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  1. Aug 29, 2011
    Oh please! NO one survived! How does anyone really know what happened or what was said? Sure let's make believe but no one actually knows! Right down to the hair and makeup? Really? This was factual? NOPE!
  2. Feb 24, 2013
    This movie should have been a tribute to the heroes who gave their lives to save so many others on 9/11. Instead, they are portrayed as vigilantes who killed themselves. All they had to go on was the black boxes and the phone calls made from the plane, the rest is conjecture and, in my humble opinion, complete and absolute bull Nothing like this happened on that plane. They took a tragic story and hollywoodized it until it became a mockery. I was not impressed. Expand
  3. Feb 7, 2014
    First off i would like to point out that i mean no disrespect to anyone in this review, because i'm here to review the movie not the events that it based on.
    the movie isn't about the united airline 93 until 55 long minutes, the movie is loud and the camera work was down right terrible and that's coming from the director of the wonderful captain Phillips and the Bourne trilogy, and i do
    realize it should be a movie inside an airplane, but i felt dizzy watching this.
    and the movie isn't informative at all, i've seen a documentary called "ZERO An Investigation Into 9-11" that almost as long as this movie and it explained everything that happened that day.
    for instance, the whole air traffic noise and buzz was absolutely useless, all what we learned is that the guys were doing their job, the president is the only person who can issue a military strike on possible hijacked airplanes and the military didn't do anything even after the president gave it a GO.
    for me i would like to see the details including the fact that every airplane was forced to land immediately and how they closed their air space without any accidents, but i didn't get to see that.
    also the movie did so little on characters, it's not memorable at all, and the only reason that it is critically acclaimed is the fact that it remind us of a tragedy, but the movie was terrible and could have been way better than this.

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  1. 80
    Best understood as a memorial…Like most memorials, it is respectful, premised on competing obligations to the dead and the living, and eager to stress that the deaths were not in vain. It not only tells us we should never forget but also illustrates how we should remember.
  2. Pulling the bandage of sentiment cleanly away from oozing concepts like ''heroism'' and ''our nation's war on terror'' in the aftermath of recent wounds, here's a drama about the most politically charged crisis of our time that grants the dignity of autonomy to every soul involved.
  3. Greengrass has made not only a thoroughly fact-checked film but a film that uncontrovertibly comes from the heart.