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  • Summary: Celebrating the life of Tupac Shakur, one off the top-selling hip-hop artists of all time, this film explores Shakur's life viscerally and dramatically through his own words and music. (Paramount Pictures)
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  1. 88
    As you listen to his uncanny narration of Tupac: Resurrection, which is stitched together from interviews, you realize you're not listening to the usual self-important vacancies from celebrity Q&As, but to spoken prose of a high order, in which analysis, memory and poetry come together seamlessly in sentences and paragraphs that sound as if they were written.
  2. The result isn't a fragmentary experience so much as an evocative collage.
  3. A poet warrior of the first order emerges in this riveting chronicle of the brief life and times of rap superstar Tupac Shakur.
  4. 70
    Though the edits can be too living-room smooth, the passion and pathology on display transcend the Tabitha Soren overload.
  5. 67
    Detailed but, ultimately, one-sided.
  6. 60
    Doesn't pretend to be objective, and the film derives much of its power from the way it invites audiences to look at the rapper's life and times through his own soulful, animated eyes. It doesn't always succeed, and there are times when it feels terribly strained.
  7. Reviewed by: Bill White
    MTV offers an airbrushed portrait that does nothing but perpetuate the myth of an "angelic" hoodlum.

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  1. Apr 24, 2012
    One of the greatest documentaries I have ever seen. What separates this from the rest is the fact that Tupac himself (who died seven years before this was released) narrates his life story and takes us on a powerful journey. From his early days of poverty in Brooklyn all the way to his fatal shooting in Las Vegas in 1996. Loyal Pac fans will love this and those that didn't know too much about the slain rapper will be introduced into a musician many believe to be the greatest of all time. Expand
  2. AlexB.
    Aug 2, 2008
    This is a great movie, it's nice to hear the man for who he was and not who everyone wanted him to be. Peter J. get your facts straight. If selling out is getting out of jail the fastest way possible then by all means the man sold out, but who wouldn't? He was wrongly accused of a terrible crime, and All Eyez on Me is considered one of the greatest rap cd's of all time. Expand

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