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  1. HeyGuys
    Nov 10, 2009
    When a mildly intelligent film comes to theatres, you can count on mediocre critics everywhere jumping at the chance to tear down something smart in an effort to make themselves seem smarter. It's boring, doodz. And it's not constructive either. This is one of a very small handful of thoughtful movies to come out this year. And because you give pass after pass to shoddy action movies and palatable romances, your affected snobbery just comes across as anti-intellectual. And I'm not even saying this is a super duper intellectual movie! But compared to... everything else... well. Full Review »
  2. JasonP.
    Jul 13, 2009
    Perhaps the worst Woody Allen movie ever. Plot points make no sense: Larry David takes in a homeless girl for no conceivable reason; another man falls and stays deeply in love with her without cause; a woman falls in love with David's character because he falls on her while trying to commit suicide . Southerners are caricatures not characters. And it is unfunny throughout. Even the philosophy and physics he references is more or less out of date. As a number of reviewers mention, _Whatever Works_ is a return to his roots, but this has more to do with Allen's being out of ideas then it is about him updating his classics. Full Review »
  3. Cat
    Jul 3, 2009
    Stale retread of previous films, the humor and the characters feel dated. The only surprising thing was listening to such banal dialog issuing from the mouth of Larry David, who I associate with much sharper and fresher observations. Full Review »