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  • Summary: Set in the Swedish countryside in 1956, this is the story of a forty-year-old man living a solitary life on his farm. One day, he places an advertisement searching for a housekeeper, who eventually takes over the household and his heart.
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 11 out of 18
  2. Negative: 2 out of 18
  1. 88
    Movies like this are not for everyone, but arrive like private messages for their own particular audiences.
  2. Makes a virtue of its own simplicity. But don't be fooled. That simplicity is mere cover. You're kept wondering about the outcome until the very end.
  3. Swedish cinema has been famous for a number of things: beautiful actresses, fine sexy psychological dramas, natural settings, cinematic bawdiness and a touch of melancholy. Under the Sun fits that profile well.
  4. 70
    A touching coming-of-age story from Sweden, made interesting by the fact that the protagonist is a lonely, middle-aged farmer rather than an adolescent.
  5. Reviewed by: Gunnar Rehlin
    A celebration of traditional, detailed filmmaking.
  6. 50
    The kind of quotidian pastoral -- about a simple, honest peasant who finds the greatest love of all -- that the Academy invariably finds irresistible.
  7. Reviewed by: Mark Olsen
    Try as they might, the two central performers can never overcome the film's underdeveloped core, and are left flailing about amid Nutley's listless, glacial pacing.

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