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  • Summary: Ten years after "Kids," Larry Clark hits the streets of South Central Los Angeles. Wassup Rockers is based on the real life experiences of a group of Latino teenagers who do not conform to the hip hop culture of their gang-infested neighborhood. They wear their clothes tight, listen to and play punk rock, and ride skateboards. Constantly harassed for being different, they fight to be themselves. (First Look Releasing) Expand
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  1. 75
    You could think of Larry Clark's Wassup Rockers as "Ferris Velasquez's Day Off."
  2. Somehow, this rollicking day in the life of a band of skateboarding Latino punk-rockers doesn't exude the voyeuristic smarm of previous Clark forays.
  3. 70
    Shifting his focus away from white kids seems to have done Clark good, because Wassup Rockers is the least sensationalistic, and hence the least moralistic, of his films. It's an enjoyable if haphazard picaresque.
  4. 60
    What might have been a fascinating, intimate portrait turns into something much less compelling when Clark tries to impose a sex-and-action-packed narrative on the proceedings.
  5. 58
    It may be truer to the lives of his amateur cast to watch them engage in mumbly, inarticulate conversations between rounds of failed skate tricks, but it isn't especially cinematic.
  6. Some moments of off-the-cuff beauty aren't enough to mask the creepy heart of Larry Clark's latest look at outcast kids.
  7. The result is a well-intentioned mess -- a dishonest fantasy that begins with promise and gets more frustrating with every scene.

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