Warner Bros. Pictures | Release Date: May 14, 2004
Summary: Throughout time, men have waged war. Some for power, some for glory, some for honor -- and some for love. (Warner Bros.)
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Runtime: 163 min
Rating: Rated R for graphic violence and some sexuality/nudity.
Production: Warner Bros. Pictures
Genres: Action, Romance
Countries: USA, UK, Malta
Language: English
Home Release Date: Jan 4, 2005
Director Credit
Wolfgang Petersen Director
Writer Credit
David Benioff Screenplay
Homer Poem "The Iliad"
Principal Cast Credit
Brad Pitt Achilles
Eric Bana Hector
Orlando Bloom Paris
Cast Credit
Adoni Maropis Agamemnon's Officer
Brendan Gleeson Menelaus
Brian Cox Agamemnon
Diane Kruger Helen
Jacob Smith Messenger Boy
John Shrapnel Nestor
Julian Glover Triopas
Ken Bones Hippasus
Lucie Barat Helen's Handmaiden
Manuel Cauchi Old Spartan Fisherman
Nathan Jones Boagrius
Siri Svegler Polydora
Producer Credit
Barbara Huber Associate Producer
Colin Wilson Producer
Diana Rathbun Producer
Winston Azzopardi Co-Producer
Wolfgang Petersen Producer