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  • Summary: A unique coming of age story about friends on the threshold of adulthood and how they breech that uneasy time, still struggling to maintain their true sense of being. (IFC Films)
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  1. Emotional presence and a sophisticated understanding of commitment-phobia (as something other than a comedic punchline or an excuse for sex scenes) distinguishes this intense, contained drama, as does the unforced, sensual, and sensitive cinematography of Uta Briesewitz.
  2. The movie is really a sexy, emotionally true portrait of a handful of people wrestling with their impulses and trying to find their way to happiness.
  3. 70
    It may appear clichéd in the telling, but Chick has no use for the glib irony and rampant pop-culture sampling which has already dated "Reality Bites" and its ilk.
  4. An ongoing problem is the complete lack of chemistry between the leads.
  5. 40
    Writer/director Austin Chick falls into the timeworn trap of making an immature, irritating film about immature, irritating characters.
  6. It's an overly familiar setup played out by overly familiar types but, curiously, what invests XX/XY with its tension is that there's no sense that Austin Chick, the film's capable young director and writer, knows what he feels about any of this.
  7. 25
    It's awkward, listless and fails to reach any sort of climax.

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