• Record Label: ATO
  • Release Date: Feb 1, 2011

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  1. 83
    A Winter Tale's lyrics can tend toward the impenetrable, but his old-before-his-time romanticism and strong rasp are real draws.
  2. 63
    Long sometimes gets a little lost in his own imagination, but it's better to display a weakness for overreaching than the writerly laziness that afflicts many young bards.
  3. Mar 8, 2011
    Unfortunately for Bobby Long, today's climate accepts most singer-songwriters as pretty boys more than musicians, and he falls dangerously within the reach of this category. His songs, though poetic and poignant, are also doomed to constant airplay thanks to their familiarity.
  4. Mar 8, 2011
    If Long has captured the style necessary to make him the next New Dylan, he hasn't quite figured out the issue of lyrical content.
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  1. Sep 21, 2013
    My favorite artist. My biggest songwriting influence alongside Tom Waits. Despite the 8/10 a disappointment.
    The songs that really reach back
    My favorite artist. My biggest songwriting influence alongside Tom Waits. Despite the 8/10 a disappointment.
    The songs that really reach back to the singer-songwriter acoustic play that I fell for, are the standouts, The Stranger Song, Bounty of Mary Jane and Dead & Done.
    The other acoustic song Sick Man Blues was never a favorite to begin with.
    Most of the album is recorded with a full (old school) backing band, and sadly is largely destructive to the songs.
    Two Years Old is the only standout song with the full band.
    Penance Fire Blues would've also been one it wasn't for the horribly annoying backing singer (a recurring thing I might add).
    A case can be made for A Winter Tale as well. Which is good, just not standout.
    In The Frost is not bad with band, but was also never a favorite to begin with & the band doesn't make it better.
    Being A Mockingbird is still charming, but it also beat the life out of song acoustic.
    A Passing Tale, a song that SHOULD work with a band (see performances with Kalob Griffin Band), but in the album recording is sadly lifeless.
    Who Have You Been Loving is destroyed by the horrible twang guitar. A warm accompaniment, as can be found on Wishbone's To The Light, would've worked much better.
    Two Tone Lover & The Borough Mill, 2 songs on the D side of the LP, and 2 of my absolute favorite Bobby Long songs.. are destroyed by band & backing singers. Look up acoustic performances of the songs. Less is more for songs like this. They rightfully should have been warm acoustics. They are gut-wrenchingly beautiful like that. Very sad.

    The reason I still give this an 8 is because it's Bobby Long & the lyrics are still great.. but the album was a big disappointment at the time & still is. His Seconds album Wishbone was also a lyrical as well as musical dissapointment, with the exception (thank the universe) of four 10/10 songs and one other good song.
    The Dirty Pond Songs EP the acoustic songs on A Winter's Tale) are what he should come back to. With some occasional sparse/atmospheric accompaniment to his guitar, vocals & lyrics. I can only hope!
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