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    The most disappointingly safe alternative album of the year.
  2. It's Coldplay's lack of humor, the very straightness of its lyrics, that makes the dourness so detestable. And where miserabilists past had a strong pop sensibility, Coldplay is content to create directionless palettes of sound.
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  1. Aug 6, 2011
    For me, the greatest Coldplay album and one of the best of the decade. Possibly the coldplay album with the most piano. Songs like "Green eyes", "clocks", "a rush of blood to the head", "the scientist" or "politik" are top class melodic rock. I would only delete the song "god put a smile up on your face". Here they don't sound like first era Radiohead at all as they did on their fantastic first album. Full Review »
  2. Feb 4, 2014
    Born in 1996, Coldplay didn’t mess around. They got right down to business making music and building a fan base that would continue to flourish more than a decade after first sitting down in Parlophone Studios to record their journey through powerful piano ballads and haunting hi-hats.
    From their signature paint-splattered piano to lead singer Chris Martin’s British charm, Coldplay stepped into the spotlight in 2000 with the release of their single “Yellow.” If you weren’t able to see past the pantsuits and razor scooters of the early 2000s, you may have missed the early days of Coldplay. Not only did they cultivate their talents early, but they incubated ideas for years to come.
    Let’s take a look at their second album ever released, A Rush Of Blood To The Head. Opening with the track “Politik,” we can assume from the raging pulse of the drums and guitar that this album has a statement to make. The song begs its listener to “open up your eyes.” Sounding almost mechanical, this intense song is a change in sound from Coldplay’s previous album.
    As the album progresses, we move from eager rhythms to a more relaxed sound, a characteristic of Coldplay’s mellow yellow soul. Things slow down with the quixotic tune, “Clocks,” where Chris flexes his vocal chords to hit the higher notes. Again, there is a very distinct, driving rhythm that keeps you grounded in the song.
    By the time we get to “Green Eyes,” we’re more than half way through this eleven-track album. Coldplay couldn’t help but go back to their heart-warming roots. “Green Eyes” is a sincere acoustic ballad with subtle yet effective harmonies. It’s a nice break from the first few in-your-face tracks, but it’s also the turning point of the album.
    A Rush Of Blood To The Head is almost an emotional journey, laced with love, confusion and introspection. Once we’ve passed the emerald gem that is “Green Eyes,” things slow down even more with the echoing riffs of “Warning Sign,” which has a nostalgic sound we haven’t yet encountered in the album. “Warning Sign” pairs gentle riffs with a roaring truth, “I miss you.”
    The tracks from here on out are much more intimate and heart wrenching. The title track, “A Rush Of Blood To The Head,” rings with longing and desire. The song and album title itself are a good summary for the over-all effect of the album: a rush of blood to the head, an epiphany, an intensity.
    A Rush of Blood To The Head is more mechanical sounding than Coldplay’s first album, Parachutes. The golden-lit spinning globe on the album cover is a good indication of Parachutes’ warm acoustic sounds and dreamy melodies. Their first album was a great start to building their image as a British rock band, and it was almost more inviting in sound than A Rush Of Blood To The Head-— but I think that’s the point.
    While “Parachutes” is comparable to a dimly-lit café with the faint sounds of Sinatra drifting under the smell of freshly baked croissants, A Rush Of Blood To The Head is more like sitting in a fluorescently lit room in a mass-produced, lightly padded chair. While this may sound a little uncomfortable, it has impact, and that is the point of the album. Being cozy has its perks, but being uncomfortable can provoke important questions and evoke a whole new set of emotions.
    If you enjoyed the emotional progressions of A Rush Of Blood To The Head, I encourage you to listen to their other five, start to finish, and marvel at the emotional and mental journey they will take you on.
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  3. Sep 21, 2013
    Coldplay surpasses Parachutes with a bold, determined, and flawless album, A Rush of Blood to the the Head. The Scientist, Clocks, In My Place, A Whisper, and a Rush of Blood to the head are the frontrunners in this race and the rest are close behind. This race being musical greatness. Full Review »