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  1. Reviewed by: Carla Meyer
    It's the kind of small but amazing character study (think ``Marty'') that film lovers yearn for while griping that this type of picture no longer gets made. Turns out it does.
  2. 100
    Well-acted, lovingly put together and heartbreakingly honest.
  3. The charm and art of De Felitta's gentle domestic sketch expand far beyond biographical borders.
  4. Reviewed by: Ernest Hardy
    An unassuming little film that packs a huge emotional and artistic punch.
  5. Reviewed by: David Edelstein
    Beat by beat, scene by scene, times emotionally devastating.
  6. 90
    A fairy tale that presents love as a case of mutual enchantment, Two Family House is not only uniformly well acted, superbly designed, lovingly lit, and sensitively scored, it's as romantic as it is funny.
  7. It's all about the little things, and the way in which the little things can steal into your heart in big ways.
  8. 88
    A touching and effective film.
  9. In the face of intolerance, Two Family House lovingly celebrates the triumph of love and acceptance over prejudice.
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  1. [Anonymous]
    Sep 24, 2005
    Very appealing flick.