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  • Summary: The dark, proggy, hugely-popular alt-metal outfit fronted by Maynard James Keenan returns with that rarest of things: a new Tool album. It's the band's first release in five years and just their fourth full-length in their 16-year history.
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 8 out of 19
  2. Negative: 1 out of 19
  1. As with everything in Tool's oeuvre, 10,000 Days packs enough beauty, heartache and triumph that it will be dissected, studied and envied by younger bands for years to come. [Jul 2006, p.196]
  2. It's probably the most engagingly brilliant heavy metal album that'll be released on a major label all year.
  3. If "10,000 Days" lacks the absolute intensity and focus of 2001's "Lateralus," the new album at least stands as a stirring repeat of the Tool musical manifesto. [6 May 2006]
  4. When Tool sounds as good as it does on ["Jambi" and "The Pot"] it's hard to get enough. Which makes it all the more baffling that a surprisingly large chunk of the disc is given over to mood-enhancing soundscapes like "Lost Keys" and "Vigniti Tres."
  5. 60
    As daunting as its title suggests. [Jul 2006, p.114]
  6. I, myself, will likely revisit 10,000 Days for plenty of extended listens, partly because I'm a percussion whore and partly because I want to be able to enjoy it with my Super Metal Friendz. But this is Soy Tool, a rubbery substitute for the real thing.
  7. "Progressive" doesn’t mean clocking in at over seven minutes no matter what. It doesn’t mean hitting every goddamn skin, tom-tom, and cowbell on your drum set. Being "Progressive" doesn’t justify an album cover that looks like a stoner stumbled upon a documentary on Mayan civilization. I’m not sure, but I think "Progressive" is about growth and change.

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  1. Negative: 35 out of 254
  1. MattO
    May 1, 2008
    It's safe to say that most of these critics probably spend too much time judging the "quality" and "ability" of several genres; in doing so, I think they somewhat lose their perception on what is inspirational. Songs aren't meant to be a "ballad of the moment." Songs are supposed to move people, motivating them to become something more than themselves. If you ask me, the critics are all on pot, not the listeners. They are on something else entirely. One of my favorite albums of all time, and I've listened to far too many different genres, from Kenny Rogers' "First Edition" to "all the damn Li'l's in rap music today." Expand
  2. FuquaF
    May 12, 2006
    A sublime mix of spiritual intensity and "eff-you" thunder. If you don't like it, pull six feet of dirt over yourself, you are most likely dead.
  3. JImmyR
    Oct 19, 2006
    That's a great album the songs are diferent from "Lateralus", "Wings for Marie" and "10000 Days (Wings Part 2)" are the best songs of the disc and of Tool, great!!!, they explore new sounds and new experiences, "Rosetta Stoned" remenber "AEnema", and "Vicarious", "Lateralus" and some bass from "Undertow" a great album. Expand
  4. AndreP
    May 2, 2006
    Obviously Stylus Magazine doesn't know what the words "Progressive Rock" mean. And the writer from Pitchfork has never listed to A Perfect Circle. The "wannabe-journalists" that wrote those great pieces probably enjoy listening to Nickelback. Great album as usual, Tool always surpases expectations. A little too much "Intermission style" songs, but that is always expected from Tool. But Vicarious, Jambi, The Pot, Rosetta Stoned, 10,000 Days...amazing songs. Go buy this album IMMEDIATELY, otherwise, you'll end up being a Nickelback fan, or an opinianated "journalist". And you wouldn't want to end up like that, would you? Expand
  5. JohannS
    Jun 7, 2006
    Great album.
  6. SergioC
    May 16, 2006
    Well... at last 10000Days! I'm a total fan of Tool, but I must confess that I'm a little disapointed with this new album. After 6years, we should receive a much more that what we can find on 10000days. Well, 'course the masterpiece "Lateralus" is an hard thing to beat, but I'm shure they could have done much more. In my opinion, 10000Days's a bad album,with 5 very good songs.The problem is that we can find a lot of what I call "Crap Songs"...or that songs that are good to create the feeling around the total album(wind bloowing, sound of waves, other sounds and paranoias).But when 4 or 5 tracks are just this....well, it sucks. So I can only say that if instead those 5 "crap Tracks", we could find 5real music, this album would be great. And well, 6years, it's time enough to make an album with at least 10fucking songs. Notice that's the only problem of 10000...being an album with only 5musics! "Vicarious"; "10000Days Part.2"; "Right in Two"; and "The Pot" are masterpieces.... Well...after all, we're talking about one of the greatest bands on Earth... Rock On... Expand
  7. BillT
    May 2, 2006
    More mastubatory tripe from every internet nerd's favorite band. Nothing particularly interesting except for the new level of pretentious attained by Maynard James Keenan. Don't let anyone fool you into thinking this rehash is "deep". Expand

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