Generally favorable reviews - based on 30 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 16 out of 30
  2. Negative: 1 out of 30
  1. Mostly, the overkill of professionalism just makes me yearn for the early Green Day material I grew up with: sloppy, abrasive, and most importantly, aware of what they can and can't pull off.
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 268 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 79 out of 94
  2. Negative: 8 out of 94
  1. Mar 1, 2012
    If you don't like Green Day or preffered they're 90's songs, Keep reading, If you love Green Day, also keep reading. Much like the Epic American Idiot, 21st Century Breakdown is an album in the style of an rock opera, so expect this album to become a musical in the near future. While the narrative isn't as gripping as the tale of St Jimmy, The story is still strong, half the songs are Awesome while the other half are boring as **** other than that it's a solid album, go buy it Full Review »
  2. Aug 23, 2011
    So I had heard know your enemy prior to the albums release and than I started listing to it expecting them to make something as good as american idiot and I was sure they had done that when they heard 21st century breakdown which was one of their best songs and than I listened to the rest of the album and was deviated there was only one other good song 21 guns so listing to 21st century breakdown was definitely one of the most disappointing moments in my life and I adding a extra 2 stars because of 21st century breakdown 4 out of 10 Full Review »
  3. BryanM
    Jun 11, 2009
    There are no new ideas here. Everything has been rehashed from old albums, and their lyrics are more vague and directionless than before. American Idiot was overrated, but still worth listening to. This is essentially a B-sides compilation of American Idiot, presented as the anthem collection of the century. There are a few tracks worth listening to, but I cannot recommend this album to anybody but the Top 40 worshiping masses. Full Review »