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  1. 100
    Its superb performances, music, photography, dialogue, its rhythms of tone and theme all complement each perfectly.
  2. 100
    Though Michael Winterbottom's Wonderland appears as gritty as they come, it uncommonly has a romantic heart.
  3. 100
    In short, Wonderland is an extraordinary film, as entertaining as it is observant, about ordinary people.
  4. In Wonderland, Winterbottom has found a script worthy of his passion.
  5. Reviewed by: Robert Horton
    This is a beautiful, surprisingly uplifting movie, made by someone who actually understands people.
  6. One of the best realistic dramas of the year.
  7. A crushingly sad, beautiful film.
  8. 80
    There's not a false note among the performances: Henderson, Hart, Shepherd, Markham, and in particular McKee add unspoken complexities to their portrayals.
  9. The striking graininess of the film stock, the near-documentary style of the setups, and Michael Nyman's attentive score add up to a relatable and ultimately hopeful experience.
  10. 80
    Most important, the film is suffused with a light touch and a kind of begrudged humor that feels perfectly natural and unforced and that keeps you involved in the characters' plight.
  11. While it's no good time at the movies, Wonderland is an excruciatingly authentic experience.
  12. Grim, yes, and great viewing.
  13. 75
    Movies like Wonderland invite me into the screen with them. I am curious. I begin to care.
  14. The ensemble acting is impressively in tune; and Michael Nyman's surging score adds an extra measure of emotional power.
  15. 75
    There's enough here to make anyone who enjoyed -- if that's the right word -- "Happiness" or "Magnolia" splendidly unhappy.
  16. Loses steam only when it strays from the sisters and attempts to depict their parents' loveless marriage.
  17. Reviewed by: Jay Carr
    Give it a chance and you'll probably share the cast's collective impulse to dive in and embrace it.
  18. 75
    Winterbottom ("Welcome to Sarajevo," "Go Now") has filmed Wonderland with a hand-held 16 millimeter camera, lending the production an air of scrappy immediacy that is often arrestingly at odds with Michael Nyman's overheated musical score.
  19. 74
    It's another subtle, fantastic performance from McKee ("Notting Hill," "Croupier").
  20. 70
    With acting as good as this, Wonderland gives you all the expected pleasures of eavesdropping on the intimate lives of others.
  21. As an interweave of crosscut miniplots, this isn't nearly as interesting or as pleasurable as Jeremy Podeswa's recent "The Five Senses."
  22. That (cinéma-vérité) feel is absolutely convincing, as are the performances.
  23. Reviewed by: Andy Seiler
    If Wonderland is difficult to embrace, it is easy to admire.
  24. 60
    By the end of Wonderland, I might have felt completely pistol-whipped if not for the gracefulness of some of the movie's actors.
  25. 60
    As well done as it is, Wonderland feels predictable. There is no sad turn in these characters' lives that you cannot see coming about an hour before.
  26. The energy is sapped by clinging condescension in the guise of compassionate liberalism.
  27. 40
    The material is familiar, and doesn't have anything new to say about the ways men and women wound each other.
  28. 40
    So bereft of hope... that it's a chore to withstand.
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  1. Nov 13, 2013
    Extraordinaria película, buen guión, buenos actores, excelente música. Genial. Una historia sencilla, pero muy bien contada. Muy recomendable. Una de las mejores películas de los últimos años. Full Review »
  2. JohnC.
    Jan 20, 2006
    This is worth a 10 for the soundtrack alone.