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  1. Aug 2, 2011
    This was an easy watch but not watchable for another round. It tells of the origins of all the historical X-men, but that's all. Although there is action and dispute it was not enough for me.
  2. Aug 1, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I walked out of the theater after seeing this film in a great mood and up until I finally drifted to sleep, I was thinking about this film and how awesome it was. I think the last time I was excited like this after seeing a movie was The Dark Knight. Is it better than that movieâ Expand
  3. Aug 1, 2011
    I did not think it was possible to make an X-men movie worse than X-men 3...well, they did. The fact that they have over 50 years of stories and other source material and they made an action movie that made me fall asleep (I really did), is inexcusable! Please 20th C.Fox, sell the X-men properties back to Marvel so they can do it right like the others (Iron Man, Thor, Capt. America).

    Don't waste your time and money!
  4. Jul 31, 2011
    Going into this I wasn't expecting much, after Ratner (X3) and Gavin Hood (Wolverine) criminally butchered and maimed the exceptional work Singer started in the first 2 X-men movies. I expected a hat-trick of disappointment. Though it didn't measure up to the first two films of the series (X-men and X2:Xmen united), X-men first class was still a good and well thought out movie. It lacked the cerebral qualities of the first two film but was still a smart flick, far smarter than the adrenaline-laden X3 and Wolverine. But that's enough comparisons... The brisk narrative and story telling in this film was effective, as it covered much ground, tackling a solid cold-war era plot, and took the time to re-introduce old characters and introduce new ones. Mcavoy and Fassbender excel as Xavier and Magneto (respectively), keeping in mind that they had big shoes to fill. Despite these high points, the inconsistencies in the X-men universe and the back story of our main characters, amongst other minor technicalities did bother me. And though entertaining, I doubt this is a movie I would still be talking about for weeks or even days to come... Its one of the better summer films in theatres now and earned it's good review scores and I won't hesitate to give it one myself Expand
  5. Jul 30, 2011
    best x xmen movie ever. must watch. this is the real origin of x men saga i guess. Competently executed yet utterly forgettable, X-Men: First Class benefits from an outstanding performance from Michael Fassbender. Thank God he was in the movie.
  6. Jul 27, 2011
    In an intense action-packed prequel, it brings to light many questions left unanswered. You'll see how Charles (Prof. X) and Eric (Magneto) became friends and discovered and trained their powers. You'll meet many characters, some new, some familiar and you will be amazed at how the war between friends came to be.
  7. Jul 26, 2011
    Strong script, touching performance, good direction, cool music and intense action. X-Men: First Class is the perfect summer trip and one of great movies this year. Full review:
  8. Jul 25, 2011
    This was by far my favorite xmen film and I have seen all of them. What I liked the most was the balance between the action and the focus on the lead characters. I never felt that the action was being overdone and that the characters weren't being developed enough (which is what plagued the third film, the worst in my opinion). The film was fun to watch, it had some funny scenes and some great action sequences and I felt myself actually caring for the characters. This is a most welcomed reboot to the xmen series. SS 10/10 Expand
  9. Jul 23, 2011
    X-Men: First Class is a brilliant film. The Film Kept Me Interested In Learning More And More Of How Professor X And Magneto Were Friends Before Enemies. Had A Good Plot To The Story And The Actors Did An Excellent Performance For Their Characters. I would give this film a full price.
  10. Jul 23, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Nobel Laureate and Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel is still alive. The eighty-two-year-old author, best known for "Night", a slim novel about his experiences in the concentration camps at Auschwitz and Buchenwald, is also widely known to be a vocal critic of the way the Nazi genocide of the Jews gets portrayed in the media. When NBC broadcasted the miniseries "Holocaust" in 1978, he called the television film "morally objectionable and indecent". As an addendum to Wiesel's assertion of television trivializing the six-million dead by filming the unfilmable, cultural historian Neal Gabler in "Imaginary Witness", agrees that the genocide narrative goes "beyond any traditional form," in which any depiction of the pogrom carried out by the Nazis is "a war between narrative and history". Has Wiesel seen "Inglourious Basterds", the 2009 film where narrative wins the war from the outset, since WWII gets reinvented by a post-modernist who utilizes the Jews as subordinates to a parallel history: movie history, which runs concurrent with their story of persecution, death, and in this case, revenge? Bypassing the iconography of victimization(ghettos, concentration camps) found in all Nazi-themed films, the Jews fight back in Tarantino's alternate take on WWII, as the film instead chooses to focus on a Hebrew commando team that specializes in the capturing and torturing of German POWs with gruesome acts of mutilation. While all holocaust-driven are largely predicated on large-scale killing and mass suffering, "Inglourious Basterds" has a filmic precedent that goes all the way back to the early-forties, an epoch when a Nazi-sympathizing Hollywood very rarely dealt honestly with the imminent German menace, but Charlie Chaplin directed, produced, and starred in "The Great Dictator", the first film about the imperiled Jews that mentioned them by name. Playing a barber who returns to the ghetto after a lengthy bout of amnesia, Chaplin fights the stormtroopers with slapstick, where in one scene, he dares to slap a soldier with a paintbrush, whitening the Aryan's face in the process, after the Jew balks at having to reproduce the 'W' in his race's namesake which he smudged off from a storefront window. Even better, Hannah, the Bear-Jew of her day, rather than swing a bat, whacks Nazis on the head, hard, with a frying pan. After her small victory, she tells the barber, "We should all fight back." In "X-Men: First Class", the filmmaker returns to Poland, 1944, where in the 2000 original, Magneto, then just a scared boy named Erik, reduces a gate into an iron heap through the unleashing of his telekinetic powers. For Wiesel, the comic book is the stuff of juvenilia. But to a younger generation, the comic book is viewed as the novel's equal, in which they would see no difference between "Night" and the Marvel origin story where the concentration camp setting of the scene is based on. By reappropriating the violence inherent in Nazi Germany through a comic book-based language, the "X-Men" saga challenges the hegemony of traditional film adaptations. A Nazi scientist named Sebastian shoots Eric's mother dead, which is par for the course in any film dealing with the holocaust, but unlike "Schindler's List", the shooting itself isn't the spectacle; it's the preamble to the summer movie pageant of CGI, as the traumatized boy inverts the file cabinet in the office, and sends objects flying around in the adjoining room. For all its contemporary trappings, in which "X-Men: First Class" borrows a Jewish trope that Tarantino himself pioneered(the holocaust survivor antihero), Erik kills Nazis in a film that's surprisingly reactionary, since it avoids using the word "Jew" to describe the people that he's avenging. It's coded. Whereas a WWII-era film such as "The Mortal Storm" substituted the racial label with the less-specific term "anti-Semitic", likewise, the "X-Men" saga uses "mutant" in place of the "J"-word in identifying Magneto as a Hebrew, perhaps for the reason that Hollywood wants to distance itself from its complicity in regard to the US government's isolationist stance leading up to the Pearl Harbor bombing. Interestingly enough, Chaplin wears a bucket which recalls the helmet Magneto is often outfitted with, in a scene where the barber and the SS officer hide themselves on a roof to escape capture. "Strange, I always thought of you as an Aryan," he tells the barber in an earlier scene, where the Nazi puts a stop to a ghetto liquidation already in progress. In essence, that's what Eric has become, both a Jew and a "great dictator"(Chaplin also plays the Fuhrer). Just before Magneto makes his getaway by helicopter in "X-Men", there's a cutaway to the American flag, a symbol that gains greater significance in the film's climax, where the magnetic field that he creates from the Statue of Liberty, has the potential of turning New York into one great crematorium. Expand
  11. Jul 20, 2011
    Enjoyable film for a fan of the franchise and the genre, plus a great insight into the beginning of the x-men, (always wondered how the prof ended up in a wheelchair!) despite if its really true to the comics or not. A must see, as McAvoy and Fassbender really pull off their characters well; a tribute to Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen respectively.
  12. Jul 20, 2011
    They should of called this movie "McAvoy & Fassbender: The Movie," because every time the two are on screen, they own! They own so much, they make all the other actors seem useless. A period piece to start off the summer blockbuster, this movie delivered something I was not expecting. I was expecting a stupid, boring and awful movie; in fact I got just the opposite, a fun, emotional and thrilling story that made me remember why I fell in love with the X-Men comics as a kid. For that, I recommend seeing a matinee but if your a X-Men fan like me, X-Men: First Class is a MUST SEE movie!! Expand
  13. Jul 20, 2011
    It has an interesting plot which is captivating if a little long, and the film succeeds in bringing great entertainment to the audience with strong acting performances and many satisfying moments which lead the audience to say "So that's how it all happened..."
  14. Jul 17, 2011
    I went into this movie wondering why the Marvel film studio thought that another Xmen backstory movie was something that needed to be told, and while I still dont think this was a necessary movie, especially as there is so much more that could be done with the present day Xmen stories, what we have here is the best Xmen movie since the very first. McAvoy and Fassbender bring some solid performances, most of the movies pacing is decent and the story interesting with something to care about. Some of the characters are forgettable but the drama of McAvoy and Fassbender bring it back. This movie succeeds in bringing some interest back to the Xmen franchise since the horrid 3rd film and the disappointing Wolverine. Im interested to know where Xmen will be going from here. Recommended for comic book movie fans. Expand
  15. Jul 17, 2011
    For fans of the X-men series, or even fans of the marvel universe, this is a definite must see. The film is mostly follows the lives of Xavier, Mystique and Magneto. It explains a lot about how it all started and how the x-men "gang" got together, where they obtained the building for the school and how some of the future events in the other x-men films come about.
    I only have one downfall
    however. Not enough is explained, there is still quite a big gap from First Class to X-men 1. There needs to be a sequel to First Class to piece other pieces of the puzzle together. SC Expand
  16. Jul 17, 2011
    One of the best movies this year !!!- Thats for sure!
    Amazing leading performance! terrific script which makes perfect sense! great chemistry among the charactors! Its just so much better than i expected. ususally the trailers give movies most of the credits, but for xmen-first class, i really reckon it is movie itself gives the most of the credits to us. definitely go and watch it! you
    wont regret it! Expand
  17. Jul 16, 2011
    This is a great romp. One big flaw at one point but otherwise a great movie. Worth even seeing on the big screen. Loved the story. Just thought it was great to go back and indulge in the history of X-Men. Nice work!
  18. Jul 15, 2011
    I will first start my review by saying that I've been a fan of the first two movies (I hated The Last Stand and Wolverine). I didn't expect this film to be any good because the last two X-Men movies were really bad. I was wrong. First Class is a great movie. The story does good job of intersecting itself with actual history. The acting of Fassbender and McAvoy and the rest of the cast are excellent. References to the previous films were funny and likable. First Class is not a perfect movie though. Beast looked silly and cartoonish, there were awkward dialogue and some scenes did not just hit. These things did ruin the movie for me. X-Men first class is a good movie and it opened the series again. Expand
  19. Jul 11, 2011
    While I was watching this recent motion-picture all I could think about was that I seem to be enjoying it a bit; that I wasnâ
  20. BeK
    Jul 11, 2011
    Before this movie came out, I had very high expectations on how good it will be side by side to how good I wanted it to be. I wasn't disappointed. This movie is very impressive and in my opinion it's by far the best X-men until this day. Special effects were great, some minor movie mistakes, but compensated with great acting especially by James McAvoy, interpreting Charles Xavier, which simply captured the whole idea of what X-men is all about. Scenes coming together to make the viewers understand how their favorite characters began their journey, which is quite a remarkable idea, to begin with. Michael Fassbender is also a suitable Magneto, sort to say, a little stronger than i expected, but the idea is their demolished friendship and the war, on which the former movies are counting on. This is kind of the basic, the ground on which X-men evolves on. In general it's a great film, worth seeing, I would dare to say, even twice. In my opinion it's a solid 9 being a lot more balanced on every aspect, in comparison to the previous X-men movies. Anyway, the fact that some events are clarified really gives that boost to watch this movie more excited, which I consider an important factor in a great movie, especially a follow up. First class, a well chosen name, couldn't have picked it better. So I hope i managed to point out all important aspects. See the movie, love it, buy it, until you find another favorite X-men, in a couple of years. A lot of big movies this summer, but X-men: First Class definitely one of them. Expand
  21. Jul 6, 2011
    No it was not the X-Men movie we were looking for. At least see it once. Some things were cool. Beast looked super cheesey and fake. The Nazi thing was sort of cool. Also seeing how Professor X got paralised was a treat. It was just as good as "X-Men Origins: Wolverine". Well at least to me. Can you believe that this movie is the 5th X-Men movie? I heard there will be two more of these "First Class" movies. Did I really need to put those quotation marks on the "First Class"? But with all these flaws, I did really enjoy that ten second special appearence from Hugh Jackman as "Wolverine". There I did it again with the quotation marks. It makes me feel more official when I use quotation marks. And now you have just read my small review on "X-Men: First Class". I meant to put quotation marks there. I'm not stupid. Expand
  22. Jul 6, 2011
    A very good entry in the X-Men film-universe! Most characters (especially the main ones, of course) were very well portrayed, great acting throughout. The only complaints I have were a few special effects that looked a bit cheap and very few places where it felt like some scenes were dropped to shorten the film. I really hope that this crew gets the chance to make another film with the same actors etc.!! Expand
  23. Jul 5, 2011
    Last month was Thor and this month is X-Men. Can 2011 be more epic?

    X-men: first class is awesome, epic and really well put together. The Character development is awesome, the script is really well thought out, and the delivery of the story isn't over whelming to people who are probably new to the series.

    Great acting by James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender and Kevin Bacon. I was even
    shocked when I saw Kevin Bacon here. They all did a great job. You can really feel that they dug in deep when they played the character.

    Over-all X-Men is a great movie that MUST be watched by anyone. A great addition to the pile of great Comic book inspired movie. This is definitely in my top 10.
  24. Jul 5, 2011
    Lots of great parts to this movie, but why was it so bloody long? Did they fire the editor? Too many characters and too many scenes about 'feeling normal'. Yes we get it . . .after 5 X-men movies, they don't feel normal. Cut 30 minutes off this movie and I think you would have something much better.
  25. Jul 4, 2011
    Not as good as the previous films but a decent movie nonetheless. The characters of Charles Xavier and Eric Lehnsherr shine while the rest are just passable. Still an entertaining flick and a solid installment.
  26. Jul 3, 2011
    A movie that defies what a superhero movie usually is. The film is wonderfully dark, visually appealing and introduces a new set of characters all played to a nice and gritty hard rock soundtrack. The problem with the film is that some of the characters they use aren't essential to the story and just pass through, while the film awaits a few more new and wonderful characters to, I hate to say it, waste Expand
  27. Jul 2, 2011
    Finally !!! a prequel that does not suck ! ... The movie gave a kickass depiction of the beginnings of the X men franchise . Kevin Bacon gave a sytlistic depiction of Sebastian Shaw . Jennifer Lawrence was able to portray our favourite blue shape-shifter in a new light and gave a emotional touch to the character compared to the earlier depictions . Anyone who has seen the Submarine lift scene would agree with me in saying that the graphics was exceptionally kickass . But the reason why i believe this movie rocked was because of McAvoy's and Fassbender's portrayal as close friends and the eventual breakdown into arch rivals. Director Matthew Vaughn has captured the true crux of the comic and was able to successfully paint it on screen. for this reason the movie deserves a full 10/10 .... Expand
  28. Jul 1, 2011
    Another great and anticipating X-Men film! James and Michael did very well in the show. I loved the show very much and I also hope that I can watch the film again.
  29. Jun 29, 2011
    When was the last time that the fifth film in ANY series was, far and away, the best of the lot? And not only that, but a prequel? And not only that, but the SECOND prequel, the first one having been a major disappointment? Can you say never? James McAvoy is a fine Professor Xavier and Kevin Bacon a memorable villain, but what makes this one of the best superhero movies of all time is the riveting performance of Michael Fassbender (Inglorious Basterds, Jane Eyre) as Erik Lehnsherr, aka the young villain-to-be Magneto. Fassbender is so commanding and convincing that by the end of the movie you may well be wishing to join him and his fellow mutants in their quest to crush humanity. The special effects are inpressive, the action swift and exciting, the script surprisingly intelligent - but it's Fassbender that will linger in the memory and leave you dying for the next installment. Expand
  30. Jun 29, 2011
    One of the best superhero movies I've ever seen. The performances of the lead 2 especially shines, bright enough to keep you from noticing its flaws.
  31. Jun 29, 2011
    The X-Men franchise is not my favorite. The first movie was really boring but the second was much better. X3 was when i felt they got it right. Origins reminded me of the boredem from the first movie so I had a lot of skeptisism going to see this one. After leaving the theatre, I was in awe. This is the best movie I have ever seen. That is saying a lot but this movie is perfect in every way. The story makes sense and simple enough to follow without dumbing it down. There are two things to focus on. One is the state of military tensions between the U.S and Russia. The other is the mutents appearing in a time where people had no idea of their exsistence. These two points are presented with the right balance so that one thing doesn't shadow the other. Of course the main characters here are the mutents and each one of them has a reason and need to be there. It's great to see the young mutents evolve and learn how to control thier gifts also learning more about themselves in the process. Then last is our two greats, Charles and Erik. These two were more than amazing and to see how these two went from strangers to friends then to enemies was just perfect strory telling. I don't know everything about the comics but what was presented to me, was phenomenal. Expand
  32. Jun 29, 2011
    X-Men: First Class is quite enjoyable in entertaining sense. Good action scenes.

    But not that surprising I would say, the movie basically tells what you already know, I suppose. Story involving Erik and Charles aka Magneto and Professor X respectively.

    Recommended? Yes if you are finding some entertainment, no if you are those who prefer 'genuine' movies :) And I still don't know why is
    it called as First Class. Expand
  33. Jun 28, 2011
    This movie was pretty good and the acting is something to be recognised. The movie is really fan-based and it really appeals to people who have actually watched the previous X-men movies and it would of helped to even have read some of the original comic books so you know some of the story line that unravels throughout the movie and how everything changes by the end of the movie. If your not a fan of the original movies who just haven't watched them, this movie is still something that is worth being watched. I strongly recommend this to people who like the previous X-men movies and the people who read the comic books, If you don't think its worth buying or you just don't have the money, It's definitely worth renting. Expand
  34. Jun 26, 2011
    Amazing Movie. Probably one of the best (If not the best) superhero movie of all time. The pros are the storyline, characters involved, except for the fake Emma Frost character, the plot using the Cold War, and the costumes. The cgi could of bee better though.
  35. Jun 26, 2011
    It isn't as good as I had expected it to be. It seems to take too long because there aren't that many action scenes. The fights aren't very interesting anyways,I mean whats so exciting about Magneto lifting a submarine or a girl with butterfly wings who spits fireballs(yawn).The dialogue sucks and Xavier is booooring! They shoud have put in more action and litte more comedy instead of making it so darn serious. Expand
  36. Jun 26, 2011
    This was a surprisingly great movie filled with action, tragedy, and even a bit of love. As far as superhero movies go, this one was amazing. If you are a person that has seen any of the previous X-Men movies, I strongly encourage you to see this movie because it answers a lot of questions and plot lines for the first 3 movies. Even though I saw the movie in a small, cold theatre, it was a memorable experience. The acting was astounding and what really surprised me was how much Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy look like Ian McKellan and Patrick Stewart. If you haven't seen this movie or are debating whether you should see it, it is definitely worth it! Expand
  37. Jun 26, 2011
    A fun trip through the X-man world. Not my favorite of the franchise but well crafted and entertaining. Truly PG-13, so parents of younger children need to see it to make a decision.
  38. Jun 25, 2011
    I'm a big fan of the X-men comics and a big Marvel fan in general. This movie was done really well with some awesome leads and some sub-par secondary characters.
  39. Jun 23, 2011
    Wow is all I have to say. They have so many x-men movies how can they still make a great movie. From start to finish I on the edge of my seat. They explain and showed so much with in the 2 hours it was almost insane. The writes hit it on the head. So much action, funny at points, and also it ties it all together for the x-men fans that just enjoy the movies. Fassbender and McAvoy nailed it. Overall the movie is a must see if you seen the other ones, that is why I gave it a 9, because it would be hard to understand without the knowledge of the other ones. I just hope they keep blowing my mind if they make another one. Expand
  40. Jun 22, 2011
    This movie is essential for any x-men fan to watch, or even if ur new to it. It will explain so much, and in an awesome and action packed way. The best x-men movie yet
  41. Jun 22, 2011
    Even though when I saw the trailers I did have my doubts about this film..... Trying not to let me "nerd" escape inside me. This movie was amazing! I cannot think of a stronger word than that to describe this film. All of the X-Men films have been great in some shape or form and have a stronger bond that any other superhero movies such as Spider-man, Batman, Superman- all of which are constantly getting rebooted, but X-Men has managed strive through this and find other ways to keep an audience interested and the films alive. It was a lovely to be introduced to new characters that have never had the chance to be able to perform in films before. The movie has now tied the stories for Magneto and Professor X. And now leaves an open door to take away other characters from the X-Men films and let writers play with them for a while. Great film, amazing effects, enjoyed all of the actors and actresses (Nice to seem a bunch of people who can act), the dialogue and story was perfected.... More films like this please! Expand
  42. Jun 21, 2011
    X-Men First Class is the perfect blend of humor, action, and drama that satisfies the need for both a fun summer action flick and a thoughtful general film. Most importantly, it creates likeable but morally abound characters that dare you to not be invested in the story. Vaughn has succeeded in making an X-Men film that will rejuvenate interest in the franchise for the upcoming years.

    full review at
  43. Jun 21, 2011
    Like many people was hesitant about a new X-Men movie that was part prequel part reboot. I have a fondness toward the first three X-Men movies. And Unlike many people out there I really enjoyed X-MEN 3 and think it is a really underrated movie. Sure Brett Ratner's directing wasn't great but the story was good and so was the action. I also love how they weren't afraid to kill off the main characters. My biggest problem with the movie was the over abundance of characters the threw into the movie. I know it sounds like I'm giving a review for X-Men: The Last Stand but I wanted to make it clear I really like the previous films and wasn't sure about a reboot/prequel just like I'm nervous about the new Spiderman movie. Though after seeing this movie I view it more as a prequel.

    Now I was wrong X-MEN: First Class is a great movie and will probably be the best comic book movie of the summer. With the already underwhelming THOR. THE GREEN LANTERN which in all honesty doesn't look that good and CAPTAIN America which I really hope is good.

    One of the first things I need to talk about is the actors and many people may not recognize or remember. First Kevin Bacon who hasn't been in a lot of movies recently steals the movie as Sebastian Shaw as he brings such live and zeal to the character and I'm disappointed he won't be around for the enviable sequels. Then there's James McAvoy who hasn't done anything recognizable outside of Wanted. He plays Charles Xavior who I will always remember as Patrick Steward. He was the perfect Professor X. Still McAvoy did a good job as a you Xavior. Michael Fassbender as Magneto I had never heard of and again I had a fondness for the excellent actor Ian McKellen. I thought Michael did a excellent job as a young tortured Magneto and he even looks like a young Mckellen. Next I need to give a shout out to the movie great movie SUNSHINE and the actress Rose Byrne(Moira MacTaggert) who has been in many good movies and is a great actress. Then there are two supporting characters who I don't think had any lines but were great. The two are Riptide(Ã
  44. Jun 20, 2011
    This one was so much better than the first 3 by that other hack of a director who absolutely ruined the franchise name with the 3rd one. While the stupid soldiers, captains, generals and other political leaders was way overdone and in no way realistic, the flavor and spirit of the X Men was there to some extent. Magneto and Prof X are much more appropriately aged, the mutant powers are fairly realistic (although there a couple of goofy instances such as with Beast and Angel Salvadore). The movie started out edgy but unfortunately didn't carry that ideal all of the way through. The first half is much better than the second half. I have a wait and see attitude with this one and expect a lot from the second one which I'm sure will come in a couple of years. It's no current Batman iteration but there may be hope... Expand
  45. Jun 20, 2011
    Best X-Men movie so far. I didn't like not seeing enough of Hugh Jackman in this movie. Is anyone else tired of X-men? Can we see something else now? James McAvoy was the best part of the movie. He is very entertaining. James McAvoy is one of the best new actors on the scene today.
  46. Jun 20, 2011
    Loved it! The last couple Xmen movies were not very good, but this one redeemed the franchise!! I loved watching the back-history of a lot of my favorite characters!
  47. Jun 19, 2011
    I was expecting a very poor-quality movie when I went to see X-Men: First Class, and I was not only surprised but most impressed with the quality of the storyline, acting, and characterization of this film. Of all three of these things, this film accelerates beyond the other films, especially when it comes to the latter.

    Characterization comes off deeper and is probably more realistic
    than any of the other movies, especially with the character of Magneto (primarily going by his real name, "Eric," in the film), who I believe any audience will find to be a much more sympathetic than the inexplicable hate-filled bad-guy that he is portrayed as in previous films. In short then, I felt that that the characters on screen were actually people and I was actually able to identify with them (or to identify AGAINST them) and so could actually feel an emotional pull as Magneto pulled and ripped things apart with his powers.

    As for plot outside of character, you will not see much of a difference from other superhero/ comic book movies. The "X-Men" (which for the purposes of this movie is a liberal use of the term) must go out and save the world from single bad guy with SUPER-super powers and his group of goons with other still-intimidating but not quite so powerful powers. In this, it is not surprising, but rather playing to a stereotype and so could be said to be one of its only drawbacks. However, this drawback is ALMOST alleviated by his excellent historical context in the turbulent 1960s. (Prepare for sexy Russian accents.)

    As for the construction of the film, I found most people could not tell the difference between CGI most of the time and real footage (speaking to the talents of the art of this film) and the acting itself is better than could be normally expected from a caste that is generally unknown. As stated before, the actor that plays Magneto - though for the life of me I cannot now remember his name - may actually be a better Magneto than Ian McKellan. No higher honor I think I need to bestow.... Yet you may find the soon-to-be "Professor X" to be a little disappointing. In short, I would describe him as much more of a Frodo and much less of the Gandalf that he needs to be. To not dwell further into it, I would say only that the small parts do there job well and the large parts do not disappoint, but you will probably find yourself wanting more scenes of Magneto's character and less of the atypical "goody-goody-two-shoes."

    I give this film a 9, though it might be slightly over that number in my book. Primarily it is the general predictible plot that brings the score down, with a few uncomfortably corny or merely undeservedly sympathetic scenes close to the beginning of the film that seem just a little bit too easy on the "good" guys.

    I would therefore recommend you to see it in theatres if you are simply looking for a decent-quality sci-fi film to see. Fans should not be disappointed and newcomers should also not be turned away, but don't expect anything ground breaking going on.
  48. Jun 19, 2011
    X-Men First Class's opening is a bit underwhelming and awkwardly paced, but once you get past the first 15 minutes the film is clever, emotionally gripping, visually appealing, and incredibly well acted. The youthful cast sparks new life into the franchise and going back to the beginning helps to reboot the franchise, without detaching from the original universe that the other movies took place in. This is a must see of the summer, and the best X-Men of them all. Expand
  49. Jun 19, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. A very enjoyable prequel to the X-Men franchise. I loved Wolverine's cameo! Although, the plot holes this movie created made me take away two points. Still, at least it's no X-Men 3. Expand
  50. Jun 19, 2011
    Expecting to be disappointed because of recent mediocre comic movies, X-Men: first class was a pleasant surprise. If you don't mind some a little bit of license taken with continuity, I think this is probably the best X-men Movie so far. The first one was good for the time, but quickly dated because of the mediocre acting. The second one was a solid movie, but still smelled of a movie property. The third was a turdsandwich. This one is refreshing and has a solid story as well as some good acting (few moments to roll your eyes at). Despite the silly looking movie stills and trailers, this turned out to be a refreshing break from "meh" superhero movies like Iron Man 2, Thor, etc. Expand
  51. Jun 19, 2011
    this film was good but could have been better. the movie was a bit drawn out more than it should have been but by far the best X-men movie yet. this is why i gave the movie a 7. oh and one more thing the characters could have been more interesting but that could have just been the actors they picked to play the parts lol.
  52. Jun 19, 2011
    What a good film. I wasn't so sure about going back to the origin but this movie was executed very well. Matthew Vaughn, who directed Kick-Ass, directs this movie and personally i think it is his best film out of the four that he has made. I really hope he returns to helm the sequel
  53. Jun 19, 2011
    FINALLY!!!! A summer movie that isn't a piece of trash! This is the first movie this year that lives up to its huge budget and hype. Its fantastic! Main reason being is Michael Fassbender as Magneto, his performance is explosive! Every scene he's in is a show stopper, add Macavoy as Xavier and you have some great actors playing some great characters in a great movie. The movie starts out at and exciting pace and just gets faster and more fun from there. Its better then good it's extraordinary! Expand
  54. Jun 19, 2011
    X-Men: First Class is good, slick summer entertainment that doesn't require you to turn your brain off. It has good pacing, good acting, and most importantly, good action! If you are a big movie-goer, go check this one out at the movies if you haven't yet, and if you're not, it's at least worth renting.
  55. T-A
    Jun 18, 2011
    Not just for hardcore comic fans, X-Men: First Class breaths life into this superhero movie franchise with a refreshing adaptation. Performances by James McAvoy (Charles Xavier) and Michael Fassbender (Eric Lehnsherr / Magneto) outshine the others, while Jennifer Lawrence provides an interesting take on Raven / Mystique. Comic purists might find liberties with the X-Men's history frustrating, but the changes make this film work. Overall, despite some lulls in action and underdeveloped characters and plot points, the movie is fun and entertaining, leaving viewers with a promising direction for the X-Men. Expand
  56. Jun 17, 2011
    Absolutely fantastic. The chemistry between the characters was so believable. Erik and Charles' relationship was done perfectly. I couldn't be more pleased.
  57. Jun 17, 2011
    If I go the rest of my life without seeing another movie as bad as this one, I'll die happy. This was atrocious. McAvoy and Fassbender were fine. Good, in fact. But the rest of the movie is so unbelievably terrible in almost every way that it's a near comedy by the end of the movie. The script fell out of a cliche tree and tried as hard as it could to hit every branch, bounce back up, and hit them all again. It was cheesy, trite, and on par with a second grader's writing. The rest of the cast is wooden and stale, with the always charming (*sarcasm*) January Jones at the forefront. The pacing is bad, the editing is worse, music ill-timed...I'm telling you--as a huge fan of the X-Men, there are no words for my disappointment. Worst of all, it's one thing to put your own spin on a film series and make it your own with a different story. It's another thing altogether to completely crap on the series canon in almost every conceivable fashion. Rename Erik Lensherr and Charles Xavier and take them out of their yellow and blue, and it's unintelligible as an X-Men product due to the complete warping of the series' canon. This movie was bad. Just plain bad. Expand
  58. Jun 17, 2011
    Much better than the past 2-3 X-Men movies this one familiarizes us with the origins of X-Men and the conflicts between the "good" and "bad" mutants. Set among the tensions of the Cold War, this movie definitely sets the stage for future heavy-hitting x-men movies. Although I would have preferred a couple of the mutuants be more "spectacular" and exciting (there is one who has fairy-type wings and shoots small balls of fire from her mouth) the cast and characters do a commendable job of making the movie enjoyable and not too corny.

    Definitely worth a watch and I am actually looking forward to sequels.
  59. Jun 17, 2011
    This Is A Great Movie I Have Ever Seen But One Thing I Miss The Most is Wolverine But The Movie Kind Of Seems To Have Less Fighting Scenes
    But Its A Great Movie I Like It............................
  60. Jun 16, 2011
    A fantastic return to greatness for this franchise that I thought dead. With strong performances from the entire cast, fantastic special effects, and a great plot, First Class is by far the best X-Men film.
  61. Jun 16, 2011
    X-men - a unique franchise, and the fifth film series that further confirmation. Usually, the movie series before the age of the elderly, steaming, hits the samopovtory or creators are fundamentally changing the concept of the franchise. Tired out at the end of the third part of Mutants in a deadlock, the creators of making the only right decision - a spin-Offa. Prehistory of the most charismatic and memorable characters trilogy. And if you need to move past the history of Wolverine looks doubtful (in the original trilogy rather detailed account of the formation of Logan and in isolation from the team, he has become less interesting character), the reasons for the confrontation of Professor Xavier and Magneto in the "first class" at least raises curiosity . In addition, a cursory glance at the synopsis of the paintings fueled interest in the movie, judge for yourself: 1. The choice of producers as a director Matthew Vaughn, at the time refused to take "final battle" because of uncertainty in the forces, newly appointed to the shooting new film in the series. And the reason is "Kick-Ass," with its innovative approach to superheroes and all komiksnoy topic. And here it is felt with a vengeance. Not a single superfluous scene, no unnecessary characters, action shot, so that the screen does not come off, even conversational scenes are kept in suspense, for that blockbuster with 160 million budget no mean achievement. 2. Jane Goldman script, Ashley Miller, Zack Stents ... plot and the characters nor the means do not go in contradiction with the previous series, and images created by the actors in previous films. The plot about finding Eric Lensherrom Nazi war criminals is beyond praise - in the scenes where Magneto faces the demons of the past concentration camp, with the hero fist shrink from the tension. The history of confrontation between society and the community of mutants who are torn between the Beast and Mystique revealed far more interesting than the third series of the franchise. 3. Cuban Missile Crisis era. The very idea of â Expand
  62. Jun 16, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. A very decent and entertaining movie. X-Men's Saga redeemed after the last two fiasco, led mostly by the great performances of McAvoy and Fassbender. Very recommendable. Expand
  63. Jun 16, 2011
    This film is a masterpiece. Every scene is engaging, exciting . The film flows harmonically and the development of the characters is very consistent, keeping you focused in their problems, happiness and conflicts. The action scenes are mind-blowing and the "Cold War Atmosphere" is perfectly revived. X-Men First Class deserves with no doubts an Oscar indication, we have a strong contender here.
  64. Jun 16, 2011
    It was a fantastic portrayal of the beginning of Xavier and Magnito. Unfortunately it had to go and spoil and perfect story with an over the top ending. It almost had me.
  65. Jun 16, 2011
    I had high expectations for this movie as others had said it was great.
    I was wrong.
    The movie is rather boring and reminds me of most "prequels". It was rather cliche, and boring. I don't even know why I go to the movies anymore.
  66. Jun 15, 2011
    This was a very decent back story in the CoD Black Ops time frame. It puts a very interesting spin on the whole Bay of Pigs story and gives interesting insight into the origins of the X-Men and how the whole human vs. mutant war started. Well worth seeing on the big screen.
  67. Jun 15, 2011
    Wow. Fassbender and McAvoy did a great job of portraying the dynamics and the relationship of Erik Lehnsherr and Charles Xavier. Very enjoyable movie and a great piece of film, considering the time table the director had to work with.
  68. Jun 15, 2011
    Set a new standard of comic book movies to aspire too. I never ounce fell asleep during this movie. The plot and characters were superb. The action was solid as well as the acting. X-Men has come back! The music was epic as well. PERFECT!
  69. Jun 15, 2011
    Best one yet. First Class combines humour, action and drama in a brilliant way. Only downfall of this movie is that it ended. Must see, Sound is great, Acting is awesome, CGI was amazing. And Xavier kicks freaken ass! Yeye!
  70. Jun 15, 2011
    The script was well written, Kevin Bacon was amazing, and Michael Fassbender will surely catch up to Hugh Jackman's prestige, but something was just awkward with the entire movie. Perhaps the director's desire to fit in as many interesting characters that he could into one scene. However it backfired and was just messy with uncomfortable acting. I enjoyed how Vaughn linked and explained the origins of the relationships we've seen in the previous X-Men, but it was awkward watching McAvoy play a wise, all knowing, sensitive yet play-boyish young Charles. Expand
  71. Jun 14, 2011
    This is an entertaining new chapter in an imaginative and interesting series. At times it appears to lien way to hard on stereotypes and cliches , but it still manages to convey the obvious core issues, and struggles, faced by anyone who is significantly different or, in some important way, more capable than those around them (the X-men vary from versions of Sheldon (from The Big Bang Theory), to versions of Victor Stallone (already on steroids, and trying our super-steroids) to a lap dancing Tinker Bell who throws fire balls... all engaged in a struggle for acceptance and survival, and the eternal question of whether to save 'normal humans' or make them extinct? All while fighting off bad mutants who want to exploit their abilities to eliminate the standard-humans and kill off those mutants who do not join the mutant mob. The bad mutants are giving good mutants a bad name, and destabilizing the already shaky relationship the good mutants have with non-mutant humanity. When all is said and done, it seems a reprise of the old story line, set in an earlier time with hotter younger characters... a good summer movie, if not a great new ground breaking movie. A lot of effort seems to have been given to amping up the seX-factor rather than on serious plot development. A go see it, but don't expect the wow-factor to be too high. Expand
  72. Jun 14, 2011
    Although I don't necessarily agree with where the series is heading (no spoilers, just a general comment), I can appreciate the special effects, outstanding music composition, casting, and other things like that which make the film a lot of fun to watch. I just didn't envision the comics being taken away from the artistic nature they had originally had intented -- but maybe that's just me!
  73. Jun 14, 2011
    This Film Is The Worst In The X Men Series.. The Acting Is So So But The Plot BLUCK! Overall I Score This Movie A 4
  74. Jun 14, 2011
    Great X-Men film to see the least. Many humorous and exciting parts to the movie. Pretty said to see Wolverine only have one line in the entire scene. Great movie to see with friends though! I give it an 8 because it had a decent plot and climax and is one of the best movies of 2011!
  75. Jun 14, 2011
    The epicness of this superhero movie is just to..... epic. Good acting, good script, good action, it's everything you want in a summer movie, and one of the best in 2011 so far. Also, there was this one scene with Wolverine that was pretty hilarious. It was fun to watch the young Charles Xavier having a good time and cruising girls. The story was very intriguing and kept me entertained until the very end. I wasn't really sure what to expect from '' X-Men : First Class ''. It didn't disappointed me. The only thing that bothered me is the way Professor Xavier got paralyse. Other than that, it's a must see ! Expand
  76. Jun 14, 2011
    Not as good as I expected but not bad. I have my qualms as a geek for sure, but as a critic I found some things to be irritating. Mostly script and studio problems but the acting is usually the shining heart of the film.

    Check out my full youtube review and thumbs up the video.
  77. Jun 14, 2011
    "X-Men: First Class" stays true to its name as Marvel delivers a first-rate comic film that feels fresh, and takes us somewhere not seen before in the genre; orderly enough to satisfy the most zealous of fanboys, while remaining pliable to welcome new fans in. What viewers will see is a product that embodies the shape of a bona fide origins film, one that gets to the crux of the mutant behind the powers, and occupies the gapping framework of derivation. The result is one that is heavier on ethos and lighter on au courant hoopla. The film owes kudos to a cast that couldn't have been picked with more discretion and vision. Each character knows their role, and each performs it as so. McAvoy and Fassbender really shine though, each man exhibiting a great deal of control and liberation; the execution feels like time well-spent. Lawrence, in support, also continues to establish herself as one of the up-and-coming actresses of our time--not to mention developing an image tantamount to her shape shifter self. Another clever slant I found delighting was a question of mine that I had always tangled with: do the mutants coexist with historical events? The fusion of biopic-fiction is done both adeptly, and for the casual, benighted, social-media American, almost feasibly. This is driven by time-specific (very interesting and effective use of the 60's era) video and audio that enhances the film's presentation. In closing, the fifth (first) installment of the 'X' series is by far the greatest of achievements, superceding anything ever attempted by Ratner, less grave and malicious (more warm and affectionate) than Singer, and much more enjoyable from start to end. Expand
  78. Jun 14, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. ... I'd rather not recommend it for amateurs ( real ones, i mean!). Given the number of gross errors directly related to the basics of the subject ( people who are born with paranormal powers and/or physiological abnormalities, and their difficulties to live into a society that rejects them). No fan of the original concept can be satisfied with this... Hu! Movie, let's say...
    Mystic, Darwin and Emma are morphing THEIR CLOTHES as well as their bodys!! Zero out of ten, Mr Singer: this is not Harry Potter!
    What Shaw wants to do to promote the mutant race...! That's so stupid, it speaks for itself!
    Hank is an aviation technician, a biochemeist and he can buil you a Cerebro in a few weeks... That's reed Richard with blue hairs!
    Magneto is full of hatred for humanity because Shaw killed his mommy ( opening scene easy and highly touted!): if it is not simplistic -even insulting!... But Lucas ( Georges!) already done the same to explain Anakin's choice of The Dark Side of The Force. Never silly enough for the masses.
    And what about the immediate disappearance of the ONLY representant of a certain minority in the whole cast? And the instant turnaround ( no more explanations than that!) of that certain character wich seems to have a more marginal life than the others?! If it is not a message as eavy as reactionary, i wonder what it means...
    Finally, note also the total absence of any form of esthetism: just compare the graphic effect of Havock's blasts of energy in the comic and that poor pathetic hulla-hoop performance here. the "queer" looks of the Beast ( he's wearing lipsticks!) and the cheap rendering of Angel's wings ( and flight!)... and i don't even mension Emma's grotesque wardrobe! Oops! Too late, i did!
    Using real facts ( and even archival documents!) to try to make the story more authentic falls into the water facing the pile of illogical facts that dot this blockbuster. Besides, rewriting history IS WRONG! You'll see they'll show the same lack of respect in the sequel and JFK will be their next victim.
    Bold reaction, yes, but i'm sure many fans will live their disappointement as hard as i do for X-Men First Class is a betrayal of everything the comic ever promoted. Please, do yourself a favor and read again the 70's/80's era.
    In addition, it is badly installed ( as skits!), poorly played ( Moïra, Magneto and Emma are terrible!) and without any kind of atmosphere. Nothing to save here but Banshee, flying like a madman in the air, and this beautiful picture of the Blackbird and the submarine, magically suspended between the sky and the sea... Still, it's a bit light for a subject that rich of possibilities.
  79. Jun 13, 2011
    Wow was this movie really good. I like all the X-Men movies and I would rate them as such, 1. X-2 2. X-Men First Class 3. Wolverine 4. X-Men 5. X-Men the Last Stand I still have not figured out why the critic hated Wolverine as I loved it. But critic are a bunch of **** **** anyway so who cares. The movie was action packed. I thought Kevin Bacon was good as well as the 2 main stars. Who cared if January Jones couldn't act, she looked really hot and only a **** would not like her. The movie is about the cold war and how the x-men started and I can't wait to see the next one. To me this movie was as good as Iron Man and damn better than Thor. It was worth the 8.50 that I spent on it. Expand
  80. Jun 13, 2011
    My review is slightly biased as I am not a follower of the series. I had seen one film at least 5 years ago and was not all that thrilled. In fact, I don't remember which one it was which bothered the male groupie who went with us. That said, I enjoyed the escapism of a Sunday night but I thought the film was silly and cartonish. I found the teenagers behind me enjoying it greatly. At least Kevin Bacon did not look as silly as Ian McCallum did in the other film I saw. That hat looked ridiculos on him. Expand
  81. Jun 13, 2011
    You know that it's not a good sign when your looking at your watch 30 minutes into the movie to see how much more there is. I was hoping for much more out of this. Instead, I got mediocre everything, at best. The plot was weak and everything seemed thrown together. The acting left a lot to be desired. Even Kevin Bacon, who normally chooses his movies wisely, seemed to be going through the motions. Save your money and time. I wish I had. Expand
  82. Jun 13, 2011
    Another great X-Men film! McAvoy and Fassbender are excellent! This franchise continues to satisfy veteran fans and new fans alike. The film's story is elegantly intertwined in our nation's history with great finesse and attention to detail. My only criticism would be that we don't see much exhibition of the mutants' powers, which is what these films are all about. One could argue that the reasoning for this is that they are young, amateur, and under-developed with their powers, but with the shock and awe nature of these films, most audiences don't have that kind of time after 20 mins. Expand
  83. Jun 13, 2011
    Not a particularly good film, but it is entertaining. Action scenes are engaging, but the dialogue is dull and the story line is average at best. McAvoy and Fassbender were stand outs whilst Bacon was poor. Certainly not as good as I had hoped.
  84. Jun 12, 2011
    When Charles Xaiver meets a shapes shifting girl named Raven Darkholme in his kitchen at age 12 they realize that genetic mutation may be happening and the world should embrace it. At the same time Erik Lensherr is being ruthlessly tortured in a Nazi concentration camp. As they grow older Charles goes off to explore the idea of genetic mutations while Erik vows to exact revenge on the man who killed his mother. The year is now 1962, and the Russians and the Americans are on the brink of war, and Sebastian Shaw captures this as an opportunity to try and kill the human race and let the world be run by those who are deemed different by humanity. Xavier with the help of Lensherr and the CIA put together a team of â Expand
  85. Jun 12, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. As has been said my many already, Fassbender and McAvoy are very good as the young Magneto and Prof. X. The others are decent to poor. The choice of mutants to include is curious; it seems like we could have done better than the pole dancer who spits acid and the kid who screams as he flies. Also, one kid (perhaps the most powerful of the bunch) has to do a hula-hoop motion to use his powers. Beast was a good inclusion, on the other hand. *** Ultimately this film feels very familiar, too familiar for me. In fact they lifted so many existing chunks from previous films (Bacon's character feels like a two-dimensional Magneto with no history and no motivation) I was disappointed. If the series is to retain my attention the filmmakers are going to have to explore themes that we haven't already seen in the previous installments. *** It says a lot that the audience's reaction (at the theatre I was at) was strongest for Jackman's cameo. Wolverine remains the most compelling character the series has to offer, and yet his story has already been told (regrettably by a hack director) in Origins: Wolverine. Where does the franchise go from here? My guess is further downhill. This is not a bad action/comic book movie; it is middle of the road or better and will appeal to a broad audience. However it not great. Those of us desiring the best X Men film experience are still left with re-watching the first and second installments. Expand
  86. Jun 12, 2011
    Best X-Men film released to date. This movie was great. The acting was excellent. James McAvoy was a perfect Professor X with his witty humor and high intelligence and Michael Fassbender played Magneto very well with his sinister attitude. I saw nothing negative about this film, it deserves higher than a 65 by critics. I wasn't ever a huge X-Men fan reading the comics or anything but I did enjoy the films very much, besides The Last Stand. This addition to the series is most definitely the best. The acting was good, the action was astonishing, the CGI, and the makeup was great. I loved how they built up the story of our two main mutants, Magneto and Professor X. It worked very well, learning how it all began. I especially loved the bald jokes with Professor X, that was very funny. This movie was more than I expected. It was just a great superhero film but an amazing film period. 10/10 in my opinion. Expand
  87. Jun 12, 2011
    I think that this film succeeded in a number of areas. The story was engaging and well thought out. This had to be the only X-Men film where I really felt absorbed and immersed with the story. The great pacing throughout the majority of the movie really helped as well. The characters felt fleshed out and particularly the friendship built between Charles and Erik was an engaging one. There was a good amount of action too, but not too much that it deteriorates aspects of the story. I think they really nailed the balance. Another thing that I thought was very well done was the acting itself. All of them were convincing, but I felt that James McAvoy (who played Xavier) stole the show for me. My only problem with the film is that they could've fleshed out the ending a bit more, considering how many pivotal moments it contained. But in the grand scale of things, this complaint is a small one and I would definitely recommend seeing this great film. Expand
  88. Jun 11, 2011
    A solid 8 from me. The movie was very entertaining and some of the acting (McAvoy as Xavier and Fassbender as Magneto) was excellent. Some obvious weakness in plot and logic here and there, but overall pretty decent for a movie aimed at the masses and teenagers. This is not a movie I'd ever buy for my blu-ray collection, but it was a fun 2 hours, nonetheless. Oh yeah, all the actresses in the movie were f'n hot. Expand
  89. Jun 11, 2011
    A great comic book adaptation , a really great way to revive the franchise.
    Masterpiece. Not to mention the Great acting , the meaning and specially the charisma that the characters had.
    Kevin bacon was great , Michael
    Fassbender was even better , a great cast choice! Expand
  90. Jun 11, 2011
    X-Men First Class isn't nearly as good as people have been making it out to be, but it's nowhere near awful.

    What's strange though is that it's almost 50/50. As if two decks of cards have been shuffled together, the movie gives equal parts competent acting (mostly from McAvoy and Fassbender, who quite honestly MAKE the movie), decent stories and character development / cheesy dialogue ,
    nonsensical logic, and bad super hero movie cliches.

    The movie is almost certainly better than X-Men 3 and the Wolverine movie, and so any fan of the first two X-Men should give it a shot. Just don't expect TOO much. The movie just doesn't know how to be consistent.
  91. Jun 10, 2011
    Best X-men movie. Great writing and dialogue. Amazing special effects and action.There's plenty of drama as well. Go see it! This is really the best x-men movie.
  92. Jun 10, 2011
    Awesome acting and engaging story. Best of the franchise, and one of the best super hero movies ever. Seriously don't understand the negative reviews on here.
  93. Jun 10, 2011
    With a strong script, stylish direction, and powerful performances from its well-rounded cast, X-Men: First Class is a welcome return to form for the franchise.
  94. Jun 10, 2011
    This is by far the best X-Men movie. The acting was good and so was the effects. The story had some slow points and didn't make sense at some points, but all in all it was an enjoyable movie for the most part. My favorite thing about the movie was the soundtrack.
  95. Jun 10, 2011
    A delicious fantasy romp with emotional poignancy. McAvoy and Fassbender both do a wonderful job, and have loads of chemistry together, and the supporting cast ain't bad either. The special effects fit in pretty seamlessly, and there are several prequel in-jokes that will keep fans of the series chuckling. The Cuban Missile Crisis bit doesn't totally work, but it's sort of incidental anyway. The plot is mostly about the emergence of the X Men, their discovery of each other, the government's discovery of them, and the dangerous things that happen next. And I the parallels between Erik Lehnsherr's experiences with the Nazis and his fears about the present work very well. Expand
  96. Jun 10, 2011
    A definite step in the right direction for this franchise. The X-Men trilogy had a good run and gave us a really interesting look at the X-Men world. Now, this new start to the franchise, is fresh and well written. With great characters and a promising future for the next few films.
  97. Jun 10, 2011
    I really wasn't expecting much from this film at all. I enjoyed the first 3 xmen movies despite them either seeming to make the xmen look very weak, or messing with the comics universe so much that they killed main characters. Then of course along came the abortion that was the Wolverine movie.

    So when I saw this I was very pleasantly surprised. A tight story, some excellent writing,
    very fine acting, and apart from a very irritating and oddly out of place teenage xman character ( Banshee) this film truly rocked my world. A story about Erik and Xaviers friendship. And it doesn't end well.

    Terrific film, ignore those that slate it, they just seem to hate it for hates sake. When I read some of the negative reviews, they seem founded in bad mood or temper, straying from fact for the pursuit of an undeserved low score.

    This film was as impressive as Thor, maybe more so. As such, and so surprised was I at its excellence, I shall award it a mighty 10/10.
  98. Jun 9, 2011
    I think that created the script so you do not have a relationship with the other tapes of x-men, there were unexplained parts, parts of poor quality film, I liked the music, parts of the script out of order .. expected so much more
  99. Jun 9, 2011
    After X-Men 3 and X-Men Origins: Wolverine, X-Men: First Class is a fantastic return to what made the series great. Matthew Vaughn direction is always competent and occasionally brilliant. He handles the many different characters and locations well during the first half, and in the second half he weaves it all together in an amazing action sequence that eclipses anything else found in the other X-Men movies. The special effects are great for the most part, as is the acting. Of note are the two leads who carry the majority of the pathos of the film with them. The supporting cast is a little uneven which prevents me from giving the film a higher rating. Kevin Bacon though is great as the villain, being memorable but subtle and not overshadowing the X-Men, who should be and are the main focus of the movie. The ending perfectly sets the stage for the sequel, and I can't wait. I highly recommend the movie. Expand
  100. Jun 9, 2011
    This is a must-see. Brilliant introduction to the characters, stellar premise, cgi and acting make it the best X-men of the franchise out. Although the story doesn't fully follow the comics, this is a great, if not better representation of the original story. Marvel is going all out this year - Thor, First Class and next up is Captain America, so far all excellent films.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 38 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 27 out of 38
  2. Negative: 2 out of 38
  1. Reviewed by: Kimberley Jones
    Jun 9, 2011
    It's all vastly superior to Brett Ratner's scorched-earth "X-Men: The Last Stand," of course.
  2. Reviewed by: Scott Tobias
    Jun 3, 2011
    It's not the artistry of X-Men: First Class that's particularly striking; though it's finely crafted, the film feels less the product of a visionary director than of the Marvel movies machine working at maximum efficiency.
  3. Reviewed by: Karina Longworth
    Jun 3, 2011
    A cameo from an old-school X-Man only serves to remind how stylish and witty the first installment was a decade ago. Lacking a single memorable joke or striking image, First Class is as perfunctory and passionless as would-be franchise resurrections get.