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  1. The sequencing is what makes this disc such a divine pleasure: we get to hear a band grow from grinning upstarts to tension-battered road warriors.
  2. It's a deserved retrospective, and serves a reminder of how, in the mid 1990s, the band had album buyers eating out of the palms of their hands.
  3. 'Tell Me Where It Hurts' is an undeniable sign that, despite their extended hiatuses and internal turmoil, Garbage is very much alive with ideas and ambition.
  4. Absolute Garbage makes a fine reminiscence, a gift from a party that was fun for its time but left a nasty hangover.
  5. This set combines the best of the best for a mostly killer no-filler collection [Summer 2007, p. 88]
  6. 70
    Far better than the Cranberries in retrospect. [Sep/Oct 2007, p.131]
  7. The only thing lacking after the debut were the pop songs. This was evident with each successive proper album, but this flaw is put into too sharp of a relief on Absolute Garbage.
  8. The chronological running order of Absolute Garbage is also unfortunate as it renders the CD impotent halfway through.
  9. 60
    Remarkably extending to 18 tracks, Absolute… traces the discography from the wide-screen Mary Chain of 'Only Happy When It Rains' to the Bond theme 'The World Is Not Enough' and the Spectorish strings of this year’s comeback, 'Tell Me Where it Hurts'--though 2001’s cute 'Androgyny' is an odd omission.
  10. 60
    The bonus disc of dance remixes merely piles another layer of fastidiousness atop the already epically fussed-over tracks. [2007 Aug, p.120]
  11. The band's seemingly desperate to reinvigorate their cultural cachet, but Absolute Garbage's latter half emphasizes the depths they've fallen.
  12. Imagine a grouchy, surly-lipped teenager who becomes someone devilishly, deliciously dramatic. Then age does wither them, and the years don't half bloody condemn them.
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  1. Feb 9, 2014
    A great compilation from a great band. Some of the remastering has taken the sparkle from the original tracks but overall this is truly a wonderful album from one of the best bands ever. Full Review »
  2. Jul 11, 2013
    An interesting and captivating look at Garbage's catalog. I do feel that the tracks were not put in the right order, with the grungey sounds of the first two albums being unfairly spliced with the poppy tracks of Beautiful Garbage in a way that undermined both. Full Review »
  3. Mar 11, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click full review link to view. I loved it, but it pissed me off that they didn't put "Breaking Up the Girl" on it.. But out of it all, It is an amazing compilation of their previous work! Full Review »