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  • Starring: ,
  • Summary: A ghostly ship looms silently ahead as the crippled, ocean-going, salvage tug Sea Star approaches. The Sea Star crew, their ship slowly sinking, has sought refuge in the eerie calm of the eye of a typhoon to make repairs and hopefully avert disaster. (Universal Studios)
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  1. An unpretentious, amusing thrill-a-minute sci-fi horror thriller / monster movie that plugs right into fears of a Y2K crisis.
  2. Reviewed by: Staff (Not credited)
    The pathogenic agent to fear, however, is the one that evidently turned every line of dialogue into inane gibberish.
  3. Reviewed by: Nicole Campos
    FX whiz John Bruno (Terminator 2, True Lies) makes a dubious directorial debut here, juggling monsters that are icky but not scary; an out-of-control Donald Sutherland as the tug’s Ahabesque captain.
  4. 25
    95 minutes of unrelieved tedium.
  5. 25
    "Deep Rising" was one of the worst movies of 1998. Virus is easily worse.
  6. No one is likely to claim it's a great, or even good, movie, but it does offer some guilty pleasures.
  7. 0
    This suspense-free, originality-deprived mess will likely be a major contender for the title of 1999's worst film.

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Score distribution:
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  2. Negative: 2 out of 6
  1. JohnP
    Jan 14, 2008
    Ah, Virus. Fantastic to watch if it's 2am and you're sitting with some friends and nothing to do, and it's on TV. Don't spend any money on it, but by all means watch it. Just don't take it seriously. Expand
  2. DennisJ.
    May 24, 2008
    Gad, what movie did you other raters watch? Special effects were good but plot was poor, illogical, unrealisitc and the acting often wooden and, in general, a poor movie. Symptomatic of the overall problem - the storm rages and washes one guy overboard but in the wheelhouse, no pitching or deck rolling. Way poor. Expand
  3. Jan 13, 2012
    Il y a des films de monstres (ou l'équivalent) qui arrivent à sortir dans les salles grâce à leur budget, leur casting qu'ils offrent (ici, Jamie Lee Curtis, Donald Sutherland, Cliff Curtis...) et quelques noms "sympa" au générique (James Cameron à la production, John Carpenter à l'écriture...), le tout non sans esquiver les nombreux défauts du genre (à savoir aucune originalité, surdose de clichés, personnages sans intérêts, dialogues indisgestes...). Certains s'en sorte par un sens du spectacle (Peur Bleue) ou bien par un effet comique ainsi que sa distribution (Lake Placid). Mais Virus en est bien loin, surtout avec des acteurs qui surjouent énormément, une absence de caricature pour ce genre de film question scénario (la fameuse réplique "Machin, sois prudent" est bien trop prévisible et fait pitié, l'humour ne prend pas...) et surtout pour un ensemble qui fait plus grand-guignol plutôt qu'autre chose. Juste les robots (animation, effets spéciaux) sont assez sympas, mais bon... Virus est comme le personnage de Jamie Lee Curtis : il ne sert à rien! Expand
  4. KeeganX
    Feb 26, 2009
    While it has a horror aspect that could have been interesting, it's boring and just not fun to watch. If you are considering watching this movie, don't. Expand

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