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  • Summary: This feature documentary profiles the Pulitzer and Tony Award-winning playwright Tony Kushner ("Angels in America," "Caroline or Change," "Homebody/Kabul"). It tells the story of a relentlessly creative spirit at work and of how Kushner, raised in the Deep South in Lake Charles, Louisiana, would become an outspoken activist, a compassionate spokesperson for outsiders, and one of today’s most important and entertaining playwrights. (Balcony Releasing) Expand
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  1. Reviewed by: Ken Fox
    Mock's film leaves us with a sense of gratitude and relief that so thoughtful an artist as Kushner continues to work among us, capturing and reacting to the world as he buzzes through it.
  2. 75
    Despite the accumulated facts, the lack of any commentators outside Kushner's circle of family and admirers and the refusal, in fact, to wrestle with the thornier questions of identity and criticism make this a worthwhile but imperfect film.
  3. 75
    The filmmaker invites us to reconsider the author as someone warmer and less intimidating than his body of work. On that count, Wrestling With Angels succeeds.
  4. Reviewed by: Gregory Kirshling
    Wrestling with Angels could use some brouhaha: It's a bit too much of a pleasant air kiss from a fan, and doesn't engage inquisitively enough with Kushner's often controversial and very political ideas.
  5. Reviewed by: Sura Wood
    An adulatory documentary that could well have been titled "Ode to Kushner." As good-looking and well-crafted as it is -- cinematographers Eddie Marritz and Don Lenzer, who were on board for Mock's "Maya Lin," as well as Bestor Cram provide the rich visuals -- the film suffers from a crucial lack of perspective.
  6. Reviewed by: Charkes McNulty
    As it is, Wrestling With Angels is neither compelling enough for people with little knowledge of the playwright's work nor insightful enough for those of us who have followed his career closely.
  7. Reviewed by: Robert Koehler
    A golden opportunity to analyze the most vital and probably most creative contempo American playwright is missed in Freida Lee Mock's docu, Wrestling With Angels: Playwright Tony Kushner. Kushner's art demands a filmmaker of equally challenging artistry, able to plumb an opus based in polemics, politics and Brecht, instead of psychodrama.

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  1. StuartS
    Oct 21, 2006
    Kushner is a very interesting guy, indeed. Learning about his life and his achievements via this well constructed documentary is a real pleasure. If you like Kushner's work, or if you are Jewish, or if you are gay, or if you are touched by human achievement and caring people you will love this film. Expand