

    The music was amazing, Daft Punk are a excellent duo and fit the movie completely.

    I saw it in Imax 3D and I was suprised because the sound is so loud, it made the chairs vibrate I was like "I felt that!!"

    Super cool movie!
  65. Dec 19, 2010
    For me, it scrapes a positive review. An average storyline is well covered up by the visual effects and soundtrack that this movies offers, if I was rating it based on that it would easily be a 10 but I'm not so it only gets a 6/10.
  66. Dec 18, 2010
    I saw the original Tron movie when I was a kid, and I absolutely loved it. The visuals and the concept really appealed to me, so I was really pumped to see Tron: Legacy in 3D. I must say really enjoyed it. T:L kept to the spirit of the original, as well as building upon certain aspects of the Grid. The visuals are absolutely stunning, and Daft Punk's score is magnificent.. The story is a little light, as it was in the original, which is one of the few drawbacks to the film. The use of 3D was also very effective; it wasn't forced "in your face." Instead, it was used to support and enhance the visuals of the movie, so you sometimes forget you are watching a 3D movie because the visual aesthetic works so well. All in all, if you are a fan of the first Tron, you will most likely like this film. Expand
  67. Dec 19, 2010
    A good time at the movies, provided you don't expect Matrix 2 level techno-philosophy. This movie is bright lights moving fast and loud, the equivalent of cinematic fireworks. That's as much a knock as it is praise. See it in IMAX 3D or don't see it at all.
  68. Nov 20, 2011
    I actually thought it was pretty good. Solid acting and good effects as well, Works well in 3D too. The downfalls of it though is the rather long run time, Far too long if you ask me. Also while its entertaining for the most part, Its rather boring at times as well. Overall its still rather good.
  69. Jan 6, 2011
    After more than a decade, another TRON movie was released. Did it make the fans happy ? Yes ! But I didn't saw the old TRON Movie (1982) so I was kinda amused. That does mean that you have to see the old one to like this one. The visual effects were outstanding. The disc trowing battle was bad-ass, I wanted to see more of that. Sometimes, especially at the end, it had those moments were it touches you. TRON : Legacy was kinda shallow, but it was a cool, hardcore movie, with hot chicks (Olivia Wilde). Still, this movie may not be for everybody. Expand
  70. Dec 22, 2010
    Excellent the CGI is incredible and the soundtrack is pumping not the best film I've seen this year that was a toss up between Scott Pilgrim and Harry Potter but this is a close second if your a fan of the original i would definitely recommend checking this out. if not in the Cinema rent when the Blu-Ray comes out.
  71. Dec 21, 2010
    Tron: Legacy is quite a solid film. The story and setting are so nuanced and quirky it keeps things fresh despite the numerous action scenes. Solid performances from the actors and a fantastic soundtrack inject meaning into a world crafted via Disney's heavy-handed application of CGI animation. Of course, the depth and complexity of Tron may not reach the heights of classic dramas but Tron sits comfortably among the other popcorn flicks playing at your local 12-screen and has a ton of fun besting them. Collapse
  72. Dec 18, 2010
    This film was terrible. It was worse than the origional. at least the origional had a story and plot, much like the new star wars films. Like why did they keep the disks on there backs where there easy to steal........also if the army went through the portal they would all end up in a small room which would cause the world to implode.......

    To sum up if you want to see a good film dont
    see this...see never back down. that film is amazing and well deserved its oscar. Expand
  73. Dec 19, 2010
    Overall disappointing. Amazing CG and music. OK 3D effect. Unfortunately, simpleminded "for 6 year olds" plotting and movie grinds to a halt several time for droning "backstory/exposition" dialogue. Certainly not a strong story to go with the pretty visuals. Jeff Bridges is wasted.
  74. LE_
    Dec 20, 2010
    I struggled with the score for this movie. Should I give it a 9 b/c I really liked the movie, or should I give it a 2 because I was felt ripped off by the 3D upcharge that WAS NOT worth it? I paid $7 extra to see it in 3D, but I was sorely disappointed to find out only a few scenes were actually shot in 3D. Sadly, there was more exciting 3D 2 minutes of previews before the movie, than in the entire Tron movie.

    Getting past that, I really liked this movie, the themes, and the art/graphics direction of the movie. Not the highest tech effects, but definitely well done.

    The movie was a little confusing at points(especially, for non-Tron fans and non-Geeks), but overall, I was really happy with the movie and the ending was pretty good.
  75. Oct 15, 2011
    Truly spectacular, while I haven't seen the original Tron I really loved this movie, the world is awesome, characters are fantastic, and it just has an amazing atmosphere to it, it's action packed and just a lot of fun to watch, and the special effects and the cool suits they wear are awesome, and the ending has me hoping for another movie, truly a spectacular ride form beginning to end.
  76. Dec 19, 2010
    One of the most exciting, entertaining and visually pleasing movies I've ever seen. Along with the solid plot fidelity it's hands down one of the best movies I've seen in years.
  77. Dec 20, 2010
    Not sure what the critics are talking about! Great movie, good acting, stunning visuals, fun soundtrack. If you like Avatar, you'll like Tron: Legacy.
  78. Dec 20, 2010
    This is no Oscar winning masterpiece, but I still enjoyed it even with it's flaws. The biggest gripe would have to be with the story but even with this it still made for entertaining watching. Very shallow character development and a story that seemed to awkwardly plod along to the start of the entry to the grid were things started to pick up Action sequences were spectacular and had me engaged through out. Very cool when watching full screen in an IMAX theatre. Jeff Bridges dialog had me cringing occasionally, but other than that I thought it was pretty enjoyable. So much so, I'm going watch it again this weekend. Expand
  79. Dec 21, 2010
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Hmmm makes me wonder why some of the reviews are over analyzing this movie. The movie is near perfect in bringing TRON to today's audience. The acting was well done and the visual effects blew me away. I guess my only complaint is that I would of liked to have seen more of TRON (Bruce Boxleitner), but maybe in the next movie. Daft Punk really delivered in the muscial score...I hope this is not the last of Kevin Flynn...

    Me: I have been a loyal fan of TRON since I was a kid, owned both TRON and Discs of TRON arcade machines, attended the 2000 E3 show to help promote TRON 2.0 the PC game with then rumors of Disney looking at scripts for a movie...I'm happy to say that I loved the film and it exceeded my expectations.

    Disney really owes a lot to, who helped keep TRON alive all these years..and here we are ;-)
  80. Dec 22, 2010
    This movie really did pay tribute to the original. I have been a fan sense the first one and this one is exactly in the same spirit. It is slow at times, fast paced at others as well as being visually and musically a landscape. The sound and sites are a treat, the story, while not perfect, is, when compared to the first, a perfect sequel. I can't wait to see if this series can ramp it up in following movies, or if it dies do to over critical inter-net snobbery. See the first one again, then go see this. You will not be disappointed and in the end that is why you bought the ticket and took the ride.

  81. Dec 23, 2010
    An absolute spectacle. Breathtaking, cinematic and inspired. The story is fairly weak (but fashionably Disney), and the dialogue a little forced ("Radical, man"), but the experience is far from disappointing. The musical score has an undeniably exciting leitmotif, and the fact that it was composed by first-timers Daft Punk really emphasises its brilliance.
  82. Dec 28, 2010
    I was pleasantly surprised by Tron: Legacy.
    First off, this movie has the best matched soundtrack in a very long time. Daft Punk do/does the music and it figuratively drives the film.
    The visual effects are very nice and help tell the story as opposed to overshadowing it.
    The acting was good and it was fun to see Bruce Boxleitner and Jeff Bridges back on The Grid.
    I also thought it was
    cool that there was a brief reference to the old MCP.
    There was plenty in this movie to create new TRON fans and enough bones tossed to old TRON fans to make them (me) feel acknowledged.
    I give it an 8/10.
    I think the movie could have been edited down to improve pacing and reduce the overall length of the film.
  83. Aug 20, 2011
    I absolutely loved the movie. The lightcycle races and the disc wars were absolutely spectacular and Jeff Bridges gave his all in a great performance. And Daft Punk is just the cherry on top! Possibly the best family movie I have seen since Monsters VS Aliens.
  84. JMB
    Dec 28, 2010
    "Sure it's not an Oscar-worthy, deep, intelluctual sci-fi masterpiece, but why should it be?"

    No one said it had to be. That wasn't the problem with the movie, and if you read the reviews, you'd see the main complaint is the same as mine - this movie wasn't fun enough. Too much talking, not ENOUGH flair and flash. This movie didn't have to be deep, but for an action film it wasn't break
    neck, non-stop enough. When it did stop to talk about the plot (show, don't tell, dammit!) the film slowed to a screeching halt.

    The visuals are pretty, if uncreative after a while. Teal and orange glow only last so long. Daft Punk's score was superb. All told, I can't say I regret paying five bucks for a ticket to see this (matinee prices FTW!), but I was definitely checking the time a bit too often for a sci-fi action flick..
  85. Dec 29, 2010
    It's like your usual guns and girls action movie... for a nerd. Everything from the light cycles to the disk throwing to aerial techno dog fights looks absolutely stunning and are truly the highlights of the movie. Everything else is forgettable. Acting is sub-par and the only memorable personality is that of Jeff Bridges who plays a mix of god and hippie. If you want a nice looking movie, I would suggest it but like others have said, it lacks a grabbing story. Expand
  86. Dec 29, 2010
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Interesing movie, but it's a cliche, it doesnt give us something new and the music i expected more of Daft Punk, the only really good it's the visual effects but the don't know how to use in its totallity the 3D.... its only a movie that you can see in your room in a borin sunday afternoon. i hope my "critic" could help you for make a descicion to see it Expand
  87. Dec 29, 2010
    I'm old enough to have seen the first TRON in the theater so I have to admit, I walked in somewhat jaded and thinking it wouldn't likely be very good. I was actually pleasantly surprised. There was good chemistry with the actors and Olivia Wilde was an excellent addition to the cast. The technology and vehicles were also very well done.
  88. Jan 1, 2011
    Tron Legacy is a great movie if you've seen the original. It's great special effects,acting,script,and action. My opinion is that you shouldn't see tron in 3D. It's a GREAT movie!!!!
  89. Jan 4, 2011
    weak. weak weak weak. nothing surprised me or stopped me from almost taking a mid movie nap. had to keep shoving popcorn in my mouth to stay awake. fight scenes were pretty cool, but storyline was generic, just disney once again taking a possible awesome movie and making it an average piece of sh@#.
  90. Jan 12, 2011
    A bit of a disappointment for me. While visually stunning and with incredible music, the tempo is uneven and the movie is sometimes boring. But at least a few truly incredible parts, bring this movie to 7/10 for me.
  91. Jan 9, 2011
    That was the worst movie of the year I could barely sit through it.The storyline was awful so they try to make up for it with special effects.they try to wow you with 3D which wasnt so special because every movie has that now.Do yourself a favour and dont see this film
  92. Jan 30, 2011
    If you are a big fan of the original then you will probably like this movie. Otherwise, don't waste your time. The CGI of young Jeff Bridges is mediocre and distracting throughout the film. Weak story. Very predictable.
  93. Feb 9, 2011
    I took my younger brother to see this movie, and we wanted to walk out of the theater it was so boring. This movie was trully disapointing. The begining was pretty good, but then got boring, and the ending was completely predictable. I watched the origanal Tron and it was very good, and sadly this movie killed it. WASTE OF MONEY!
  94. Feb 14, 2011
    Do NOT see this movie. Although the costumes, visual effects, and sounds are state of the art, the rest of this movie just sucks. Although Jeff Bridges once again comes through in his acting, its not enough to make this movie watchable
  95. Sep 11, 2011
    The first Tron movie had some groundbreaking ideas to virtual space but Tron legacy fails to explore any new themes or sci-fi ideas. The world of Tron legacy was simply a fantasy world rather than exploring a scifi world within a computer which is a missed opportunity. The movie has a great soundtrack and some of the visual direction is brilliant, the CGI animated young Jeff Bridges was awful, did not work and ruined the movie for me every time the animated character spoke. I rate Tron fairly well dispite these short comings as I loved its soundtrack so much, its a shame they didnt take more chances with the sci-fi ideas and its CGI Jeff Bridges. Expand
  96. Feb 26, 2013
    TRON: Legacy is an awesome science fiction adventure and even though I am no fan of Daft Punk, I thought the musical score was very, very good. It fit the mood perfectly. The animations are brilliantly done, nearly every scene is a piece of art and the costumes looked great. My gripe with this movie is that although the acting was good, especially the fighting cheography, they could have perhaps made what was being said more meaningful at times. It felt to me that some of the things uttered by the characters were redundant and a scene would have been more majestic if they had kept quiet or were given something else to say. For example, at some point a character utters "Long live the users!" and it comes across as quite powerful, very neat quote. The very same character is then made to proclaim "death to the users" and to me it sort of felt as if though it undid some character development there. I thought that Jeff Bridges as the protagonist's father was a good match, I liked his 80's attitude but as the antagonist he simply lacked the charisma to pull off a convincing villain, especially during the speech scene near the end. I would have also liked for the movie to be a bit more technologically-savy oriented. A bit of a pet-peeve but it seemed to me like they could have gotten more out of the movie if they had somehow incorporated some of today's existing terminology into the storyline so that less things seem to happen as if by magic. The hacker angle wasn't exploited enough (for a change!). Plot was slightly on the weak side and the movie seemed to slow down near the end but that straightened itself out mostly and the film came together in the end. I never saw TRON (1982) but it's been bumped up my priority list. Expand
  97. Jan 2, 2012
    Very stylish film with an outstanding soundtrack. However like a poorly thought out pie it sags in the middle and all the time they are "advancing the plot" and talking about ISO's, etc, you long for them to go back and have another lightcycle race or disc battle. Olivia Wilde is great, Jeff Bridges is ok reprising an earlier role ("The Dude" from the big lebowski), however the actor playing Sam Flynn is an unengaging cookie-cutter hero. I really hope the sequel is better than this. Overall ok, but not as good as it could have been. Expand
  98. Jul 17, 2012
    As well made as this movie is, it was let down by horrid pacing and a thin plot. The action is stunning while it lasts but the second act is chock-full of exposition and the third act couldn't make up for the dull second. I'll give credit to Daft Punk's awesome score, Joseph Kosinski for his architectural experience and Jeff Bridge's performance as an old and young version of himself, but this was a disappointment. Expand
  99. Oct 22, 2011
    Best in The series, but something seems wrong about the film, was it Sam flynn or noticeable lack of emotions and good acting by bruce??? Anyway the film had great 3D effects and a good story but lacks good acting but still if you ask me, it's a great film. No regrets when I watched it in 3D, no regrets when I bought the DVD.

Mixed or average reviews - based on 40 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 13 out of 40
  2. Negative: 5 out of 40
  1. Reviewed by: Steve Persall
    Dec 17, 2010
    When director Joseph Kosinski flips the switch on action, TRON: Legacy is entertaining enough. Especially in 3D IMAX, with a mega-audio system booming Deft Punk's droning Xbox-ready musical score, nearly drowning out the collisions.
  2. Reviewed by: John DeVore
    Dec 17, 2010
    Tron: Legacy will only be enjoyed by men in their thirties and early forties searching for a Proustian moment.
  3. Reviewed by: Andrew O'Hehir
    Dec 17, 2010
    That's the culture we live in, where the once-proscribed Pleasure Principle has become iron law and where the recycled, bloated, fish-belly emptiness of something like TRON: Legacy carries boredom to extravagant new heights.