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  • Summary: A colorful and very contemporary road movie that takes its characters around Israel and later to Berlin. This unique movie, is a non traditional attempt to understand the role that is still played by the past in the lives of Israeli and German young people. (IDP Films)
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  1. At times too movieish, yet Ashkenazi creates a memorable figure: a spy who operates - admirably - out of the most unyielding nationalist conviction, only to learn that he needs to let some of that conviction go.
  2. It denotes a minor movie miracle: how with intelligence, imagination and craft a small film can work in really large ways.
  3. 67
    Though its characters aren't terribly complex, and its plot holds few surprises, the screenplay (in English, German, and Hebrew) amounts to a worthy treatise on the need to forgo revenge.
  4. The film nearly drowns in earnest morality.
  5. Well-meaning but implausible story.
  6. 40
    Walk on Water makes you wonder what the Mossad is teaching its field agents these days.

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  1. JaideepP.
    Sep 25, 2006
    Excellent movie, really well done. Tackles an interesting issue from multiple angles. The relevance of the Nazi era to modern Israelis, nationalism, fear of the enemy, German self-image regarding WW II...Balanced, realistic. Expand
  2. patb.
    May 15, 2006
    This movie wasn't supposed to answer questions--it was supposed to raise them. It had a wide scope, difficult to address, perhaps, in one film, but it certainly should make people think and feel, the result of any good film. Expand
  3. Mar 4, 2011
    A good example of the current (i.e. post-2000) manner of treating gay characters in feature films. They're there, in the same way that straight men and women and the old and minority groups and children are there: all part of the palette drawn on by the writer and director, but not central to the action *because* they're gay. Convincing performances by all involved in this movie, which is very much worth seeing; amazingly for action films these days, there's not much violence and not much nudity. Collapse

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