24/7 - Gus Gus
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  • Summary: The Icelandic group's latest album consists of six tracks spanning over 50 minutes.
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  1. Despite all these lyrical dalliances, there's one of the best house albums of the year somewhere in these songs--you just have to agree to their terms.
  2. ike all the tracks on 24/7, exercise in precision from the Icelanders, German style. Not Swiss. There is no neutrality here. Every loop and bassline employed on the album has an eye to a tension held just out of view.
  3. GusGus's seventh album isn't quite a hangover, and there's still a party going on--but the party is somewhere far away.
  4. This isn’t a summer jam. The Reykjavík natives’ seventh studio album is moody and minimal, with slow-building beats.
  5. Warts and all, 24/7 marks GusGus at a level of maturity that allows them to shun the sonic pyrotechnics that have charmed dance outfits across Europe, while communicating more.
  6. The group is at their strongest going off on long, meditative tangents of minimalist techno, but too often GusGus obscures their instrumental prowess with lyrical absurdity.