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  2. Negative: 2 out of 22
  1. Fans and involved listeners are definitely rewarded with increased dividends after multiple listens, but even they may wish for an album that harked back to the simpler days of the Premiers Symptomes EP and Moon Safari.
  2. The good news is that in their quest not to make fly-away pop, Air have unearthed a bizarre and dark sense of humor that allows them to subvert and celebrate their new gloomier chops. [Jul 2001, p.59]
  3. Sadly, Beck's delivery on "The Vagabond" is a tad misguided; his spoken words on "Don't Be Light" are slightly better, but one wishes that he would simply go with the flow and not try so damn hard.
  4. 40
    This time around, both Air's jokes and their grooves have lost their grace... [Jun/Jul 2001, p.104]
  5. 80
    Bizarre, surreal, and captivating, this record does nothing expected...
  6. A tremendously odd hour of music.
  7. The faux naive stance is merely irritating, the bubblegum track merely cute, the cheese rock quotient merely cheesy.
  8. 60
    Like Radiohead with Kid A, Air benefits greatly here from the extra slack given only to those somehow deemed "artists" rather than mere musicians. Coming from almost anyone else, this album would end up in the trash heap long before it had a chance to sink in.
  9. The resulting mélange doesn’t always work, but the songs on 10,000HZ Legend still succeed often enough to override the record’s occasional shortcomings.
  10. 80
    Maybe the stint scoring music for the acclaimed film The Virgin Suicides helped them segue their too-atmospheric-for-the-room lingerings into something more tangible. [May 2001, p.76]
  11. 80
    But once you settle into its desolate vista – and, believe me, it’ll take a few plays – 10,000 Hz Legend becomes just as addictive as its ancestor.
  12. On their second proper longplayer, Air project that melancholy forward, depicting romantic recollections from a future world in which "technology" has attained sci-fi levels.
  13. '10,000Hz Legend' is nothing like 'Moon Safari', then again it doesn't really bear a resemblance to much. Instead, it's a glowing, highly ambitious, quasi-concept album that sees Air spiralling off on a wildly idiosyncratic and brilliantly insane tangent all of their own.
  14. For better or worse, this is not Moon Safari Redux.
  15. Supporters have argued that this is " a perfect comedown album". In the sense that you'll feel like you're coming down even if you haven't taken anything, yes.
  16. Apart from the slow-burning, spine-tingling opener Electronic Performers, though, the duo seem reluctant to exploit their remarkable gift for melody, and tunes are too often mangled or left to fizzle out.
  17. It's nice that 10,000 Hz. Legend sounds very little like Air's masterworks Premier Symptomes and Moon Safari. Unfortunately, it also sounds like Air trying very hard not to be Air.
  18. Happily deviates from the Moon Safari mold of new wave kitsch and sugary pop, guiding the knob-twisting duo's retro-synth sensibilities into a darker, more brooding realm.
  19. 70
    10,000 Hz Legend offers heavier arrangements, starker contrasts between soft folky orchestrations and hard prog-rock noise, more guest stars, fewer pretty tunes, and several gigabytes of robo-speak. [Jul 2001, p.126]
  20. It is, like all the best pop music, silly, pointless and thoroughly lacking in high-level intellectual discourse. Thank heaven.
  21. By trying to offer something for everyone, the mostly dull 10,000 Hz Legend has little to offer anyone.
  22. Uncompromising and wildly unpredictable, but only intermittently entertaining.
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  1. Alex
    Oct 19, 2007
    Every song on this album absolutely sings to me. I first got hooked by "How Does It Make You Feel", but quickly found the rest of the album to be just as redeeming. 10,000 Hz Legend is one of those rare albums that you can just play from start to finish and lose yourself. As much as I love Moon Safari and Pocket Symphony, this is undoubtedly my favourite. Full Review »
  2. alexm
    Feb 16, 2006
    just the best
  3. Wander
    Nov 5, 2005
    Disappointing follow-up to the classic 'Moon safari'. Talkie walkie, the successor, is also way better. The first three songs are great, air-standard, build up tension and give the band a new, heavier, direction. Most of the following songs are pretty directionless and miss the magic of the other albums. Still, surely not a bad album. Full Review »