A Love Extreme - Benji Hughes
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  • Summary: The debut album for the North Carolina singer who wrote songs for several television shows, including "Beverly Hills, 90210" and "How I Met Your Mother."
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  1. A Love Extreme giddily steals from and collides with a kaleidoscope of genres, all without a trace of modern guilt.
  2. When Hughes' drolleries and hopeless romanticism combine, the effect can be sublime.
  3. With his languid, prolific philosophising, twisting humour and consistent melodic achievements, its tempting to see Benji Hughes as a kind of cartoon successor to Stephen Merrit and The Magnetic Fields (though it's more "25 Songs About Women 'N' Stuff" than "69 Love Songs"), but either way he's just snuck in from the back of the field with one of the most endearing albums of 2008.
  4. A Love Extreme is, as its title suggests, an album of sonic extremes, but those willing to sit through both discs will find a number of eccentric, engaging songs, particularly on side two.
  5. 60
    His murmuring voice brings a believable everydude quality to witty tales of landlord troubles and great evenings out, but above all he's a love junkie.
  6. Despite several hackneyed moments on his debut, Hughes has crafted a solid set of songs that causes feelings as it explores them.
  7. There is the sense that with 25 tracks on offer here Hughes is spreading himself slightly too thinly. [Jan 2009, p.118]

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