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  1. Jun 18, 2012
    "The Bible" in the world of film. So many things went wrong in the story of this movie but not a thing that has went wrong in this precious achievement from Edward Yang. The film examines the complexity of the universal themes of guilt and loneliness that "every" human has to face. Life is simple, but it is the profundity that truly constructs the beauty of our life. There might not be something as "future" but only the past- as a lesson and the present to study, tomorrow is only there..waiting to be present time. YiYi A One And A Two is a film full of emotions of our daily life. It reflects those most ordinary circumstances and successfully doubled the meanings and importance through the image which shows the side that ourselves would not be able to confront or even realize. The film that has changed my whole perspective of life. Expand
  2. Sep 6, 2013
    A nice view on how life unfolds itself and how we're supposed to work ourselves through it, together. With the few happy and the sad moments this film doesn't excite you the way Hollywood does, but rather in a fashion that life does too. Yan Yan was the driving force, for me, in this film. His innocence and simple logic shows that children are sometimes the wisest of all, you shouldn't forget who you are when you grow up and the world isn't more complicated than it pretends or others tell you. Even how people nowadays compare their lives to movies and try so hard to make it one, films like these remind us that art flows from life and concentrates it so it can give back to life. Live today, not tomorrow. Expand

Universal acclaim - based on 23 Critics

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  1. Yang seems to miss nothing as he interweaves shifting viewpoints and poignant emotional refrains.
  2. 90
    A marvel of delicacy and humor.
  3. It may be the first meditative action movie.