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Summary: Under the Boardwalk focuses on the MONOPOLY national and world championships that are held around the world every four years. Leading up to the exciting coronation of a new champion at the most recent World Championship in Las Vegas, the filmmakers follow some of the most colorful players in the game. (Tostie Productions)

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Runtime: 88 min
Official Site: http://www.monopolydocumentary.com/home.htm
Production: Rhino Films
Genres: History, Sport, Documentary
Country: USA
Language: English
Director Credit
Kevin Tostado Director
Writer Credit
Craig Bentley Writer
Kevin Tostado Writer
Cast Credit
Alec Baldwin Jack Donaghy
Anne Archer Dr. Caroline 'Cathy' Ryan
Bjørn Halvard Knappskog Himself
Dale Crabtree Himself
Domenic Murgo Himself
Elizabeth Banks Beth
Hank Azaria Himself
Ken Koury Himself
Kenneth Brandon Baker Himself
Matthew McNally Himself
Philip Orbanes Himself
Richard Marinaccio Himself
Stephen Balzac Himself
Tim Vandenberg Himself
Zachary Levi Narrator
Producer Credit
Betsy Stahl Co-Producer
Craig Bentley Producer
Dave Insull Producer: New Zealand
Geoff Christopher Producer: New Zealand
Kevin Tostado Producer
Stephen Nemeth Executive Producer
Steve Guinness Producer: New Zealand
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