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  • Summary: A prison escapee (Slater) assumes the identity of a deceased man named Cletis Tout. He soon discovers that someone had a contract out on Cletis' life, so now the escapee has to deal with not only the police, but a hitman (Allen) as well.
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  1. A gem of a romantic crime comedy that turns out to be clever, amusing and unpredictable.
  2. 63
    There was a lot I liked in Cletis Tout, including the performances and the very audacity of details like the magic tricks and the carrier pigeons. But it seemed a shame that the writer and director, Chris Ver Wiel, took a perfectly sound story idea and complicated it into an exercise in style. Less is more.
  3. Reviewed by: Bill Stamets
    Writer-director Chris Ver Wiel stocks this diverting crime comedy with familar characters and formulas.
  4. Cletis Tout is both in love with and able to laugh at the conventions it adopts, which is exactly where it goes wrong. It's just a little too self-satisfied.
  5. 30
    This mistaken-identity picture is so film-culture referential that the final product is a ghost.
  6. Allen is no more convincing than the writer-director, Chris Ver Wiel, who strings together faux-QT, faux-Elmore Leonard clichés like so many necklace beads and pretends that's the same thing as making a movie.
  7. Reviewed by: Scott Foundas
    A convoluted comic caper that labors to affect a lighthearted, off-the-cuff feel, and winds up being a copy of a copy of a bad Tarantino-Elmore Leonard forgery, with Tim Allen as a glib cinephile hitman.

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