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  1. Shulman was around so long that he even got to weigh in on Frank Gehry's Disney Hall. He was skeptical once but came to love it.
  2. A really terrific, intensely focused documentary on a fascinating personality.
  3. Associated with the modernist architectural movement centered in Southern California during the mid-20th century, Shulman’s still photographs are essential to any study of the style’s vast popularization and commercialism.
  4. Something of an elegy to modernism.
  5. Shulman photographed buildings as if they were movie stars: He found their best angles and immortalized them.
  6. This stylish film reminds us that great images endure after bodies and buildings crumble.
  7. 70
    Enjoyable as it is, Bricker's giddy hagiography could have used a little pushback, especially in the matter of Shulman's airy dismissal of the postmodernism that, he claimed, forced him into "retirement."
  8. It’s about lovely photographs of graceful buildings and those who can afford the real estate. But it does pay proper respect to a deserving artist.
  9. Nominally about the life and career of landmark Southern California architectural photographer Julius Shulman, but it's more about the buildings he photographed than it is about him. Which is probably the way he'd like it.

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