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  1. Jan 23, 2012
    It's almost impossible to find anything at all to like about Vicky Cristina Barcelona. Woody Allen's direction is lazy and heavy-handed, and his dialogue is completely lifeless. All the characters featured in the film are thoroughly unlikeable and impossible to relate to on any level, and every actor involved, while turning in completely competent performances, just look bored with what they are being asked to do. Instead of using a narrator as a device to drive the plot, and make some amusing comments about the events we are witnessing as he did in Annie Hall, Allen this time uses it to state the bleeding obvious, and therefore makes it completely unnecessary. The very worst of the film's numerous crimes, however, is the message about love it attempts to communicate, which is insulting to men, women and everyone's intelligence. Basically, Allen would have us believe that all women are either easy (like Scarlett Johansson's Cristina) or prude (like Rebecca Hall's Vicky) but both types of women can be seduced by a pretty disgusting misogynist so long as he's got nice eyes and a sexy accent (which describes Javier Bardem's Juan Antonio perfectly). The only smiles raised for the entire film are embarrassed ones, and you feel slightly emotionally drained by the film's conclusion, not because you've had an involving viewing experience, but because you've struggled for 95 minutes to find something to keep you watching. Still, the Spanish guitar music is nice, and Penelope Cruz makes a good crazy person. Expand
  2. Sep 23, 2010
    I keep watching Woody Allen movies for old times sake. Hoping he will make one I can enjoy. It hasn't happened in many years. This is another pretty horrible movie. Shallow, boring, waste of time. I'll just have to accept that I just don't like the guys style anymore. The music was good though.
  3. Nov 24, 2010
    It's time Woody Allen is exposed for the zero he is. I never saw a movie where he didn't make me sick by his self absorption. I saw this film on a transatlantic flight and if not for that venue I would not have continued to watch this silliness. The film is so early 70's in its mentality - apparently the last time Allen was "thinking on life" through the deep prism of 20' something middle class American girls on the loose in Europe when it was still just $5.00 a day, and afforded them plenty of opportunities to get into trouble. It is a commercial ploy from top to bottom using the then (2008) trendy Barcelona as a backdrop, and a lesbian relationship thrown in as a "modern twist" (pun intended )for the old girl boy plot with plenty of "passionate" people being "authentic" (think Bardem's old poet father talking about Maria Elena to throw up). And Penelope Cruz got an Oscar for THIS? PEL-LEASE She is just mimicking old Italian film actresses to the best of her ability being "native" "hot blooded" and "typically emotional" south European. I am shocked by the opinions of critics "who count". Although I only watch movies once every few years, I now know that I will never again trust well known critics but rather check opinions of people who have nothing to gain from their praises.â Expand
  4. Apr 8, 2013
    Vicky Cristina Barcelona seems to be a movie that had no direction, with writers that were just as lost as the characters were. Instead of having a narrator say the story, it should have been told through the screen.
  5. Jan 4, 2013
    Simply the worst Woody Allen film ever. Some funny moments some good acting do not disguise the narrative shambles. And what's with the voice-over? Although a hall-mark of some of Allens's films in here it justs rubs off as remedial. Poor poor. A gigantic disapointment for a huge Allen fan. See it to believe it.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 36 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 30 out of 36
  2. Negative: 2 out of 36
  1. 63
    An atypical Allen film. Some of his usual themes are present - in particular, his neuroses about sex and love - but this movie does not bear enough Allen hallmarks to single it out as his work.
  2. 80
    Allen can be literal-minded about his thematic polarities, but, in this movie, he has put actors with first-class temperament on the screen, and his writing is both crisp and ambivalent: he works everything out with a stringent thoroughness that still allows room for surprise.
  3. Reviewed by: Todd McCarthy
    Offers potent romantic fantasy elements for men and women and a cast that should produce the best commercial returns for a Woody Allen film since "Match Point."