30 Seconds to Mars - 30 Seconds to Mars
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  1. Oct 12, 2010
    Awesome album, not sure why people dislike it but at the same time that would make sense do to the fact that most people don't like this sort of music. I liked this album, however we can't always be on pills like these sense we all need to get back to reality.
  2. Jan 16, 2013
    very good album and much better then the album that came after it, that sounded just like most of the crap on the charts. and some people saying this is unoriginal???? what is so original today then??? there isnt one original and inventive band on the charts today, ok there is always 1 or 2 that manage to sneek in, bands like Deftones and Soundgarden for example. just listen to the album and dont just think its Jared Leto, its the music that counts, that whats to many people have forgotten Expand
  3. Dec 26, 2013
    Capricorn (A Brand New Name) (9.25) This is probably my favorite song on the album because I am a Capricorn and I've always wanted to start again with life away from some certain sects of people in my life. The whole idea of disappearing like Tupac disappeared to Europe really is a dream for me. The sound of Thirty Seconds To Mars has really changed as well as the numeric thirty. The guitar sounds are more mainstream but I still like them.

    Edge Of The Earth (9.25) This song incorporates a really great blend of electric and acoustic guitar work along with good lyrics. The guitar riff that kind of sounds a little mysterious adds a cool element to the track. I just really like comparing old 30 to the new thirty by making a playlist.

    Fallen (Jupiter) (8) This song is interesting I think. My favorite part is when the guitar gets heavy and Jared starts yelling about the Fallen. It makes me wonder if it's kind of about death because of the line 'with the promise of an end.' They have a nifty little guitar solo in the middle end of the song which is pretty good and changes the dynamic of the piece.

    Oblivion (8) This song has a different type of lyric structure and the normal mainstream electric guitars of the 30 of old. The song sounds the best in the middle when they use the vocals in a way to make the song more fluid with the instruments. The ending is alright.

    Buddha For Mary (6) This song has a very weird lyric structure when he is talking about Mary but the guitar is really great. I think the story behind Mary is weird though. There is nothing really that stands out in this song to me. And for the fact Jared keeps talking about marijuana and rape and I don't condone anything illegal, that kind of turns me off to this song.

    Echelon (8.5) This song is really cool because of the unique drumming associated with it. The sound in this track is really great I think. It's mysterious and melodic and the mainstream guitar I talk about in each paragraph is there obviously because I am talking about it. I also gave this song a pretty high score because of the title Echelon.

    Welcome To The Universe (7.5) I love the riff in the beginning of this song and the chorus. Also, I love the space themes within the songs on the albums. The ending is good but the lyrics are kind of unoriginal and Jared is kind of saying the same thing over and over.

    The Mission (7.5) This song is pretty good. The tone that the lyrics are delivered in sounds kind of like a space robot for the majority of the song until the premise of the song switches which makes the song better I think. The yelling into the microphone and the heavy guitar riffs near the end I think are good and adds something interesting to the track.

    End Of The Beginning (8) The intro guitar work really makes this song sound good because it is a unique sound. The delivery of the lyrics gives the song a good energy and the song gets spacey later in the track which adds an element that is used more in 30's later material as well as with my other favorite band Angels And Airwaves.

    93 Million Miles (7.5) The thing that sticks out to me in this song is the fast and slow dynamics in the track and the good sounding screaming. The guitar that sounds the same does sound good but to the semi-trained ear it gets a little repetitive but I do understand this was their first album and they were still experimenting with their sound.

    Year Zero (8) The change in the guitars in this song is really great I think. They probably wanted to throw some sounds in this album that might have been rejected by a mainstream fan base. And now Thirty Seconds To Mars is one of the biggest rock bands in the history of music.

    Hidden To Label (The Struggle) (6.5) This song is more of a speech than a song, but I do like what the track is saying and promoting. It is a very militaristic rant and it is kind of cool but it's totally random and it doesn't even sound like anyone from Thirty Seconds To Mars.
  4. Mar 2, 2014
    Awesome band, great albums...Overall amazing performance. Also, they're music videos are amazing, specially Hurricane. If you're into Rock/Electronica then this is for you.

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  1. 60
    30STM manage a high-minded space opera of epic scope befitting prog-rock prototypes Rush. [#9, p.142]
  2. The album has a polished sheen, but Leto's delivery of his earnest, sci-fi-tinged lyrics gets monotonous over the course of the album. [Dec 2002, p.96]
  3. Leto sounds more like Tool/A Perfect Circle frontman Maynard James Keenan than a member of the Screen Actors Guild--even if his lyrics are kind of space-case lame.